"That dickhead, always thinking the world revolves around him. He was perfectly fine up until I was no longer useful to him. What a fucking dick." I grumbled to myself as I walked through the woods, bow in hand. "I can't believe him, 'I'm upset here, slapping me won't help'." I mocked. "If he wasn't being such a dumbass I wouldn't have slapped him!"

I continued on walking through the forest, complaining to myself about that dickhead, Carter. The sun was just starting to come up when I heard a branch snap to my left and I jerked my head to see what it was that caused it. A single deer stood grazing, about 15 feet away from me. Slowly and as quietly as I could, I lifted my bow and drew it back, aiming to kill it. Once I was sure my arrow would land where I wanted it to, I let it fly, satisfied when it sunk into the buck's side. It took off running but I knew I wouldn't have trouble finding it as it would surely be dead soon.

I drew another arrow and loaded my bow before going to find the deer, just in case I ran into trouble along the way. Just as I had thought, it didn't take me long to find the animal and I didn't have to use my bow on my way to it at all. I gently set my bow down then pulled my arrow out of the side of the deer, wiping the blood off with my shirt before I put it back in my quiver. I then got to work on gutting the buck right there to make it easier to carry. Eventually, all of the entrails were strewn about the forest floor instead of in the deer and I easily heaved it up onto my shoulders to carry it back to camp. I wasn't really going to leave, I just needed some time to cool off.

As I head back, I kept my eyes open, constantly scanning my surroundings for any movement. Cougars, wolves, and bears would have smelled the fresh kill and started tracking me by now. It didn't help that I was covered in blood from the deer either.

I expected to run into something on the way back to camp, so I quickly took care of it when I did. I didn't expect to get back to camp and find that they were being attacked, so I froze when that was what I saw. It was only when I saw Melanie's servant, Landon, get his throat slit that I came to my senses. I dropped the deer and aimed my bow at the man just killed the young boy. I silently cheered to myself when the arrow went straight through his chest but my moment of victory came to an end when out of the corner of my eye, I saw another attacker pinned Carter to the ground. I hesitated on aiming at them, hoping someone else would save him because the angle they were at risked my arrow going through the man and into Carter. However, when the man raised his knife and no one had killed him yet, I aimed for the back of his head and took the shot, hoping his skull would slow the arrow down enough that it would make it to Carter. Luckily, it didn't, and moments later Carter rolled the corpse off of him to see me. He got up and went on his way, fighting, which honestly surprised me because he had a broken leg. Then again, adrenaline can make people do crazy and amazing shit even when they're injured.

I let arrows fly left and right, always hitting their target as the fighting continued. Eventually, I ran out of arrows and so I stashed my bow away in the bushes along with the deer and I pulled an arrow out of one of my victims. I went on, stabbing people with that until I found a sword to use. I normally don't use a sword so it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it without hurting myself in the process. By the time I finally did figure it out, the fighting was pretty much over, but I still joined in and killed a few people so I felt more useful.

As soon as the fighting was over, I started on damage control. I went around to all of the dead bodies and started separating them into two groups: the attackers and anybody from our group. Since there were a few soldiers from Chicago helping me, it didn't take long. Next, I checked on all of the people who were injured. There weren't many as all of the previously injured were either dead or kidnapped. All except Carter, that is. After a lot of stalling and checking on everyone but Carter, I decided I should probably go talk to him.

"So how's the leg, dickhead?" I asked when I walked over to where he had been sitting on the ground since the fighting ended.

"Great, thanks for asking, asshole." He replied as I sat down next to him.

"Hey, don't be calling me an asshole. I saved your sorry ass. Three times now."

"I only remember two of those times."

"First was the cougar when we first met. Then it was when you were dangling by a rope around your neck the day after that. Last was just now when that dude was about to slit your throat and I shot him in the head, which, if I'm not mistaken, is the day after your second near-death-experience. You and Death must be best buds by now, huh?"

"Ah, I forgot the cougar. That's probably because you were the reason I almost died that time so I didn't count it."

I shook my head. "Actually, you're the one that attracted the cougar, so I'm really not the reason."

"You're the one that shot an arrow into my leg so I couldn't move and you couldn't just shoot the cougar. If it weren't for that, I could have saved myself." He said.

"Doesn't change the fact that you almost died but I saved you. Once a day, every day, since the day we met. I'm looking forward to saving you again tomorrow."

Carter gave me a blank look. "We only met three days ago. That doesn't mean you're gonna save me every day."

"So. It happened three times. That's a pattern. Expect it to happen for the rest of your life. Just accept the fact that you're my damsel in distress. All you need now is a pretty little dress." I joked.

"Oh, joy." He replied sarcastically and we fell into a comfortable silence in which I remembered I was supposed to be pissed at him.

"I still don't like you by the way." I spoke up.

"I figured. Listen, I'm really sorry. I know I was an ass. You were just trying to help. Forgive me?" He said and I could tell he really did feel at least somewhat bad. I think. He could just be a really good actor. I mean, I did just meet him 3 days ago so I don't know much about him.

I pretended to think about it for a moment. "Maybe. We'll have to see if you can make it up to me by being less dick-ish in the future. Or if you somehow convince Melanie to let you wear one of her dresses because now that I'm thinking of you dressed like a damsel, it's hilarious and I really want to see it for real." I laughed.

"I can be less dick-ish but I sure as hell will not wear a dress." He said, shaking his head and laughing along.

"Aw, come on. I think you'd make a great lady."

"Shut up." Carter snorted and pushed my shoulder lightly.

"What if I ask Melanie if you can wear one of her dresses?"

"I'll kill you." He deadpanned.

"No you wouldn't. You have a broken leg. You'd never catch me." I teased.

"Then you'd just have a head start before I kill you."

"You still wouldn't kill me. I'm the knight in shining armor and you're my damsel in distress."

Carter stayed silent for a moment as he glared daggers at me. "I wouldn't fall asleep if I were you. You might not wake up." He finally said without breaking his glare.

"Noted." I pursed my lips, attempting not to laugh at him trying to seem menacing. It was hard and I ended up bursting into laughter.

"Something funny?" He asked with an angry look still on his face that made me laugh even harder.

"You- you just- oh my God I can't even- just stop- you can't- oh, shit that's funny- this is- this is just wow." I said through my laughter.


I held up a finger as I clutched my sides. "Give me- give me a minute."

"Uh huh." Carter said and he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at me expectantly. It was a little over a minute later that I finally managed to stop laughing. "So what's so funny?" Carter asked again when I caught my breath.

"Anger does not look good on you. It's past intimidating to the point where I start laughing. Like I just did now!" I answered.

Carter glared at me again but stopped when he saw me start to break out into laughter. "You know what? Fuck you."

"Well, actually, since you're the damsel, I'd be the one fucking you." I grinned back and he just flipped me off.

"Go annoy Melanie. You haven't done that yet today."

"No, I haven't." I said without moving from my seat on the ground.

"I think you should annoy Melanie. She's even coming over here!"

I turned around to check and sure enough, there was Melanie, stalking over to us with an angry look on her face to rival Felicity's.

"What the hell are you two doing? We don't have time to sit around and talk. We've already stayed here too long and ended up getting attacked for it. Let's move!" She commanded as she looked down at us.

"Well, you see, we can't move. Carter's leg is a little more broken than before and I'm the only one that's taken care of him so I have to sit here with him since that kinda became my job." I grinned and Melanie rolled her eyes. "Oh! I just remembered that in the bushes over there," I pointed to about where I remembered my stuff was, "there's a bow and a deer that I shot and gutted. Do what you want with the deer, but I need my bow back as well as all of the arrows that look like this." I held up my arrow that I had pulled from a body earlier. Melanie looked down at me then snatched the arrow out of my hand and brought it to one of her soldiers. The two talked for a little bit before she came back over to where Carter and I were sitting with amused expressions on our faces.

"Darren will bring your bow and arrows to you when we're ready to move. Until then, just stay out of everyone's way." She said before she walked off again.

"Well isn't she pleasant." I said, sarcastically.

"That's one word for it." Carter replied.