(My niece that passed away at 8 years old)

Memories of your gentle face and understanding smile,

have helped my pain inside ease for awhile.

With a sadness in my heart, I still can recall,

Your kind nature, and that you left this world beloved by all.

There's the backyard where you used to play,

There's the window to the bedroom where you once lay.

I can still hear your voice calling to me,

You're telling me that you're better this way, and that, I can see.

You were always so sweet and you always had a smile for everyone,

You never let your pain bother you and you always tried to have fun.

You were once full of life, I remember from my past,

I'll always cherish those memories even if they didn't get to last.

My eyes fill with tears as I remember your pain,

But, I won't cry anymore, I'll just carry on through the rain.

I remember your laugh, and your smile... and your kind love,

Those things are so special to me, but they were as fragile as the wings of a dove.

You were so innocent, so very young; you had such loving ways,

The same ways I've tried to adopt to help lighten my days.

You showed me things and you always had a kind word,

You understood me, and most times you were the only one who heard.

You gave me that love and strength to help me find a new start,

You let know that real love comes completely from the heart.

You taught me that it's best in the end to just be me,

You said that no matter what happened in the world, to stay free.

You always laughed at my bad jokes and then you too shared,

To me, at times, you were actually the only one who listened and cared.

For you, I will always remember,

Our talks and walks as they were.

I will always cry ever just a little with some sadness when I recall,

Your charming ways, your beautiful smile, your loving eyes and your kind words to us all...

(Written on your one year anniversary of moving to Heaven)