Hannah woke up with a jolt and then gasped, scuttling away from… whatever it was that had been leaning against her. Moving away caused the thing to fall backward and it cursed, rubbing it's wiry-haired head.

"What the hell?" it grumbled, trying to sit up. "God damn it… Hannah, help me up, will ya?"

"Ferris?" she said in disbelief.

"Yeah, who else?"

Scrambling, Hannah walked over and helped her boyfriend sit up, his new girth and frame seeming to cause him a lot of trouble. Now that he was sitting up, Hannah made a face at his strange body. He was definitely at least close to two hundred pounds and not in a good way. His body was fleshy and flabby but his arms and legs seemed to be quite taut. He had brown hair all over his body and there was a hump in his back. It was clear his human ears were gone as a pair of fuzzy ears sat atop his head and his eyes were beady black. The most prominent thing were the tusks that were starting to curl from his under bite.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Ferris asked, his teeth making him sound strange.

"You… You're turning into a pig."


"Your teeth… they… they look like Pumbaa's from The Lion King. Wasn't he a warthog, which is like a pig?"

Ferris reached up and touched his mouth and gasped, moving like he was trying to get away from himself. He looked frantic and wobbled his way to a standing position. The movement caused arousal and he leaned on the tree they had stopped at to try and keep the wave from making him do bad things.


"Don't talk… if you come near me, I swear I'll hump you into next week."

"Um… okay…"

"I just figured out why everything down there is humongous and super aroused. I remember in one of our classes the teacher started talking about wild boar and pigs and stuff. I wasn't paying attention until he mentioned that when a wild boar is in mating season, it's testicles double in size."

"If that's the case then… what kind of season are you in? Those aren't just doubled, those are like quadrupled. Doesn't it hurt?"

"Like fucking hell! They're stretched to the max and that's why when my boxers rub against them I get so aroused that I go hard and have to jack off… You being around me doesn't really help."

"How am I a problem?"

Ferris looked over his massive shoulder at her and she gulped a little.

"You're my girlfriend and I've been a nice decent dude since we've gotten together. Do you really think I haven't had any desire to screw you? Being around you just makes me want to knock you down and fuck you until you are full of my seed and give birth to piglets."

"Um… ew…"

"That's what I thought. If you'll excuse me, I need to uh… empty…"

Hannah threw her hands in the air and walked away, ready to be away from his horny attitude. She didn't know how much longer she was going to have to deal with this. If he started turning even more, there would be none of Ferris left and if he was thinking the way he said he was, would he really do what he threatened to do? Would he actually rape her in his animalistic, euphoric mating mode? She hoped she was wrong…

After Ferris did what he needed to do and they found a good place to drink fresh (untainted) water, Ferris decided that he wanted to try and get Hannah to a safe place before he turned completely. As they walked it was getting harder and harder to do so upright and focusing only on Hannah's safety. Being as large as he was and not used to it, Ferris tended to end up behind Hannah and he often found himself looking at her butt, fantasizing about mounting her and making her his. He shook the thoughts from his mind but it was getting increasingly hard not to think about it.

The pain in his appendages were killing him, like his muscles were being moved around and shrinking back. It was getting very difficult to walk on two legs and he eventually just fell forward, slamming to the ground.

Hannah heard the thud behind her and looked back, finding Ferris on the ground.


"I… I can't walk on just my legs anymore…" he said, getting up on his hands and knees. "This feels much more comfortable."

Hannah walked over to him and knelt in front of him.

"No. Don't give in."

"I don't have a choice, Hannah."

He twitched suddenly and got very tense. Hannah backed away from him, unsure what was about to happen. He suddenly yelled and arched his back, digging his fingers into the ground. Hannah suddenly saw something whip around behind him and he fell to his elbows, panting. It was a tail with a fuzzy tuft at the end of it. Ferris looked behind him, seeing the tail too, and whimpered a little.


Hannah swallowed. "C-Come on… let's just keep going."

"Don't move." He said suddenly, looking up at her frantically. "Seriously… Don't move."

"What's going on?"

"There's something in the woods. I can't tell what it is right now but I can feel it in my bones, smell it. Something's stalking us."

"Oh god, is it the deer?"

"Nooagghh!" he screamed.

He felt his arms and legs contract and he felt like he was shrinking a little. He lost his ability to move his fingers and toes and realized that it was because they were now hooves, unable to move individually. A tingling in his face started and he felt like his face was being stretched. He screamed in agony as his upper lip and nose seemed to stretch out before his eyes, his teeth pulling against the top of his mouth in protest. He screamed at the pain until his voice was no longer screams, but squeals. He tried to talk again but all that came out was a squeal. He looked up at Hannah, seeing the horror on her face and at first, it crushed his soul to see her look at him that way. Then, like a fog, her image seemed to start fading away. No! Gotta keep it together, Ferris! No! Don't forget! DON'T FORGET!

Hannah watched her boyfriend morph horrifically into a wild boar before her eyes. His face stretched and contorted in ways she would have never imagined. It made her almost sick just seeing it and hearing the bones and muscles move to accommodate their new forms. When Ferris opened his mouth, nothing but a piggy squeal came out and she knew that her friend was gone. At first, the look in his beady eyes showed embarrassment and shame but soon, a new look overtook them and Hannah realized that her boyfriend was no longer there. Before her stood a wild boar… who was in the middle of mating season and full of seed.

He was eyeing her for a mate.

"Ooooh shit…" she said, starting to step backwards.

She'd never really dealt with wild boars (or wild anything) but she had a feeling that if she ran, he could overtake her in a lot more ways that just running. The problem was that she didn't know how to get away from him. Would she rather take a chance and run away, possibly finding a tree, or stay and most likely get shanked by his tusks and mounted like she was a sow?

"Bye." She said, turning tail and running as fast as she could.

Ferris squealed in anger behind her and she could hear him take off after her. Hannah knew from science class that humans could run a pretty good speed but it had to do with how their bodies were made. Cheetahs were all made the same and made to run really, really fast. Humans came in all shapes and sizes and dexterities and Hannah was on the low end. She could hardly run to her classes let alone from a wild horny boar.

Just as she knew it would happen, she felt a tusk scrape against the back of her leg and she screamed in pain. She knew he was trying to knock her down. As fate and cliché would have it, she didn't see the dip in the path and fell face first onto the hard ground. Pissed off and scared, Hannah immediately turned around to make sure she didn't get used before she had a chance.

Ferris had actually stopped and was walking up to her slowly, a weird determination in his eyes. It was as if the human lust he had for her was mixed with the boar's need to mate when out of the blue a large brown wall came in front of her, blocking her view of Ferris. Hannah looked up and tried not to scream as she crab-walked away from the scenario. A huge grizzly bear was standing on its back legs, blocking her from Ferris.

The sound of an angry squeal caught Hannah's ears and hooves pounding the ground. The grizzly was toppling backwards and Hannah screamed, doing a weird sitting running thing to get out of its path. It fell backwards, hitting the ground with a thud, but sat back up just as Ferris had ran away for a minute and was scuffing his hoof, ready to ram the bear. Hannah was an arm's length from it and hoped it hadn't seen her, but as it got up onto its feet, it shot Hannah a look. Hannah was startled for a moment because the look was so human. It stared at her for a moment and then moved its head as if to say 'go, get out'. The sound of Ferris' trampling hooves was enough to make Hannah move as the bear turned back to Ferris and let out a loud roar and lumbered towards him.

Hannah ran away and didn't look back.

Students: 23 ~ 2 = 21

Teachers: 5 - 0 = 5