An African scientist named Harry Coumnas claims to have invented a time machine that uses a series of complex algorithms to foretell a person's life in the next 1000 years with 100% accuracy. What sets Coumnas' time machine from the ones which have been invented in the past is its coin size and the fact that it actually enables a person to actually live in his/her future.

When attached to a car's engine, this time machine can drive you into the future at the speed of light. However, it isn't possible with every car. There are certain specifications that it must have in order to work with this time machine. During a press conference in New York last week, Harry Coumnas revealed that he first himself took a trip to his future in order to know if his time machine can work the way he wanted. Well, as he expected, he was able to travel over the next 1000 years into the future. Talking about how life looked like after 1000 years, he said that for a moment, he felt like having gone a different planet. Even the people, he said had slightly different features, such as bigger eyes, red skin, etc.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is an African scientist who has spent years researching about the concept of time travel. Recently, he shocked everyone by claiming to have designed a time machine that could take a person into the next 1000 years in the future. To create this one-of-a-kind time machine, Harry performed a thorough research not just on the concept of time travel, but also studied extensively about light, magnetism, gravity, black holes, wormholes, etc.