Once upon a time there was an empire strong and just, it stretched from the beginning of Asia to the end of the Mediterranean, Alps of Italy to the Syrian desert , Egypt's Nile to the Danube river; those days have passed. As the world fell around us to the dark we were all that was left of the old order. Around us the world changed.

We fought to keep the light of the ancients burning, and hell did we fight. Battles raged across the land from sea to desert, mountain to planes. We fought with weapons unmatched, walls impregnable an empire in all our power and fury. Despite this we lost ground bit by bit; Battle after battle now all that's left is us in this city.

Brought to the brink tens of times we somehow held on. A new weapon bought us a few years. A new ally bought us some more. In the end it didn't save us but it bought us time.

In the south we fought the new great power of the age one who finished our oldest enemy off. In the north thousands of barbarians in hordes that are too numerous to count. In the west a thousand new powers rising from the ashes of ages past wanting to take a bit of the light for themselves. And finally in the east what may be the last enemy.

For centuries this continued decade after decade, war after war, no time to rest. We are only a shadow of our former self and the current path's conclusion is easy to see, our death. The culmination of a thousand years of history, the feather on the cap of our neighbors.

In another world I would work to the end to prevent the end. Save a land that can't be saved. But here, now I want to save my people. I find myself contemplating something that very few have ever contemplated and I got it from a book older than my empire. My plan is a new odyssey.