Chapter 4: The Wrath Of Hellfire

Rose gazed above her. She saw the demon that was ready to kill her. It looked like a human face that were moving thanks to tendrils made or red and blue. Inside the mouth of the demon, it was humanoid torso instead of tooth. At the end of the hands, there were fingers which looked like a human face.

The girl helped when she suddenly felt, as if gravity suddenly decided to exist. She landed on her back and painfully whined as she turned around. She stood up and saw the demon coming at her. She immediately ran away, "Brutus!"

She yelled when a tendril suddenly grabbed her ankle and lifted her in the air.

The demon approached her as it opened its mouth. The torso that replaced the tooth had ribs coming out of it and slowly spinning around. It accelerated more and more, until it was ready to transform the girl into minced meat, "B-Brutus!"

"Why do girls away get into trouble like that?" a voice asked.

A flash of red passed in front of the girl and she began to fall. The tendril had been cut.

The red thing caught her and put her on the ground.

She took a good look at her savior. She immediately knew it was a dragon, "You're… Hellfire?"

He was a red dragon with a dark pink face, white eyes, a long thin tail and a pair of black horns on the back of his head. He wore a golden breastplate with golden gloves and bracelets, "You must be Brutus friend," the dragon replied. He grabbed his long and large machete, "Rose I presume."


"Stand back. I'll eliminate this prey and I'll get you out of here," his white eyes looked around and sniffed the air, "Alas. It's too late for the others," he readied his machete and opened his long crimson wings. He flew upward and avoided the tendrils coming at him, "Is that all you got demon?" he raised his left hand and taunted the demon to come at him. He let out a large grin as tendrils came to him, "Not bad," he swung his weapon and cut every tendril into pieces, "Just terrible!"

He flapped his wings loudly and charged at the demon. He slashed and flew away as the demon screamed painfully and lost black blood that looked like oil and smelt like oil.

Hellfire landed in front of the human who took a safe distance, "I ain't bad right?" he winked at her and focused on the demon.


"You're lucky," he cut a few tendrils coming at him, "I saw you entering in the mirror. It took a while to force myself in," he jumped on the next tendril and dashed towards the demon. His wings returned in his back as he jumped to the next tendril and hopped on the third one. He impaled the left eye ball of the demon and pulled it out.

The demon screamed in agony as it went away from the dragon.

"No escape for you demon. I ain't a dragon who let his prey go," he let out a cruel grin and summoned his wings once again and took the offensive.

He flew in the air and avoided anything coming at him. The red dragon closed his wings and lost altitude as the head-like demon went away. He reopening them again and flew towards the demon, ready to end this battle quickly. He raised his machete and ready to break the skull of his enemy.

The dragon's ankle was grabbed by the demon's tentacle. He yelped when he was sent against the ground.

The demon opened its mouth and sent ribs at the dragon.

Hellfire saw them coming and rolled on the ground, dodging a few of them. He cut the tentacle still holding his ankle and stood up. He ran on the side and rolled on the ground. One rib pierced his shoulder and the dragon painfully grunted. He took that rib out of his shoulder and blocked the other attacks coming at him.

The humanoid reptilian being flew in the air and avoided more ribs coming at him. He felt his blood coming out of his wound, but ignored it. He closed the distance and another rib pierced his side. He was closed to the demon and raised his weapon. It was ignited in flame and prepared to slash. The weapon seemed to grow in size of his weapon, "Now die!"

He gave everything with his weapon and cut the demon face in two. The head was split open.

The demon let out an agonising scream as it slowly turned into ashes. His wings slowly fused with his back once again. He landed on the ground and approached the girl, "There. The demon is dead," he carefully looked at her, "Are you fine?" He raised his hand and grabbed the dark sphere of the demon remaining energy. He put it in his breastplate.

"I am. Thanks for saving me," she looked around. The world was already starting to warp and to get foggy. Rose turned towards the dragon, "We are about to return to the bathroom!"

"Oh," the dragon realised as he gazed at his wound. He frowned, "It's too risky for me to disguise as human with this wound," he put his hand on his side while ignoring the one on his shoulders. The bleeding already slowed down.

Rose asked, "I'll help you get out of here," she replied.

After a few seconds, they were back into reality. The bathroom was still empty, but the black mirror shattered on the ground.

Hellfire sniffed the air and nodded, "I smelt someone behind this-" the door closed behind him.

He was interrupted when Brutus, in his human disguise and a few bruises on his face said, "I'll-" he stopped when he saw the wounded dragon. He noticed Rose and asked, "What happened?"

"No time. We have to bring Hellfire out of here," the teenage girl replied. Her voice was a little shaky.

Brutus sighed and nodded, "Fine," he noticed the mark of hands on the throat of his friend, "You got red mark on your neck."

"The demon strangled me. I'll explain everything later," she dismissed any comeback about the mark..

"You get out too Rose. They can't see that," he poked her mark.

"It won't be hard. Humans are easy to avoid during class time," Hellfire chuckled.

"We'll bring you outside. Brutus. I'll explain when were home," now that they were safe, what came out of her memories. She could see on Brutus face that he noticed something with her, "And more."

"More?" he asked, darting his head to the side.

"Now let's go," she pushed Brutus to action. They couldn't lose time anymore.

"O-okay! Jeez. I missed everything," he pouted as he took his humanoid magenta dragon form. He gave another gaze at his friend. He could see she wanted to avoid dealing with whatever happened right now.

They had no problem to leave the Academy. The dragons always knew where everyone was. They went to the closest window of the fourth floor and jumped out of it and flew away.

Brutus held his friend in his arms and landed on the roof of the closest building with Hellfire following behind.

The red dragon lightly panted as he put his hand on his wounds and sat down.

"Let me check your wound," Rose said as she approached the dragon.

Her friend frowned as she approached the red dragon. He showed his fangs when the other dragon gazed at him. He got a simple nod.

"Move your hand away," she told him.

"Fine. I'm not a kid," he grumbled as he moved his hands away.

"I'm not either Hellfire," she looked at the wounds, "I'm sorry. You got hurt when you saved me."

He nodded negatively, "Naw. I didn't come to take a hit instead of you," he chuckled for a few seconds before he winced. She touched too close to his wounds.

"He needs some bandage now," Brutus came by her side.

Hellfire took out the dark sphere and a part of it split apart and turned into bandages, "There. I'll save the rest for later," he painfully grumbled when he was treated.

Rose asked, "And where are you going now?"

Brutus gazed at the side, "This is happening."

"I'll just rest in a church. There are many places I can stay," he pointed his thumb at himself.

"Dammit," the other dragon grumbled, crossing his arms, "Here we go."

Rose searched for something to say, "Maybe you came come to my house. I can prepare something special. You saved my life. I can thank you that way," she let out a warm smile.

"Free food?" he asked. He got a positive nod. The dragon let out a smirk and replied, "How can I even say no to that? Do you have pies? I only eat meat and pies!" he then yelled with passion, "Pies for life!"

Brutus was outraged, but said nothing else. His scales paled as he held back his anger. He saw the dragon as a traitor who had no taste outside of meat.

"I'll have a pie in the freeze. I can unfreeze it for you," Rose said as the dragons prepared to fly.

"Do it," the dragon replied.

Brutus grabbed her and the group fly to Rose house, "That report will wait tomorrow. But I will have answers soon Rose. I know something happened to you."

Once they were back home, Rose opened the door and invited Hellfire inside, "Come."

"Thanks again," the dragon replied.

Brutus followed behind and pouted, having another dragon as a guest. He checked on the girl. He knew she was putting a brave face for now.

"I'll unfreeze the pie and prepare dinner," the girl went into the kitchen. She quickly came back and asked, "Hellfire. Do you want to stay for the night? It might be better than resting outside or in a church."

"That's a little too generous," he replied.

"This is a boarding house from my grandparents. There is enough bed if you worry about it," she chuckled.

"Bed… Thanks," the dragon replied. He would pay for it.

"I'll make dinner for real this time," she walked away.

The two dragons went in the living room and sat on the couch.

The magenta one grumbled as he observed the other one.

"Rose is a nice girl," Hellfire commented while checking his wounds.

"She is," he frowned and asked with a low grunt, "Have a thing for her?"

"No. She's not my type. My nose isn't inching me to get her," the dragon replied, relaxing on the couch, "So soft."

Brutus gaze soften, "Feeling better?"

"Yeah," he turned his head towards the other one and asked, "Do you live here with her?"

"Sure. I can't let her alone while her parents are away," he replied.

The red dragon smirked, "And the other reason is obvious," he winked at the magenta dragon.

The two continued to chat while the human decided to make only meat for the dragons. It would be an exception to the rule.

The mind of the girl wandered once again. It was a little similar to what happened after Brutus brought her to her house. She made pancakes and he said it was the best thing of his life.

"Rose," Brutus joined her in the kitchen and let out a satisfied smile when he saw no poisoned plants, "There is something important I want to know," he searched for anything to help her.

"What happened while you got suplexed by our director?" she jokingly asked.

The dragon gasped as he almost dropped the pepper. He gave it to her and sighed, "Yeah."

"I searched for Hellfire when I passed in front of the bathroom. A voice called me inside and I went. The demon caught me and revealed memories that I forgot," she sat on a chair and corrected herself, "More like… memories that were erased from everyone. I know it's not made up Brutus. I know those are real memories that demon awakened, so he could eat me."

The dragon put his hands on her shoulders and asked, "What did that demon show you?"

"That I have a sister. Michelle. I don't know what happened, but I remember her. I remember how life was without our parents. Even now, more memories are coming back Brutus. I know it's not an illusion by the demon. It's dead."

Her friend had no answer to give her. He just offered a hug, "We'll talk to the Coordinator. He might have an answer about that. Erasing memories is possible for some dragons and some demons. He's also powerful enough to find out what happened to you," he told her. He nuzzled her head and added, "And don't worry. I believe you Rose."


In the living room, Hellfire sighed. He heard everything, "Damn. Erased from everyone," he frowned, "If this is true, I don't like this."

Eventually, Rose told him, "It'ss ready!"

"Coming," he stood up a little too fast and painfully grumbled, "Damn," before going to the kitchen.

AC: This is the end of this chapter.

Next Chapter: The Forgotten Missing Human.

The group returned to the Coordinator to give their troublesome report and checked if the memories inside Rose are real or not.