I was walking through an empty orphanage the floor was covered in root and the sound of a crying of a child echoes through thehouse. I entered a room to see the child a girl holding a pair of scissors, by the aura she had awakened her nightmare. "Hey girl." she pointed the scissors at me and in a Moment I could see more blades of scissors forming ready to launch at and impale me. "Child, I'm not here to hurt you, tell me what happened here." She lowered her scissor and I got closer came to hug her.

The girl cried on my shoulder the poor thing had experienced enough. "I was sewing and and the work watcher w-whipped me with her stick and-." I understood her and I knew she was trying to sell me painted some apples! I summoned my ember fire covering hand my before turning into a revolver and shot through the nightmares chest, the childs skin turned into fabric ripping with wooden bones showing. "I new hunter doesn't know their trauma and if it really was a whip that created you, Your scavengers weapons would be a whip and not scissors." The nightmare growled before it could do anything multiples shots were fired exactly four ripping the nightmares limbs apart.

The nightmare screamed trying with all its might to regenerate and return to its normal form its cheeks ripped apartment showing a mouth full of fangs that were made of the same black wood. "Disgusting homan! Al shold die!" I stared and took another look at the floor there were no bodies or evidence of anyone living there. I left the nightmare. "Wait! No don't touch her she is mine!" I ignored the nightmare as I went to the basements and I found what I was afraid of bones. I knew there were disappearances happing near here and some children in the debtors prison were missing, I saw the only fresh corpses there a woman I knelled down to look at her arm with runes cut into her skin, as I thought an Illegal witch must have been using children's blood and skin for a rejuvenation potion.

I saw who would have been her next victim a girl only 10 and in this kind of condition, her hands calluses. "Girl, hey girl!" Her eyes opened and I knew she was alive I got tonic out and made her drinking she coughed and in a few minutes her eyes regained a bit of life. "There you go, you should be fine now I will bring you to your parents." I said but her eyes started tearing up.

I stared waiting her to say what I already predicted. "They died of the stone plague, sir." I sighed only one option was left.

"would you like to become my apprentice?" her eyes grew sparkles of flourishing hope. "You just need to take care of the nightmare first." She followed me and we both looked at limbless nightmare. I Saw the hatred that shouldn't be seen in the eyes of a child as waves of water formed in her hand and turned to a pair scissors to stab into the nightmares heart, there was no blood spilled only pieces of wood slowly rooting away. "You're now a hunter, We better get you something to eat and a uniform like mine." She nodded still afraid that something bad would happen. "My names Timujin." I looked at her when she realized she had to introduce herself. "My name is pandora, sir." I nodded as I lead her out of the house, officers entered the abandoned building and I lead pandora into a carriage one of the officers tried to stop us but once he saw the look in pandoras eyes he just bowed in his cap let us go.

authors note: A world where scars become your best weapons where your tears can revive the ones you love but they will kill all around you. Each element can be controlled.