Matt got up early the next morning with his grandmother. They went out to feed the baby chicks, and to go out in the fields to remove weeds. Once they were done, grandma went in to start breakfast, that's when the rest of the house started waking up. His parents were surprised to see him up so early, but he was just as surprised to see them both sleep in so late.

Matt had made up his mind that he would try to let the grownup handle things and to put the Delta Wolf out of his mind. As breakfast was being made his grandfather turned on the radio, and Matt knew at once that there was no escaping this thing. The news on the radio said that there was another incident, this time on Beaverdam Road where Mr. Jed and his dog were found this morning. Both of them were victims of a wild animal attack. His grandfather turns the radio off and walks outside on the front porch.

No one else seems to be talking so he ventures outside where his grandfather was at. He finds him sitting quietly in his rocking chair. Matt remembers a few years ago when his parents surprise his grandfather with that chair, he would spend hours out on the porch with his dog Doc just sitting in his chair.

"Grandpa is everything alright? You seem upset before you came out here."

"Matthew. Jed was a friend of mine, we went way back together to the Civil Right March in the 1960s. I just wish there was something that could have been done."

"You mean the same thing that happen to Billy, got to your friend too?"

"Yes grandson, and I'm afraid the killing is just starting."

"Why do you say that?"

"Listen your parents will be mad if I tell you this but years ago Doc and I were hunting back in them woods. I lost track of time and nightfall got us. I knew that we had to get back home. You see no one knew where we was because I never told your grandma. That year she was going through somethings and I thought it would do us both some good to get out of each other's way for a while."

"We were still a ways off when doc starting barking. I didn't see anything, but I knew from years of hunting with ol'doc to never doubt his instincts. So we stop and I got down on one knee and scan the area."

"There were no sounds that night, no insects, no frogs, nothing. That was when I knew we were in trouble. I held on to Doc leash with my knee that was on the ground. Whatever was out there I did not want him running out after it. Then at once, a large shadow came from the trees I fire off a shot but it still knocks me down to the ground. With my knee move Doc jump up at it trying to protect me. He backed it up under the full moon that night and that's when I saw it. It stood taller than any man I had ever seen. It had the head of a large wolf and the claws look like long knives. I reach for my rifle and fire off two more rounds scaring it back to the woods."

"Doc and I made it back home when your grandma saw the wounds I had from the attack, I told her that I had felled on a slippery rock."

"Grandpa you said that was two years ago. Do you mean that thing has been killing since then?"

"No grandson if you check this town's history that Delta Wolf had been around for a long time, but it always seems to go away for a spell before coming back. Some people think he just goes and hibernates, but I never believe that. Others thought maybe it was a seasonal thing and it just moves on and returns back here to the Delta around the same time each year."

"Granddad do you know how long this has been going on?"

"I never believe much in the legend when my own father told me about it, but after that night I became a believer. I never told anyone else about that night until now."

"Granddad but if you told someone else maybe that can catch this thing and put an end to it."

"No grandson they can't catch evil. I wanted you to know the truth, and you need to understand that it will be dangerous at night around here. It can only attack during the night, and the last time the Delta Wolf came through our town, it took twelve people before moving on. So far there have been four, which means there will be eight more attacks."