I got this story idea from the K-drama Angel's Last Mission: Love. That is one of the best dramas I've ever seen.


The first day I found a note addressed to me was the day I was shipped off to my Uncle Greg's house.

I heard horrible tales surrounding the man. How he'd been the exact opposite of his twin brother, my dad. How he ran my aunt off with his heavy drinking abuse. The question was how he fooled social services into letting me live with him was beyond. Apparently the man was capable of being decent, he just decided not to be when the world wasn't watching. How unfortunate for me that I wasn't the rest of the world. I quickly realized he perhaps only wanted me as a live in maid/ punching bag whenever he needed to hit something in his famous rage.

My parents died in a car crash, leaving me behind. I should have died with them but somehow I walked away with just a nasty gash on my arm. I was counting my blessings yes but I couldn't help but feel ungrateful. I should have died with them but I didn't and my fate rested in my uncle.

My will to live was past the point of no return. I was simply an automatic, moving to, there, and fro. I didn't feel anything except the pain Uncle Greg threw at me.

Then there was a note I found under my pillow one night after I'd taken an awful hit for burning the meatloaf in the oven. My excuse, 'I had too many things cooking at once.' That didn't matter to Uncle Greg. He ordered a pizza and I went off to bed, nursing a bruised cheek. I'd be sure to cover it up with makeup tomorrow for school.

I threw myself on the bed, intending to sleep off the pain and forget my worries. I didn't bother with pajamas.

Snuggling into my pillow, I wrap my arm under it. This is how I've always slept. There's a crinkle and I frown, reaching under the pillow with my other hand to dislodge the offensive noise. My hand pulls back a white piece of paper. The penmanship throws me off for a minute. Nobody writes with so many loops unless they're Victorian or someone into calligraphy. I squint. Maybe it's an antique. There seems to be a lot of old furniture around here. Maybe it fell out of a desk? But it wouldn't end up on my bed if it came from a desk. I was thinking crazy now.

I began to read it,

Keep looking toward the light. I know it seems so far away but I promise you. It's there.

There was no name on it but I knew at once it was for me and it could never have come from Uncle Greg.

I fall asleep, feeling just a little bit more sure of myself.


This was a mistake. Why did I write a note of encouragement to this girl? I was to simply observe and wait for the moment I was here for, to complete my mission. I can hear the big guy upstairs berating me in my imaginative mind. This wasn't a smart move. There's only so many mistakes an angel can make before his mission is compromised and their existence is blotted out like chalk dust. A chess piece knocked from the board. There would always be someone to take my place if I failed.

An angel was never to get too attached to a human. Too many mistakes could be made; even worse if the angel fell in love. I couldn't say I was in love with this human named Lila. I simply pitied her. I had a front row seat to the car wreck that killed her parents. I watched her endless tears and the moment she was given into her Uncle's custody. The first time she was abused, I could feel her spirit break and I did nothing.

I continually did nothing. Over and over again. This time I must have snapped. This girl had no one to talk sense to her. No one to tell her she was worthy of living a good life one day. No friends to cheer her up. Just her grumpy anger filled Uncle.

My purpose for being here was simply ironic and if an angel could cry, I would.

Death marked Lila across the forehead. She was fated to die by the hands of her uncle. There was no stopping it and I was here to comfort her when her time ended.

I have never loathed a mission more than now. I know it doesn't justify the wrong I committed by writing this mortal a note but the look on her face was worth it. And if I can continually make her smile until her fated day comes I will.