Between three families

Between three houses a feud is started

A fire so small, but always ignited

one that burns even in the un-hearted

causing ties between them forever blighted

First came the son they had all wanted

Next came the daughter they all wished

And the ties became ever more daunted

And the thought of war dished

Time moved forward and the siblings were separated

The son to house one, staying with his forebears

The daughter to house two, with mother she was fated

The third went hiding plotting for the return of theirs

It was at nine years that sounded revenge

For the sons time came to switch again

To the third he would go, the first wanting only to avenge

For the third caused the son untold pain

To which they could never amend

The daughter was next, her fate they rusted

Turning the son against mother

To help gain the daughter, the goal now adjusted

Now together suffering as sister and brother

as we approach our eighteenth year

The strings of control have been undone

And the son breaks away in anger and fear

He makes his way back to family one

his anger for family three would always schmear

The love he once gave them shunned

That leaves only his sister, with her rusted crown

He gives her his best wishes and sorrows, for she can not leave

But he knows that it takes more than rough seas for her to drown

For she has held to the crown even rusted, and come her eighteenth eve

She will return to the home for which she is renowned

Is it here that our story ends

Or is it a new chapter in the life of our friends

While no one knows where life will take you

I find that is about your point of view