We walked to a large house at the edge of the town and entered to see a butler with pale skin and platinum blond hair. "Is he a albino?" I asked and temujin laughed. "Master temujin who is she?" He asked showing no emotion. "She is pandora, my new apprentice." Then in a second woman who looked to be in her 20s came running her hair red as ruby wearing a maid outfit. "Oh My God! she is adorable!" Temujin sighed. "Vlad, Mary you two are allowed to boss her around but bring her to big the guest room that will be her room from now on." The maid smilled and I saw the fangs and was about to ask mr temujin but was pushed me into the big bed and when I looked around it felt like I was in the bed room of a king. "Now try these on!" I looked and I saw two girly dresses.

Temujin sat in his office placing his money into a piggy bank before he heard the screams. "I guess mary got her." He said to vlad who was dusting the shelves. "You know how she is, if someone of the same sex comes in, she will dress them up in the clothes she designed." There was a silince as unspoken bond between the two as another a coin fell to piggy. "NO! I DON'T WANT TO!" Pandora yelled and both men chuckled. Then a bell on his desk rang without neither of them touching it. He summoned his revolver and then opened a red door which most would think was to a closet but instead lead to a control room. "Make sure Mary doesn't try to turn Pandora into her mannequin." He crushed his revolver causing scrabbles to embed into his skin growing molding his hands into metal and vlad closed door.

The next morning I jumped out of the bed and walked to kitchen where sliced bread and potato soup was placed in front of me, I hated this! When I was in the orphanage, but one spoon of it and I was in love with this soup! It had salt, mushrooms, spices and it was so good! "This is so good!" Vlad smiled and I noticed that they weren't eating. "Aren't you hungry?" They looked and Mary spoke. "We're vampires silly, we don't need to eat and we just need blood plasma." I nodded still not completely understanding.

The rest of the day I cleaned the floors and dusted the attic which had more skulls then you would have thought. "Why does he have so many skulls- Is that a elhorn?" I asked looking at horse head with four horns, Two to the side, two at the front.

Cut to Temujin.

He sat next to a mammoth a gigantic armor that had machines inside of it to be controlled by wizards and now the inside of it had melted because it was shot by him. Temujin sat there seeing the next wave of 5 mammoths running toward the border and 2 thunder birds light armored humanoid flying units. "Another group of fools." He lifting his right arm his hand the barrel and his forearm being the cylinder. His eyes covered in a crown of bullets, growing wings of fire and walking on the tips of his feet, while his feet lengthened to give him the height of ten feet.

In one of the mammoth pilot screamed. "Calm down!" His commander yelled before temujin fired at a thunder bird causing it fall and burn inside out. "Retreat!" The commander yelled fleeing, before the mammoth next to him was shot causing it to hit the ground it's insides melting as they heard the laughing at such sounds only a soulless monster could make. "IT'S FLYING AFTER US!" The thunder bird pilot screamed stop taking its gigantic rifle firing at the hunter, creating a gigantic explosion none of them stopped to see the thunder birds achievement because the explossion reformed into the monster they were fleeing from, the pilot only had second to understand this before a bullet ripped through his skull.

Back with pandora

Mary read a book on hunters for pandora as she hadn't learned to read yet. "Hunters are first born until they witness death and feel pain in it's true form, but they will forget the first Drop..." She finished I wished mr temujin was back to explain some things but Mary continued to the second page. "Nightmares, some have these in their mind but hunters experience them in the physical world, they grow from flowers born from the first drop and take on the form of the person or thing that caused the first drop sometimes taking on their personality." I looked at picture of a being made of wood growing from a flower into monsters. "Once the nightmare forms the hunter can summon their ember a piece of their soul that is their calm being." The next page showed multiple weapons, one was my scissors. "Each weapon can have diffrent effect based on the element the hunter uses" The pictures showed art work of explosions and magic images of flesh being healed.

Then mary changed the page showing more monster. "When a ember is destroyed in anyway, the hunter becomes a dream a being of power and strength but they have no awareness of the world, and will destroy everything around them as a result these hunter usually stopped by more experienced hunters or by an awakened hunter. Awakened hunter are those who can use the abilties of their dream state these hunter have to face their pain to gain access to it." I looked confused thinking that meant.

Back to the battle field.

Temujin groaned as flew over the front, a century of war, the border was by shells and magical residue. The residue caused the area to mutate with strange to horrific monsters, the dragons were born from these lands and horrific amalgamations of flesh. He looked at one of the makeshift graves as a hand raised out of if Temujin watched until a mass of fused flesh and bones rose from it and the screams of hundreds roared before it started wondering toward the enemy line and Temujin just let it be, since it was going toward that had caused it's creation.

Luckily the creature was hit with an artillery destroying it being as fire and stell ripped it out of existence. Temujin sighed feeling some sympathy for the being both having seen the horrors of war, as well as guilt as they sacrificed themselves for their nation while he was up watch The end mans land once he was done we flew back to head quarters, he looked at the officers before walking toward the red door.

He returned to his house the metal had that become parts of the man body shattered returning into a revolver as he laid on the floor tired from the energy he used today had burned all the muscle and fat he had. He stood up looking at pandora holding book to him behind her mary and vlad with a meal, he wouldn't change this for anything.

authors note: Motivation all characters should have them and it should be believable. this has been captain obvious and the sky is blue when the sun is up hi!