I took a seat in the waiting room

Ready to hear my name,

I sat quietly but without patience,

Until my ears solemnly rang.


My sweet, soft name filled the grim air,

As my mouth will have some little affair.


I sat down in the chair,

My mouth wide open,

Teeth, gums, saliva, and cavity holes,

Ready to be taken ahold.


The pliers came close to my lips,

And twisted and turned at my mouth's appliance.

I groaned, winced, and yelled in a broad range,

As the giver gave me choices in pain.


Finally, I sat up,

My mouth hurt like hell,

My gums were on fire,

And my teeth throbbing

Like they had a pulse.


I looked into the mirror,

And smiled at what I saw.


Those twists and turns from the pliers,

That played little games with my jaw,

Dejected metal brackets trapped within my mouth,

Imprisoning my teeth to form a straight-edged bite.


I closed my mouth

accepting the pain,

soon my teeth will be straight,

and the painful experience will be remembered.


History will mark down the pain

as braces aren't a fun game.

The process is long and tedious

but worthwhile in the end.