Well, my lovely readers, you asked for it, so here it is. My opinions on Arcadia's very own missing girl. It's been three years since this case was opened and no one found a lead! In my research, I found a lot of shocking information that was never released to the public- which you can purchase just at the end of this article.

When a girl goes missing, headlines run wild in Arcadia. When the crime appears to take place in Arcadia, panic spreads like wildfire. Because everyone claims that nothing bad ever happens there. The gated sector is claimed untouchable, blocking out anyone without access to the neighborhoods, security of all kinds everywhere, and the latest technology and improvements the city could offer. The wealthy live there, not criminals like in Nova. Inside those large iron gates, smooth roads devoid of any cracks or potholes are found. Trees neatly line the streets, big and bright street lamps accompany them as well. Mansions populate neighborhoods, large homes with even larger yards sit to be envied by outsiders. Fancy restaurants and expensive shops, an opera house, theatres, a large park in the center housing an even larger golf course. Arcadia is by far the best place to live here in Bayville CIty. There is no trash littering the streets like in the Jade District, no street fights, and races like in Nova. It is grand and extravagant compared to the boring Ange.

So, if nothing bad happens in Arcadia. If people don't steal, riot, or kill here- if all the truly bad and illegal deeds happen in Jade and Nova- then why did a girl missing without a trace there? If Arcadia is so well protected, then why did no one hear her screaming for help? Why didn't their cameras capture what happened? They were down that night for matintence...no one heard a word after dark...no one saw what happened. The missing girl captured everyone's interest, but no one did anything. Do we honestly believe the police did all they could? Every soul in the damned city knows the police are just pigs- pigs whose allegiance can be bought by the highest bidder. The mayor is an even bigger joke. I think we all should face it, no one in this city wanted to find that missing girl.

That girl is gone now, dead because no one in this city cares.

What should I cover next for my readers? Or should I continue this series on the missing girl and Arcadia? Let me know and don't forget to check out my full notes on this case down below.

Peace out.

Kirron tapped his pen against the desk as he sat gazing at his laptop. He scowled and closed the article before even glancing at the continuations below. He had been in the middle of writing when the article caught his attention. This Lyn person was becoming quite the rage online with her articles and criticisms over Baville and it's districts, the law, the politics, all the little things. He had heard from somewhere that she had been digging into the missing girl from Arcadia and decided to check it out, but he found nothing desirable in her words. Just some nobody trying to capitalize on the unsolved cases from Arcadia, which were few and far in-between. The last three years had been peaceful since the uproar of the missing girl.

Kirron turned back to the documents open on his screen and began another read-through of his work. His eyes moved along slowly for what felt like the millionth time as he checked for errors and mistakes in his writing. While he seemed determined to catch everything, his mind couldn't help but wonder. Finishing up the paragraph, Kirron sighed and turned to the notepad on his desk. He tapped his pen against it a few times quickly. He was nearing the end of his novel's self-editing process. He had already read through it twice before and edited and revised, but now he was methodically picking his pages apart, trying to make sure nothing was short of perfection.

He knew reading that damn article would distract him, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him. He looked down at the soft pawing at his pant leg, finding a fluffy white Persian purring for attention. He picked her up and ran his fingers through her fur a few times, looking back at his notepad with a sigh. "Hey, cut that out" he frowned, picking the cat up as she scratched at his hand. He held her up, "you're spoiled" he deadpanned. The feline meowed in agreeance. Kirron smiled and set her back down, his hand moved to grab at her collar to loosen it a bit. He smiled, a bit sadly, as he read her tags.

Emily was still listed as her owner, Kirron had never had the heart to change her cats' tags. He looked over her name and phone number etched into the metal. He left the cat alone and picked his pen back up, scribbling her name down. Kirron had almost forgotten how to write her name with swirling, neat letters. It felt like it had been years since he had and when he thought about it, he realized that it had been years by now.

Sighing, Kirron closed his laptop and stood up with the cat in his hold. It was late in the morning and he hadn't had breakfast yet, so he figured he'd have something and take a little break from the novel process. He still had plenty of time, there was no use mulling over it as much as he wanted to finish it. Kirron headed downstairs, finding his brother resting lazily on the sofa. He could hear Lindsey moving around in the Kitchen as he approached. He greeted her with a smile and took a seat on one of the stools. "Good morning" Lindsey sang.

"Morning" he sat the cat down near a pile of toys and moved the countertop. "Is Bryson around?"

"He went to help Raven with some shopping I think," Valerian spoke as he passed by and sat just beside the older. "Said he'd be back in a few hours." Kirron nodded and sat up as his stomach growled to get a better look at what exactly Lindsey was cooking. Beside him, Valerian was drawing invisible shapes on the countertop and staring down at it absently.

"Everything all right?" Kirron raised an eyebrow at his younger brother's despondency. Valerian was always a bit lazy and daydreamy, but he seemed off today.

"Hm? Yeah." Valerian looked up, "I was just thinking about things...it's been four years now?"

Kirron made a silent, oh, as he looked down. "Yeah" he sighed, "four years. It's hard to believe."

"Lily's been sad lately, cause it's so close to the anniversary. How are you feeling?"

Kirron shrugged, not really wanting to answer. Yes, it had been almost four years since Emily officially went missing so he couldn't say he was...falling apart as the anniversary approached. He had grieved and worked on moving on the past four years. He was twenty-two now, getting into publishing a book, moving on to new things in life. He couldn't mourn her forever, could he? He supposed he could, but she probably wouldn't have wanted that. It wasn't like he was ready to completely forget her or anything. While police had ended the case with little evidence to go off of, Kirron still looked. Something, he wasn't exactly sure what yet, kept him. Just something inside him would creep into his mind and whisper, "she's still out there." It drove him up a wall at times. After all, there are only so many places to search, so few people to question, and so little evidence to go off of.

"You know." Kirron brushed it off. He'd already lamented all of these feelings to Valerian and his other family members, there was nothing new. He wanted something new. A new piece to the puzzle, a new clue, he just wanted something.

Lindsey placed a plate of food down for Kirron and Valerian and the brother ate and chit chatted about much lighter subjects. Valerian was going to pick his girlfriend up from the airport that night. She'd been in France for the past few weeks. Her father had moved back to his home country about a year and a half after Emily's case was officially closed. Lily had gone with him and maintained a long-distance relationship with Valerian, but she had moved back here on her own. Valerian was excited, they always kept excellent contact when she was away, but he always looked forward to having her back home.

When they finished their food Kirron went back to his room. He stared at his laptop for a few moments, trying to decide he was even in the mood to work on editing some more. Instead, he sat down on the bed and grabbed his bag from the floor. He rummaged through it, pulling out a manilla envelope and notebook. He supposed all the Emily talk had gotten his mind worked up. His information on Emily was only partly contained in this envelope, the rest was at his own penthouse. He hadn't even meant to bring this when he decided to stay with his parents for a few days. He had intended to get away from it for a bit and just relax and focus on his novel. His own house was becoming a distraction at this point.

Kirron opened it and fished out one of the many grainy photographs. Screenshots from the street cameras the night Emily had gone missing. Most of them were of her alone, walking back to Kirron's place. There were a few of her with Vanemy and Christopher, she had joined them in walking Christopher's dog that evening. According to Vanemy Emily had insisted she could walk to Kirron's place on her own since he didn't live too far and it was more of an inconvenience for them to go with her. It really had just been a few blocks and Arcadia was safe, but Emily hadn't even made it to his street. At some point in the footage, a few streets from Kirron's Emily had been stopped by a little girl, who led Emily away.

The police found it safe to assume Emily had walked off hand in hand with the child to help her get home, but sometime between the first camera and the second, they both disappeared. No one could fill in what happened while they were in the blindspot, but minutes later an unmarked van drove by. There was no license plate or a good look at the driver. No one ever found it or identified the little girl. It stirred anger up inside of Kirron, there was a person right there that surely knew what happened to Emily, and police hadn't even been competent enough to find the kid.

The abandoned district of Sympass sat on the Eastern flank of the city. It was nothing more than an overgrown jumble of woods and abandoned buildings. Wildlife ran abundant, while virtually no human lived there anymore. It was gated off and locked away, leaving all it was forgotten and untouched. While no one was permitted to live within the district, few people did. Some homeless, just looking to live off the land and in the abandoned houses. Other areas held an activity for criminals to hide out in. If someone wanted to disappear, Sympass was the place to do it. Police hardly patrolled the district, there was no point in wasn't time and resources there. The only ways into the place were through a few sealed off tunnels.

However, among the abandoned buildings and long stretches of forest, two buildings stood operating. One was the source of an odd urban legend that lingered through the city, mainly online and among the youth. Children would sit up with their friends and tell the story of the red van. The story went that along the street at dawn a red van stalked the silent streets with no license plate, or markings, just a shiny red exterior and tinted windows. It would cruise along, missing camera's searching for someone to take and when they found that person, they'd disappear without a trace- taken to the lost district to an old mansion. What happened when they got to the mansion varied in every account of the tale online and many people blamed many disappearances in the city to the old tale. Stories could be found deeper online. Stories of horrid human experimentation and modification. That all the people that went missing in the red vans will die, or put up to some cruel torment. People who claimed to have seen it, or claimed to have survived, most deemed crazy by the city's authorities, produced detailed stories or warnings, horrid art renditions of what happened, or less than credible photography. Of course, no one could ever find the so-called mansion in sympas, and most wrote it off as a dumb tale to scare people into staying inside after dark.

While the story was nothing more than a spooky story to tell children- truth ran cold through most tales. Hidden so deep and well in the forests of Sympass an old mansion did sit in decaying shape. It was overgrown with vines and moss. Its paint was chipping and wood splintering, an old metal gate, and fence stood around it. Barbed wire curled at the top of it and small holes and lapses could be found around the perimeter. The roundabout driveway was cracked, but clear of debris. And sitting in that driveway was an unmarked red van.

A single person slipped out of the driver's side of the van. A tall man dressed in padded clothing that vaguely resembled a police officer's uniform, besides the identifying print and badges. The man had a heavy-looking gun in hand as he strode to the back doors, unlocking and pulling them open. Another man similar to him stepped out, followed with a young girl, and behind the girl came another armed man.

The girl appeared to be frail, but not sickly. She was small and looked a bit pale, but taken care of well enough. Despite her dreary surroundings, she was dressed in a flowy pink dress and cute little white shoes. Yellow ribbons starkly decorated the long blue locks flowing down to her lower back in silky pigtails. Her face was held an overall kindness to it, with soft features currently being weighed down with slight bags under her eyes. Near her temple, there was a small, somewhat circular scar. The girl followed the armed men, lugging a heavy-looking case behind her. The adults didn't hold her, only led her into the abandoned building. Inside they traveled down to the basement, where a heavy door was hidden. They entered a lengthy passcode before it opened and revealed a smaller room with a waiting elevator. They traveled farther underground

After descending they came to a large, circular room with many sealed doors and hallways. The lighting was a bright white against the dark colors and metals of the underground structure. The doors and halls had signs indicating where they lead. Infirmary, holding, cells, crematory, bunks, cells. There were many more, including different halls leading to four separate laboratories. They headed straight for Laboratory A, still walking in utter silence.

The laboratory was dimly lit. there was no movement around the large room and it smelt clean, no dust, and everything shiny and newly disinfected. The lights that were there did little to light it up, while the large overhead ones were off. Large plasma screens were sitting along the walls and scattered about the desks, the text, and coding. The walls, ceiling, and floor were a shiny metallic and every step he took was loud among the still silence, however, there was a soft, rhythmic clattering could be heard from a few machines running. There was a man who was sitting in front of a large, complicated-looking machine that was currently in the middle of sorting a dozen or so test tubes, rotating them, counting them, and labeling them belt depositing them into his waiting hands. The equipment looked state-of-the-art. Several stainless steel centrifuges and PCR machines could be found. A huge walk-in refrigerator sat towards the left corner and several water baths lined the wall beside it. There was a double door autoclave and two enclosed areas with flow-hoods not far besides them. A large walk-in shower was stationed as well for chemical decontamination. Several canisters of gas sat on one of the large metal tables along with other odd things. Several test tubes could be spotted about the room, all containing a magenta-colored liquid.

A few other people were lingering about, but only one made the effort to smile at the girl. "Dalia, let me help you" the older girl moved to take the heavy case from her, but her hand was slapped away by the woman standing with her.

"She'll be fine Lana, now get back to the table so we can finish the examination." The woman turned to Dalia and the men. "How did things go Dalia? Did you fix Lana's mistake?"

The girl, Dalia, nodded. "I did, all the footage is gone, no one should be able to find Lana. I also found the records Gale wanted." One of the men handed over a thick envelope to the woman in charge.

"Wonderful work, as always. She wasn't any trouble for you?" The armed men with Dalia shook their heads, one even praised that she was extraordinarily well behaved and didn't try to run away once. The woman smiled, set the envelope aside, and leaned down to Dalia's level. "Surprising to hear Dalia, but your work isn't over just yet. Wait for Lana to finish here and the two of you will be prepared to dine with Gale and the others tonight. Our guests wanted to meet you especially, so you must look your best."

Dalia tried to smile, "that's great. I can't wait."

"Yes, but be ready to show off your skills to Gales guests. I hear she wants to make an offer on one of you."

Dalia didn't say another word and sat to wait for Lana to be set free. She brushed her hands along the skirt of her dress and drifted in and out of thought. The heavy case sat at her side, filled with important files along with technology. Dalia, unlike many of the subjects housed here, was a bit different. While Lana and the others mainly gained their unique abilities through modification, Dalia didn't. Through her childhood, she had always been rather intelligent and that grew to her knowledge and abilities about computers. She could work them easily as if it was nothing at this point. In her time since being brought here, her skills had only been improved upon. In a way, she was in a league a bit above the other subjects. She was valuable in controlling and hacking things as well as trapping and targeting new people. She lived like her fellow-subjects but found her treatment better most of the time.

Of course, that wasn't to say she was happy to be here. Her home and family was something she thought of often. She had been here a few years now, unlike others around her. She was shy, but that wasn't to say she was stuck either. Several times had she taken every opportunity she had to try and run from her captors or even fought back. She didn't have meekness of other children her age in her position. But the prospect of leaving to dine with her head captor and his guests worried her. She knew the guest, a woman named Juniper. She had never meant her before, but Lana had mentioned her a few times in the past. Juniper had a similar thing running as they did her. Her range was much smaller and she had fewer subjects of her own. She knew of just three young men that she cherished as her prized subjects. Unlike Gale, who had too many to even name. She did know that Juniper was just as bad as the people here, worse in some ways even. Knowing that she was looking to but someone from Gale worried her. She was somewhat sure Gale wouldn't let go of her talents, but Lana or any of the other friends Dalia had made were up for grabs.

"Ready to go Dalia?"

Dalia lifted her head out of her thoughts and smiled at Lana, "I guess."

"Ugh, I can't wait to take a hot shower and change into something nicer!" Lana exclaimed, stretching her arms above her head as they followed a guard.

"Aren't you worried Lana?" Dalia questioned with a frown, "what if you or I are sent away with her, what would happen then?"

Lana frowned for a moment as she dropped her arms. "Gale wouldn't get rid of you Dalia." She assured her, "he just wants to brag about what he's got, in fact, I doubt he'll sell any of us tonight. He'll go for someone lower level or something, like Mei or-"

"He wouldn't let that woman take Emily, would he?" Dalia asked with a small gasp. "She's quite disposable to him, her power isn't anything particularly special."

"I guess he could...but she's still out on a contract" she spoke quickly. Dalia thought of her cellmate with a frown, she was always so kind to her and always trying to help her out any way she could, seeing her leave would be horrible. "Hey, I hope she takes Violet" Lana laughed, "I don't think I can take another sparring match with her."

The girls showered and were left to pick out some clothing and get ready for that evening. Lana dried her silvery hair while Dalia folded her dirty clothing and left it for one of the cleaning staff to collect. They were going to be spending the rest of their afternoon in the windowless room, the door locked and a guard outside the door. There wasn't a T.V, radio, or any kind of entertainment besides a few books that were nothing entertaining. Dalia opted to lay down on the sofa and rest until they were let out while Lana spent her time bordely putting her hair up and down into different styles.

"If Gale wants to show off, do you think he'd wake him up?"

Lana snorted with a laugh, "please, Gale would never wake Eskel up after the incident he caused. That guy's going to be asleep for a loooong time."

"He is likely Gales's best result though." Dalia pointed out as she stared at the ceiling. "He's so strong and talented with it...he kind scared me though."

"He was a real piece of work." Lana scoffed as the door slid open and a girl closer to Lana's age walked in. The blonde looked fairly beat up and tired, but she gave her best smile. "Dalia…how 'd your mission go today?"

"Perfectly" Dalia sat up at the sight of her cellmate.

"Are you going to meet Juniper?"

"Oh no I just needed a change of clothes. I'm meeting with Jiro and Bell...the mission got very...messy."

Lana made an O shape with her mouth and turned back to the mirror. Dalia watched the older girl grab clothing at random to change. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah- just you know how it is."

Dalia nodded sadly and wished her luck with meeting with Bell and Jiro, two other rather prominent authorities around here. In some way, Dalia liked the almost normality that she and her fellow subjects had between each other. Lana and Emily in particular. They often worked together, and Dalia was lucky to have a cellmate than being stuck alone like the rest.

The door opened again a few hours later and the girls were led out and to the elevator of the building to head outside. Stepping into the elevator with the guard they found another girl waiting for them. Lana sighed in distaste to see the raven-haired girl while Dalia shied away from her.

Their fellow subject Violet was standing with a back of ice pressed against the other jaw and a nasty bruise forming. It was no surprise Gale would bring her along too as she was quite impressive as well, but everyone knew her to be horribly mean to just about everyone. It didn't matter that Dalia or Lana was in the same position as her, she was always looking to fight or turn to cruelty.

So, when she turned to look down at Dalia with a scowl, Dalia inched closer to Lana. "I'd watch out tonight. Gale is in a bad mood." She rasped, pressing the ice pack to her face.

Dalia frowned and looked down, hoping no one else would fall victim to Gale's bad mood tonight.

Just a few things to say, this is a rewrite of my story Angel's of Magenta from last year, though everything is so different it's practically a different story at this point, still the core idea is there. Anyways, I'm glad to have started it and can't wait to get going with this as I'm rather excited about it. Most characters from the original are present, though roles and powers are likely changed around for them and most of the major events from the first version of this are pretty much non-existent in this rewrite, so hopefully, this doesn't feel like just rereading the original. That's all for now, hope you enjoyed.