Amelia Blackett-Reed couldn't concentrate on the computations she was supposed to be doing. At least she wasn't the only one in her office that was too focused on the little television screen in the corner of the room to be doing any work. Her boss wouldn't fire the entire office so she had nothing to worry about. Well, she didn't have to worry about being fired.

"...This killer is responsible for no less than 34 deaths so far. We advise everyone to stay inside with your doors locked. Time of death for every victim so far has been estimated to be just after midnight. If you have any information regarding this serial killer, please call the anonymous hotline at 1-800-" The news reporter was cut short as the screen turned black. Everyone's heads snapped to the back of the office where Mr. Fox was speaking against the door frame to his office.

"That's enough of that I think. Don't need everyone getting worked up. Come one, get back to work." He said, ushering his employees back to their desks.

Amelia reluctantly sat back down. She still couldn't concentrate on those computations though. All she could think of was that killer who was responsible for her nephew's death.