This is something I'd like to turn into a comic in later life. Unfortunately I don't know how to draw.

If something's in italics it's usually because it's in another language.

My name is Antietam Killian Mozzetch, and my life is kind of a shitshow. From the top then? I was born in Ballarat but moved to Ipswich when I was one. When I was twelve, my Father passed away from complications with heart surgery. When I was only nineteen my Mother passed away from a car accident. I was young and lost, so I took a leave from Uni and travelled the world. Along the way I picked up bits and pieces of various languages. Most of which I've forgotten.

It was in Japan that my life changed again. For better or for worse depends on how I'm feeling that day. I was twenty-two and I encountered probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, in a bar in Akita. She approached me and talked to me and I failed completely at speaking Japanese back. She wasn't offended. We started a relationship. She told me she was twenty-three. That was a bold-faced lie. I loved her, she wanted the relationship to go to the next level. I was uneasy in doing that. Half because I topped 190 centimetres in Japan and am built like a brick shithouse. And also because the first 'girlfriend' I had I only agreed to go out with because I didn't want to say no and feel like a prick, we went to some movies and the relationship went nowhere.

I had a point, didn't I? Oh yeah, the bitch. Thanks to being shy about my body, stemming from being fuck-off huge from childhood, I was self-conscious. I should have kept to myself. I'll stop stalling. A year later we got comfortable, we removed our clothes, and we began to consummate our relationship when she began to drag me into Hell. Turns out, she's a succubus. To her surprise, I was never enthralled with her. She thought I was only attracted to her body. I've always looked to intellectual beauty. So, when I fought back, she was too shocked to act. I got away from her and I was lost in Hell. Literally. I hastily pulled on some pants that fell with me. As a side note, I can confirm that Hell has a soundtrack. Turns out that The Devil has a sense of humour. And last time I was down there it was 'In Hell I'll Be In Good Company.' It's changed every few years. It might be different now, I don't know.

I'm off topic again? Fuck.

So yeah, I stumbled around for a bit. And then The Man came. I've no other name for him. He is what is known as a Judge. Guides of the damned lead souls to them and they reach into their chest, grasp their heart, and judge their sins. I later learned that they usually stay further away from Hell but he must have seen us fall in.

He was human shaped. The main difference between us was that he wasn't terrified of me, and he was encompassed in black fire. He thrust his hand into my chest, and I'll always remember this part, confusion spread across his face and he looked at me with great bewilderment. See, I got something called 'Situs Inversus' meaning my internal organs are flipped around. So when this Judge thrust his hand into the left side of my chest in search of my heart, I, in panic, did the same to him. I grasped something and pulled. The heart was made of shadow and wisps of something, I want to say smoke, came off it. There were thin black strings attached to it that led back into his chest. I crushed his heart. He was the first one I judged. And through some bullshit. I absorbed him. Now I can make black fire appear on me at whim.

I don't remember how I did it, but the last thing I remember from that night was crawling out of a burning hole in my bed whilst on fire and being chased by a…skeleton? I don't remember, it was years ago and rather traumatic so details are not my forte here. Afterwards I thought the entire thing was a fever dream. Right up until my girlfriend had not appeared for a few days and this weird bastard turned up at my front door. He was a Dullahan, I later came to know his name as Yorrick. He called upon me to be his reaper. Usually he'd guide the souls of the dead to the Judges in Limbo or Purgatory or wherever the fuck, but he had been watching my girlfriend and so he had immediately found out that I had become a living Judge. Something supposedly impossible. In the eleven years since this, the title of 'Living Judge' had become infamous among the supernatural who thought they had escaped judgement.

Of course, at the time I thought he was some crazy hooded Japanese guy, told him to piss off, and closed the door. I didn't get three steps from the door when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood a being of folklore, large scythe in one hand, the other still reached out to where my shoulder was. He terrified me. The next bits are fuzzy. But it ended with me ripping the heart out of a mugger later that night.

The next few years I returned home. Finished my study. Yorrick shadowing me the entire time. At some point I took my parents wedding rings and used them as a sort of ward against The Man. They were made of gold and were crown shaped, so I thought it fit. I returned to Japan looking for work and a better fighter. At some point I figured out how to use the Judge abilities I had to make or store weapons. Like the pistol I use when hunting. I also found I had to wear solely long sleeve shirts when in public. Because tattoos are taboo in Japan, and I had a metric fuckload of them when I returned. They also helped hide the rope-darts I started wearing on my wrists. I somehow managed to become a teacher in Niigata. So, during the day I teach Japanese teenagers English. And by night I'm usually a lazy Dullahan's personal hitman.

See? Kind of a shitshow. Which leads me to the current evolution of the shitshow. One of my students standing outside my apartment looking nervous, And I was holding a container of Japanese curry.

"Mozzetch-Sensei!" She whispered loudly, running up to me.

"Asuhi, what are you doing here?" I replied.

"I wanted to talk to you about an assignment you set for us…"

"And you didn't think to use my email?"

"We-well no, but that's not the point!"

I stayed silent and let my student continue.

"I heard noises from inside and I peeked and there are three men inside and they have guns!"

"Asuhi. I highly doubt there are any men in my home."

I walked past my student and retrieved my house key. I felt two small hands grasp around my arm as I put key to lock. I looked down into the face of my student.

"Mozzetch-Sensei, please!"

There was a look of distress on her face that reminded me of some of the demons I'd face. I gave her a smile.

"Don't worry, I'll be careful."

I opened the door, walked through, and closed it again. After a few seconds, what my student heard were three gunshots within my apartment. She burst through the door, admittedly a very stupid move, just as I was taking the lid off my curry and had gotten out the disposable chopsticks.

"Ah Asuhi, please come in."

She was left shocked at the door, looking down at the three corpses.


"See Asuhi, no men." I started mixing the rice and curry.

Asuhi still stood at the door.

"Please close the door." I asked her again.

She stepped in further, letting the door swing shut behind her.

I pointed to the chair opposite mine at the table I was sitting at. "Please, sit."

She bent down to remove her shoes.

"Don't bother, just sit."

She approached the chair and sat down. Still looking at the corpses. After swallowing some rice I asked her a question.

"What's on your mind?"

She looked at me dumbly before turning her attention back to the bodies.

"You mentioned the assignment?"

Still no answer.

"Are you afraid of me?"

"They…They're dead."

"Would you prefer it to be me?"

Asuhi looked at me again.

"What! No!"

We sat in silence as I ate another two mouthfuls of my curry.

"Suppose you need an explanation then, yeah?"

She looked back to me.


"What do you know of the spiritual and the supernatural?" I asked her.

"I-it's made up?" She replied uncertainly.

"Nope, all real. For proof, look left."

As requested, she looked to her left to see Yorrick kneeling over the bodies next to her, having faded in as I began my explanation. Eliciting a shriek from Asuhi.


Yorrick was silent, focusing solely on the corpses. He held a hand over the body of one of them. His hood turned towards me and gave a quick nod before a scythe materialised in his hand. He placed it on the opposite side of the body and gave the scythe a quick tug. The body burst into smoke that quickly dispersed, leaving nothing behind. He moved to the second body and repeated the process. I stopped him before he could do it with the last body.

I placed my curry down and stood. Asuhi still silently watching everything.

"Give me a minute Yorrick. I want to see if I can get anything."

I crouched next to the body and reared my right arm over their chest, where the heart would be. I lowered my hand, placing my open palm above the heart. Asuhi had barely moved since I had started. Black tongues of flame emerged from between my fingers before my entire arm up to the elbow was covered in the black fire. My hand plunged into the chest.

Out the corner of my eye I could see Asuhi covering her mouth in shock.

My hand closed around the heart.

To Judge, I exchange memories with the one I'm Judging. As their sins are laid bare so are mine. It is an odd experience. I Judge what they've done and why. Most I Judge are sent to Hell while the odd outlier goes to Heaven. Memories enter my mind. The exchange has finished. I turn my attention to Yorrick, Asuhi still watching on. "Three Oni. Sent by an Oni Yakuza head. Thought it was small time. To kill me. Obviously wrong."

I turned my attention to Asuhi as Yorrick sent the last one to hell.

"So, Asuhi, what did you need help with in the assignment?"

I just really needed to get this idea down, and where others can hopefully enjoy it too. This is essentially just a draft but I hope you've enjoyed.

Have a nice day!