Matt was excited about going to Mississippi during the summer to visit his grandparents. His mother had told him that their family had lived since the civil war and that they had plenty of family property in the area. He never really cared about the family history, but he did care about playing on the farm with all the animals. His grandparents spoil him each summer that he came down. He also had a friend named Billy Joe, who was a neighbor of his grandparents.

Where they lived in Mississippi it was out in the country, you could never get a cell signal, so no one had cellphones. Some of the homes in the area didn't even have plumbing, they still used well water. Despite all of that Matt still loved each moment he was allowed to spend down there.

His parents had the local news radio on as they drove and it turns out that things were not as simple as they used to me because the word "homicide" was something you never heard on the local news station. Maybe in the bigger city of Greenville, but never down here. As they listen they heard that person last night had been taken from their home and the police thought the worst. The sheriff had asked the state police for help in solving this rash of murders.

Matt's mother turned off the radio looking at her husband, they both had the worried look on their faces. As the turned down the gravel road, Matt knew that they were almost there. His grandparent's house was seven miles down this road. When he was a young boy he used to love looking at the smoke trail behind the car, now that he was a teenager, he wasn't amused by it any longer.

They pulled up in front of his grandparent's house just before three in the afternoon. There was his green Ford sitting outside, the house itself looks quiet they wonder if anyone was at home. The chickens were still at the back of the house, while the cows, pigs, and horses were down just a short walk away. To the west of the house there were acres of land that belong to the family and beyond that was the forest.

As the got out of the car they heard an older female voice call out to them as his grandmother came from behind the house hugging his mom first, then his dad, and finally he got the biggest hug of them all. She told them to come right in and that she would start making them something to eat from their long trip. When Matt asked about his grandfather, she said that he was at the neighbor but should be back soon. His father went outside and starting bringing in the suitcases while Matt was already back playing around with the chickens and looking for Doc.

Doc was his grandparent's German Shephard they had him for at least six years and he never went for a walk anywhere on the farm without him. He called out for Doc but he never responded. He thought that was weird, but he decided to walk toward the other farm animals. He couldn't help but notice that his grandparents had fewer horses and cows this year than they normally did. He wonders why? He kept looking around and he saw traps outside of the pigpen. Now he was confused, his grandfather had never set out traps before. He wonders what they were trying to catch.

He saw a car coming down the road and knew right away that it had to be his grandfather, so he left the animals and starting back walking toward the house. He couldn't wait to talk to his grandfather and tell him all about school plus how he had done this past football season.

Once he made it in the house he could tell that something was wrong. He stayed quiet and just listen. He heard his grandfather's voice saying that they had found him, but no one knows how he got there or who did it. We were waiting for the sheriff and deputy to show up, once they did, I left and came home. I stop by to check on his family, before coming home.

He stops in mid-sentence as the grownups all notice that Matt had come back inside. No one knew what to say to him, they all look quiet. Finally, he asks what was wrong. His father told him that his friend Billy Joe was gone, that he had died last night. Matt starting crying and ask what happen.

His grandmother looks around the room and said only three words.

"The Delta Wolf."