Title: The Soaps of Corrections

Summary: Working in a jail is tough but working around crazy co-workers is even worse! Combine craziness and a set of strict polices. Drama ensures!

Genre: Humor/Drama

Author's Note: I always said that I will be making a book of this place hahaha and my adventure on the job that I endure. Many people were for it and yeah, I think I will be writing my accounts in this. The names of people and places are changed.

Some of these events are base on true events.




The Soaps of Corrections


Chapter One


The Beginning

For my mom. Who always supporting me in my toughest times and never given up. Thank you.





August 8th, 2017

Working at a county prison wasn't my ideal job. Not at first but it sounded very exciting when my application got accepted. This would be my first job and that was kind of sad for someone in their early twenties and to tell you all the truth I really didn't want to work inside a prison per say. I watched some prison shows on television and I also have family working in this sort of career.

I wanted to work in the Booking Department. The department that booked men and women into the jail system, but I heard from many people it would be hard to get into their department.

I arrived at my assign designation early around 8 o' clock in the morning. I wasn't a morning person. The parking lot was jam pack with vehicles. The Cassville City Sheriff office seemed busy today.

I felt nervous and I had a sudden urge to turn back and go back home. Am I sure about this job? This job will be tough and with added push of confidence I push myself through the head of correction department doors of a small city town.

The smell of coffee hit my nose and I resisted the urge of my one true weakness. Coffee.

The room was dimmed, and I can see paperwork and books lined up on the wall with chairs. I passed by a few rooms unsure of where to go and then I reached the front desk. A woman sat behind. Glasses screwed around her face as she seemed engross on the computer.

I stood there for a few good minutes before I let myself known and the woman almost jumped out of her seat in surprise. This place seemed pretty deserted.

"Uh I'm here for my interview?" I said unsure to the lady. She then pointed down the hall opposite of myself.

"Right down there. The first door to your right."

"Thank you."

When I entered the first room on the said right, the first thing I noticed was that I and one other person was the only women there out of ten people. The rest were men and they were dressed in jeans and worn out t-shirts.

Who show up for their own interview dressed in that?

I shook that off and took the only available seat left in the room. Next to the woman. She looked very uncomfortable. That's understandable considering who was all here. She gave me a withering glace that turned into a very relieving looking one.

"Oh thank goodness! I'm not the only girl here." She exclaimed and I stopped myself laughing at her outburst.

"I can understand that's-" I took another glance around the room-"be uncomfortable."

"I'm Debbie, by the way."


The door to the room opened just at that moment and an older heavy-set man walked in. In his hands were folders, and something that looked like a VHS tape.

He took his seat in his desk and he looked at us all and soon the room was in complete silence. I can easily feel the power coming from this man with his stiffness of his shoulders and how neat his uniform was.

"Good morning. The first thing I will say to you all right now that some of you might not even make it."

I scoffed. What a good thing to announced so early in the morning. A few people flinched at his words but not me. Debbie eyes looked down to the floor timid. Her hands on her lap and she looked completely nervous at this.

The door to the room opened once more and the woman that gave me directions walked in pushing a medicine cart. On the cart was many small cups.

Drug test.

"Thank you, Ms. Elizabeth.-"

"First thing on today's agenda is taking your drug test. Ms. Elizabeth will gladly be assisting you."

This will be easy. I never once in my life take any drugs. In my household my parents drilled in me not to even depend on Advil for pain. This should be a cake walk but I knew in this small ass town a good amount of people is on the shit.




My drug test was the last one... Every other came back negative but my cup was the only one sitting at the desk. The man stared at it and I was starting to get very pissed off. What the hell?

Everyone stared at me.


Then I heard whispering from the people around. Screw them.

I was also starting to get nervous myself. I'm not on anything!

Minutes passed and I felt the pressure slammed into me.

"Uh-" The man cut me off as he placed my cup on the cart.

"You're good."

I felt a huge sense of relieve entered me.

Damn right I'm good.

I'm not on any shit.

That morning was spending on watching an one hour video of how corrections is and how to cuff a person properly.

That was it? The interview?

What about the training?

The video served as a crash course on corrections. Just a quick explanation of the obvious.

The man then looked at us all after checking his watch.

"I have already called the wardens of both prisons to expect a visitor in the afternoon. They will be explaining your jobs more so than me. When you're down come back to my office."

Debbie looked uncomfortable and I smiled at her as the men started to get up and head their way out of the door- "We can use my car. We're heading in the same direction." She nodded her head and soon we made way out of the building.

"The video is really….I don't know if I want to work at the jail anymore I rather booking." Debbie said to me outside as I lead her to my car.

Me too.

"I'm sure it can't be that bad."




We pulled up at the only women's facility over one-hundred miles around. The place looked so beat up. Grass over-grown. The paint chipping off. The place only has a fence closed one side of the building! Not very secure and the place seemed condemned and abandon. There was only one other car in the parking lot than mine was there.

"Are we at the right place?" Debbie asked me and I nodded my head checking the address again on my GPS.

"Yeah, let go on in and check it out. We really don't have all day." I replied aggravated.

I didn't know that pulling up in this parking lot will be my ticket to hell.

When we got by the door there was a huge sign nailed. NAILED on the side that explains the rules and policies of visitors entering the facility. There was a memo on the front door too.


The door was locked, and I decided to use my common sense that God gave me and knocked loud. Soon I heard a buzzing sound coming from the door-"Maybe push?" Debbie said to me and I did just that. The door opened and soon we were met with another door.

There was another buzzing nose again and I pushed that door too. Debbie closing the doors behind her. We walked into a small room. The walls were painted plain white and grey. There were two doors in this room and on the left side was a booth. A stern looking lady sat behind the booth. On the booth it was labeled 'Control Center'.

The lady signal us to the booth and we follow, unsure.

"We were told to be here. I'm Serena and this is Elizabeth." I told the lady, who put up one finger to me and picked up the phone.
"Sir, the newly hires are here." She said and soon she nodded her head and hang-up the phone.

"The Warden is expecting you in his office." She said, pointing to the open door behind us.


"Thank you," I said, and Debbie and I went through another set of doors. The room to our left. A brown sign on the door read 'Warden'.

"I guess this is it." I said and took a deep breath before entering the door. Not knowing that I just step into a building of SOAP Operas and drama.