While Stephen Holly was listening to Mr. Fox's offer, Gregory Samson was busy calling the police. They told him help was on its way and hung up.

Gregory sat around the corner from where Mr. Fox and Stephen were. He heard their entire conversation and just seconds after he heard Stephen make his decision, he heard glass shattering and the dull thud of a body hitting the carpeted floor.

The headline in news across the world the next day was that the 'Midnight Killer' as they now called him, had been caught by police. He was shot in the head by a sniper, as he was seen brandishing a knife. It was the safest way the situation could be taken care of when he held his employees hostage.

Everyone but Mr. Fox and Amelia Blackett-Reed made it out without a scratch. The entire community mourned Amelia. Not a single person in that city didn't attend her funeral.

Mr. Fox had a few mourners too. They were his most faithful soldiers. Now they are just waiting for the perfect time to continue his legacy.