Vivian and I, like I said before, have known each other since the fifth grade when her parents transferred here from Phoenix. Vivian had flaming red hair and wolf eyes.

I wondered why her parents would leave Phoenix and come here to Washington State. There's nothing interesting about Washington(we don't have vampires here, sorry Twilight fans) and our town is rather dull.

Anyways, Vivian and I became best friends in a matter of days, much to my other best friend, Theo's disapproval.

"Noah, there's something creepy about that girl." he said one day at recess. Vivian was doing the monkey bars, while Theo and I were atop the playset eating the Airheads Theo's mom had given him in his lunch.

"Why? She's a normal girl." I said as Vivian let go of the monkey bars and ran up to the playset.

"Hey, Noah, Theo do you wanna come play on the monkey bars?" she asked.

"No thanks." Theo said, jumping down from the ledge. Vivian looked hurt so I reassured her that Theo liked her; he was just cranky.

"Oh." she said. "I hope he wants to play tomorrow."

I caught Theo on the way home from school. "Hey dude, be nicer to Vivian." I said.

"Why?" he asked, brushing his black hair out of his face.

"She's my best friend." I told him.

"I thought I was your best friend." he said.

"You guys are both my best friends." I said.

"Okay, Okay. I'll try. But one weird thing happens. I'm out. You hear?" Theo said.

I nodded, grateful he was at least giving Vivian a chance. He doesn't usually give people chances.

Pretty soon, he and Vivian became best friends too and we were a force to reckon with.

Yeah, sure, Vivian did do some questionable things even before I found out she was a demon. Like the time Marion Caley came to school with burnt hands, so burnt that she could barely write. Or the time when Zaiden Cortez, the school bully, came to first period, poop colored. The whole class had laughed at him until Mrs. Boaz threatened detentions. I couldn't blame Vivian for that one. Zaiden was a dick. After that incident, Reuben Glass, Zaiden's prime victim, started hanging out with us. Jeffrey Briggs and Shay Webb. also joined our group.

In Westway High, however, Vivian caused the most mayhem and destruction. That's why I skipped over most of our middle school years; they were unimportant compared to our high school years. Those were the years where we became known as the friends of the freak, the hellgirl, the demon, the witch, the vampire whatever the hell Vivian is