I wake up to someone knocking at my door. Groggily I shout it's open at the same time I get dressed.

"Good morning my emperor, it's time to get up." my servant Eric Sergius says as he opens my door. And enter caring my breakfast palter I can't help but notice its age just like my empire old and dull "How are you this morning ser"

"I'm good" as I say this he sets my breakfast down. "I need you to go tell Eros I need to see him at my balcony can you tell him to meet me"

He sends me a look I can't decipher "Yes Sir. Does this have anything to do with the council meeting you had me set up yesterday?"

"Thank you, and I think you know I can't answer that."as I say this with humor on my face I can't help but wonder about our relationship. My peers would probably not understand why I'm so close to my servants. I guess it's just because I care about what little people my empire has left. "Now get you but move or I may just put you on Venetian duty" that gets him moving after all who would want to deal with the Venetians.

I quickly wolf down my meal then leave for my balcony. As I walk to my destination I wonder how this conversion will go after all this idea is insane but it feels like it's the only choice I can make.

As I arrive I appreciate my best friend Eros Vassal already being here waiting for me. He looks up as I arrive "Constantine my friend how are you this fine morning" he says excitedly.

"I don't know, ask me later"I say clearly nervous. "I need your opinion on this idea I've had bouncing in my head."

"What is it?" Eros says suddenly serious.

I take a breath trying to calm down. "We need to leave"

Eros looks at me curiously "What, we just got here."

"No We need to abandon the empire." I say "I know it's our home, I know it's our land but if we stay our history will end and I hate that thought." I rant.

"Constantine you can't be serious" he says with a look of shock on his face.

"Why not Eros it worked for Aeneas he fled the last ember and formed a new empire we could do the same." I say trying to convince him.

"Constantine that was different" he tries to continue but I interrupt him. "In what way they were fleeing the last days of their city and with what they took with them they founded a city that conquered the world. We could do the same."

Constantine you can be serious, that is the past. We couldn't do that now you would be lapped out of council just for suggesting it. abandon the city, the empire, why would you even suggest such a thing?"

Eros look out there," Constantine ordered, gesturing at the city. "Eros what do you see?"

"Constantine is now really the time." Eros asked, wondering what this has to do with anything.

"Just tell me please." I say a sad look on my face.

"I see the greatest city in the world." he begins as I interrupt, "No look at it, don't just say propaganda. Really look at it, look at how empty it is, look how old and broken it looks." I say my emotions rising with an almost sad look in my eye. I try to regain control of myself before I continue the city's population is less than a tenth of what it used to be. Hell the entire population of the empire is less than a fifth of this city at its height. The walls are crumbling and the city will burn. Maybe not now but soon."

"But Constantine the city is the most important city in the world, we can't just leave it." Eros says almost brokenly.

"Eros all I see now when I look out there is my tomb and the tomb of my empire, my people. We can't hold it, our enemies are too strong and we are too weak. We can't hold the city the next time they come and they will come it will fall." I say just as sad as him.

"But the west can help us, our fellow Christians won't leave us to die God wouldn't let them." he says hoping I would agree.

"Eros if just being fellow humans aren't enough for basic decency why would being christian change anything." I say with a blank look on my face.

He gives me a Scared look. And as for God, he didn't prevent the fall of our empire, he didn't keep Jerusalem in Christian hands, hell he didn't even keep our fellow Christians from backstabbing us! No we won't get any help from them nor will god send us any if he even can. No, if we want to live we need to leave."

"Constantine have you lost faith in God?" Eros asked incredulity almost fearfully like will I get stuck down just for thinking this let alone speaking it.

"I see my present, ember of a once great fire, I see my past blazing and glorious and I can see my current future if we stay, nothing but ashes but I can't see god. We need to leave and save what we can." I say with absolute surety.