Am I...stuck here?

The room was empty now, Kirron and everyone else had left. The nurses had left but were only getting ready to move her body. Emily, still in shock over her discovery, was hunched on the floor, her head in her arms. She had died, the proof was right in front of her. She couldn't deny her own body lying there lifeless. She wished she could at least remember what had happened.

Emily lifted her head slowly and looked around. The nurses would be back any minute. She stood up and walked to her body. Why was she stuck like this? Was she a ghost or something? Emily looked at her hand, it looked real, but when she tried to grab hold of the table, she couldn't she wondered if she'd be stuck like this forever. The thought wasn't very comforting, having to wander around as some ghost, forever stuck watching her friends and family go on through life.

"Maybe if I just…" Emily tried to grab her body, in an attempt to refuse with it or something. She wasn't really sure what she was doing, all she knew was that it wasn't working. Frustrated, she took a step away

Emily left the room with a sigh, heading down the hallways of the hospital aimlessly. Maybe this was some weird state of purgatory or something? She wished she could as Kirron about all of this, he'd know what to say. Emily felt her heart leap a bit, would she ever be able to talk to him again?

"I died, so why am I stuck like this?" She wondered aloud, a slight edge in her voice. "It isn't fair, if I was supposed to die then I should've just…" Emily's shoulders dropped. "Why is this happening to me?" She asked. She had always tried to be a good person. Maybe she slipped up sometimes, but she always tried to be kind and helpful to anyone. If she was being punished she couldn't imagine what for.

As she walked by the elevators something caught her eye. The door to the stairwell sat snug in the corner and shining through the bottom was a pale light. Curiously Emily walked out the door, passing through it effortlessly. The wasn't anywhere near her now, instead, it seemed like it had moved up the stairwell, so Emily followed. She was already dead, so why not investigate? She ran up the stairs effortlessly, finding the light shining from outside on the roof. It's probably just a maintenance worker or something she told herself, but still, her curiosity pushed her to step outside. The light grew brighter, but Emily couldn't detect a source fast enough as it soon enveloped her entirely.

Emily covered her eyes and winced as the light wrapped around her. She felt a rush run through her body and the feeling of falling came over her. Soon the world around her was gone, replaced by the white light. Emily felt as if her body was floating now as the light faded and the new white landscape took over her sight. Particles appeared to be floating up from the ground as a gold hue took over the sky.

Was she passing on? Was she going to heaven? Emily had never been very religious in her life, but she found her eye's wide at the thought of it.

"Finally, you've found your way here."

Emily looked around the landscape, barely making out the figure of a woman slowly moving more into focus. The woman looked out of this world, which Emily figured made sense given she clearly wasn't on Earth anymore. She was tall and thin, and most of her features looked like a normal human's. Her eyes were almost sparkling, colored mint, and framed with her bangs. Her skin was a warm caramel and her hair looked like it should've been black. But it wasn't entirely. Her stands were pulled into a high ponytail, her black curls cascading down to her ankles. The ends of it flowed oddly, fading to a silver color and moving much like the particles around them. She was wearing a white dress that seemed to flow like the light around them, almost completely meshing in with the landscape.

Emily was standing now, she hadn't even realized when her body had stopped floating. Timidly she looked up to the woman, who simply smiled. "Emily, I'd say it's a pleasure to meet you, but the circumstances of this meeting are...quite grim."

"Are you an angel?" Emily blurted out, her eyes looking at her wide with awe.

The woman only laughed, "not quite."

"Then who-"

"My name was Melody."


"Well, when I was alive, there's no one here to call my name" She smiled, "but now you're here."

"What is this place? Heaven? Some weird in between?"

"No dear, this is the protector's realm." Emily tilted her head, her face reading nothing but confusion. Melody beckoned Emily closer to her, where she sat down. Emily slowly did the same, the light on the ground flowing like water around her. "Emily, you died tonight."

"I-I guess I did."

"But you didn't pass on, you came here, to me." She began, "I watch over the world from up here. A small fraction of the human realm is under my care. I protect it and care for it, but I don't do it alone."

"Okay," Emily nodded along, unsure if she believed what was happening or not. She was starting to think this was all some dream or something.

"The thing is Emily, I wasn't always like this. I used to be like you, but I died years ago. A man just like me brought me here. He made a deal with me, I'd help him and he'd restore my human body, so I could live again with my family. And I want to offer you that same deal."

Emily stared at her for a moment, "I- a deal? What do you mean help you, I don't understand" she could feel a sadness run through her at the idea of going back and living. Melody took Emily's hands, a comforting feeling coming over her.

"Agree to help me take care of your human realm, and I'll send you back Emily."

"How would I help?"

"Those details come later dear, all you have to do now is make a choice. Pass on or go back home?"

Emily grew silent. Everything about this was weird, how could she make a choice like this? Was there even a question between dying and going back? She didn't exactly have anything to lose here, she was already dead. Don't overthink it, Emily, just choose she told herself, before lifting her head back up to Melody. "I...I choose to live!"

Melody smiled, "perfect dear!" She stood, pulling Emily up with her. "Thank you, Emily, thank you!" She cried. "I'll send you back to your body, and soon I'll come back to you." She explained, "I'll explain so much more and help you begin your new journey, but for now, go back home and enjoy your new chance."

Emily wasn't given much of a chance to say anything more. She felt her body lifting from the ground. Melody held one of Emily's hands for a second longer, she moved to clip a thin, gold bracelet on her wrist. "I'll see you soon Emily." She let go of her hand, leaving Emily's body to float up more into the light, white enveloping her once again until everything faded to black.

When Emily woke again, she did with a loud and sudden gasp of air as her body shot up. She was still sitting on that examination table. Emily looked around, her body hadn't been moved yet. The first thing she did was jump up and run to the door. Closing her eyes Emily pressed her hand to it, finding her skin pressed against the cool wood. "Oh my god" she breathed, "I'm not dead, or a ghost, or whatever!" She cried. Emily opened the door and walked out. The halls were still and quiet. She hurried out, wanting to leave as soon as possible. Her body felt fine, better than ever actually. It was like all her injuries had disappeared. Someone called for her as she ran out of the hospital, but Emily didn't want to stop. She wanted to go home.

She had to go see Kirron and the others. She couldn't wait, she had to tell them she was okay. She didn't think of what she'd tell them or anything, her mind only cared for seeing them. It was raining outside and Emily had never thought she'd enjoy the feeling of wet clothing as much as she did now. She caught the bus and was dropped out a few blocks away from the Hope mansion. She assumed Kirron had gone home to his parents with Valerian. She hoped that was the case at least.

She was soaked and shivering by the time she made it to the front door. She rang the doorbell and waited. Her stomach was twisting now as she caught her breath. She still wasn't entirely sure what had happened to her in the past few hours, but all she cared about right now was seeing them, any of them. "Please see me" she whispered, "please." She was alive, she could feel the rain and the doorbell under her fingers. She was alive, everything was okay now.

The door opened after what felt like forever. She was greeted with the very skeptical gaze of Alister Hope. He only opened the door fully when he recognized Emily. He stepped back when Emily beamed and threw herself to her. "I'm so happy!" She cried, locking the man in a hug. "I'm okay- I'm here" she cried, tears bubbling in her eyes. "Alister I'm so happy to see you!"

"Emily I-" He was staring down at her. He'd just been in the living room trying to relax and process the news Kirron had brought home. Everyone in the family had had an odd feeling surrounding the incident, but they hadn't exactly place it. Valerian had disappeared to his room with Lily almost immediately and Kirron wasn't far behind them with Bryson to be alone. His wife had just gone to check on Valerian and Lily when the doorbell rang.

And now he was standing here, quite awkwardly, with Emily hanging onto him and crying about being alive and well.

He tried to ask her what happened in an attempt to soothe the confusion over it all, but she didn't answer.

"Is everything alright, who was at the door so late?" Lindsey had come out at the commotion, holding a small tray with steaming cups she was going to take to Kirron and Bryson upstairs. She nearly dropped them at the sight of the two. "Is that Emily!?" she cried. Footsteps could be heard heading for the staircase.

This was going to be a long night.

With how short I'm keeping the chapters, I've bumped the chapter could to about five or six. I feel like I could be doing a bit better with the story right now, but this is mainly being used as a way to get me back into writing again. It feels like it's been forever, but I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. Actually, I think you'll be surprised to find that this story isn't too sad. It's an au, so I'll say now that most of out other OCs aren't mentioned and it's assumed they don't know characters like Jasper, Spandel, Eskel, etc. I'll be trying my best with references to Kirron and his family's spiritualism with some research more into it, but everything with mainly be in Emily's perspective. Hopefully, you like the character who will be the main along with Emily, I don't think either of us has written much between just them.

Anyways, that was long enough. I hope you enjoyed.