This poem narrates working at a job that the narrator hates so much that it feels like hell. Enjoy.




The eight-minute walk,

Hustling through the street,

Misery has chosen its sacrifice,

The cash return hostage.


4 to 10,

Only 6 hours,

Feels like an eternity,

As I stand for endless punishment.


Belongings locked away,

The temporary admittance,

Once I leave,

God will then set them free.


Bagging and scanning,

No, the milk isn't on sale,

Flick, Flick, Flick,

The switch regularly hunts fresh blood,

While customers never feel happy.


The demons make false claims,

Here I am, stuck behind the cage,

Prisoners run the system,

I'm Checking the time –

Only two hours have died.


Finally, punching out without hesitation,

I tread the 8 minutes back to temporary Heaven,

Waking up to a new modern-day,

My nightmare has begun again.