What happened...where am I?

Emily's eyes opened with a slow flutter. All she could see was white. Blinking a few times she groaned and turned her head to look around, more white. There weren't any windows in the small room she was lying in. Blinding lights hung above her, soft buzzing machines stood around the room, and just one door was ajar. Emily sat up with ease, despite the injuries she was beginning to notice on her body. Cuts, bruises, and scrapes were all over her skin. Something about her leg looked off. Bandages had appeared to have been put on, only for the nurse to stop before finishing. Her hair was knotted and dried with blood along the tips, likely from the closed incision on her chest.

Emily looked down at it in awe, but it didn't hurt. In fact, nothing really hurt. Maybe she was still worked up on adrenaline or maybe she was just pumped with pain medication. She opted for the latter as her hazy mind worked to move her body to slip off the hospital table. She was in a surgical room, but she couldn't remember what had happened. She was still in her everyday clothing too, not a hospital gown. She supposed whatever had happened turned dire and she was rushed to the ER to be tossed into emergency surgery. She looked around, trying to find a gown to cover her cut shirt and bloodied clothing. Sadly, she couldn't find much more than medical equipment.

Emily's head jerked over to the door as a nurse slipped in quietly. She didn't pay much mind to Emily as she cleaned up the operating area. Emily followed her with a frown as she left, she hadn't answered any questions Emily had given her. The nurse disappeared down the hall and Emily huffed before looking around the still, empty halls. The windows revealed that it was dark outside now and as she walked by the nurse's station she watched a few leave and new ones take their place for their shift. Emily hurried down the hall, catching the double doors as a worker entered the waiting area. She began towards the front desk but quickly changed direction at the sight of her sister. She ran up to her and Valerian. "Guys, what's going on? Everyone here been acting so weird-"

"I-it's all my...my fault."

"What?" Emily frowned as her younger sister tried to pull away from Valerian's hold, but he wouldn't let her.

"It's not, it was an accident." He whispered, on the edge of tears himself. Lily shook her head and choked out a few sobs. Emily straightened up her stance and looked around. Lily was a bit beat up too. A few bandages and bruises, and beside her arm being in a sling she looked fine. Valerian was untouched.

"Lily, what-"

"They said we could go in and see her...say goodbye."

Emily looked behind her, spotting Kirron standing there with the surgeon at his side. "Kirron!" She cried, jumping to embrace him and get answers. Kirron didn't flinch, in fact, Emily never made contact with him. Emily's eyes widened and her breathing stiffened as her body passed right through him.

Wh-what's happened to me?

Emily picked herself up, only breaking into a sprint back to her operating room. Kirron and the others walked far behind her.

She burst through the doorway, her eyes landing on the operating table.

Her breathing stopped at the sight of herself laying there. A thin sheet down draped over her body, her hair pulled out of her pale face.

She heard Lily cry, "I can't go in."

So, only Kirron walked in.

He was talking, but Emily couldn't hear him as tears bubbled in her eyes. I don't understand, why am I lying there? Why is he saying goodbye?

"Kirron I'm right here!" She cried, "Stop it, stop this! It's not funny- stop this cruel joke!" She cried, "Kirron, I'm here!"

He didn't respond, no one did.

I feel like I haven't written anything in so long. I had a momentary burst of motivation so I did this. This is based on a dream I had a while back and for whatever reason, my creativity just decided this was it. It was short, but the next chapter is going to be a long one; and I plan for this to be just three chapters long, maybe four. So I hope you enjoy this little idea while I continue working on bigger projects.