Mr. Fox was basking in his moment of triumph after killing Amelia when he heard someone try to sneak up behind him. Upon turning around, he saw an empty room, yet he knew someone was there.

Mr. Fox smirked to himself. "I don't have to kill you, you know. It's just more fun that way." He laughed before continuing. "Normally, I give you all two options. Poor Miss Amelia was just too impatient to hear my offer so it was necessary that she died. If I didn't kill her, she could have hurt me or someone else!" Mr. Fox clucked his tongue and shook his head. "I'll let you hear my offer though, and maybe you can tell the others." He waited, but was met with silence. "Either I kill you and you can end up like Amelia over there, or you join me. Become one of my soldiers. All you would have to do is kill a few people here and there, but I promise they will only be people that deserve it." Mr. Fox waited again and this time, he saw Stephen Holly's head pop up from behind a desk.

"What did my mother do to deserve being killed?" Stephen spat.

"Your mother... ah, yes, I remember your mother! Little old Jillian Holly wasn't as innocent as you believe her to be Stephen. No, Mrs. Holly had killed my son in a hit and run last year. I would have returned the favor, but you are very valuable to this company, Stephen. So I killed her instead." Mr. Fox shrugged. "So what do you say, Stephen? Wanna join me? Or do you wanna join Amelia and your mother?"

Stephen hesitated, contemplating both options in his head, before he answered. "I'll join you."