It is a boring day for Barefoot Jenny, Private Eye. She is sitting at her desk with her bare feet propped on it. They are crossed, and her toes are painted a shade of dark blue.
A girl walks in. She is a blond, and quite pretty.
"Hello," Jenny says.
"I guess you're Barefoot Jenny?"
"That's me."
She smiles. "I can see how you got you name!"
Jenny also smiles. "I'm barefooted as much as possible!"
They both laugh. "My name is Janet Randolph. I was refered to you by an officer. Lt. Kish. . ."
"Yeah, that's him! I told him my situation. He said there's not enough for the police to go on, but being a private detective, you might be able to help me out."
"Sure, honey. Sit down and tell me about it."
She sits. Jenny puts her feet down.
"There's something a little. . . odd that's going on in my office."
"Tell me more."

Janet looks down at the floor, as if she is nervous. "You see, I think someone has been moving things around in my office."

"So they are just misplacing things to annoy you?"

Janet lifts her foot up to rub her shin, a nervous habit she has. "If only. No, they are putting things on the floor for me to trip over. It is no secret that I am a bit of a... AGGHH!" Janet loses her balance and falls forward, landing flat on her face.

Jenny gets up from behind her desk and helps the girl to her feet.
"I see what you mean, honey! Are you OK?"
"Yes, I am.
She helps Janet back to her chair. She continues to stand beside her.
"So, you suspect that someone might be trying to make you have an. . . 'accident?'"
"Yes. Actually, it started last month. I was at an office party that was held around a swimming pool. I ended up in the water with my clothes on! "
Jenny smiles. "That's happened to me before!"
"Only I suspect I might've been pushed!"

"Is there anyone that wants to see any harm come to you?

"Not that I can think of," Janet answers. She begins to lean back against the wall, or would have if the wall was behind her, instead she falls back through the doorway.

Again, Jenny helps the girl up. "You ARE accident-prone, honey!"
"Yeah, I've been that way all my life."
She helps Janet back to her chair. "Now, just sit down and relax. OK, tell me about your job."
"I work for a publisher-Travel publishing. As the name suggests, we publish travel brochures. We publish the directory for Rest Inn Hotels."
"Oh, yeah. I've been to their hotels-nice! And, what do you do?"
"I work on their computer graphics."
"OK, tell me about your co-workers."
"Well, there's Tammy Smartwell. No, it couldn't be her, we're. . . best girlfriends."
"You never know! Who else?"
"There's Chris Thompson. He's sweet on me. He actually jumped into the water to help me out, when I fell in!"

"Could be putting on act. Anyone else?"
"My boss, Mr. Wellington. He is always saying that he doesn't know why he keeps me around. About a week ago he asked me to get him some coffee, and I... Well..."
"Well, what?"
"Tripped over my own two feet and spilled it onto a rather sensitive area."

Jenny smiles. "That could cause some resentment!"
"He's gotten on me, before. Like you, I like to go barefooted, in the office. He doesn't approve."
"Well, that's the difference between working for someone, and being your own boss, honey!"
She giggled. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I should mention I'm a very good worker despite my clumsiness-not to mention my going barefooted! Even Mr Wellington admits that."

"So Mr. Wellington may not be the one we are looking for either. Not a smart move to get rid of a good employee."

"I didn't think of that!"
"OK, who else works in your office?"

"Well, there was this one client who I found to be a bit unnerving. Shifting about and how he talked."

"OK, describe him."
"Allen McDonald. He represents the Prime Beef, a local restaurant."
"Oh, yeah, I've eaten there."
"He wanted to have us do a brochure for them. He kept looking around, and asking personal questions about me. He even wanted to know if I'm married!"
"He was hitting on you."
"Yeah, he was. But like I said, he also kept looking around the office. Frankly, he was. . . creepy!"

"Sounds like he was looking for something. Anything he could have been interested in?"

'I'm not sure."

"Anything he stared at for an extended period of time?"

"Well. . . yes, he did look around on my desk. Oh, and I'm just remembering: I saw him before."

"Where, honey?"
She thinks for a bit. "He was at the office party-the one where I got pushed into the pool!"

"Acting suspicious at your office, very suspicious I might add. Then he is at the party where you were pushed into the pool. Seems like too big a coincidence if you ask me."
Janet leans forward, eager to hear what Jenny has to say next. This action results in her chair being pushed back to far, causing her to fall out of it, her face slamming onto the desk.

Jenny runs over and helps the girl up. "You're a walking disaster, honey!"
"Yeah, I guess I am!"
"Are you all right?"
"I think so. A little woozy."
She helps Janet back to her chair.
"I've got an idea: I'll visit the Prime Rib and see if I can meet this Mr. McDonald. Now, I have a friend-Ron Goodman. He sometimes helps me on cases. He can come to your office, pretending to be a potential client, and check things out. Here's a photo of him, so you'll know what he looks like."
She shows Janet the photo.
"He's handsome!"
Jenny smiles. "Yes, he is, honey!"

They discuss the fee and other details. Jenny really likes this girl, and wants to help her. A few minutes later, Janet puts her sandals back on and leaves.

The next day, Janet is back at work, sitting at her desk. She can't help but feel anxious, fidgeting with anything she can get her hands on.; Jenny did say that Ron would be stopping by as a potential client today. But what if Allen stops by first? She is playing with her flats, her toes deciding that they should join in with fidgeting.

While messing with a pen, she drops it, watching as it lands beside her desk. As she leans down to pick it up, she bangs her forehead against her desk. "Ow!" she shouts as she can feel the sharp pain. As she sits up quickly, her chair rolls out from beneath her, her face slamming into the desk again, as if once wasn't enough, before she falls to the floor.

Are you OK?" a friendly voice asks.
As she gets up, she notices a guy staring at her. She recognizes him from the photo Jenny showed her:
Ron Goodman.
"Yeah, I guess so."
"Here, let my help you."
He helps her get up and back to her seat.
"I'm Ron," he whispers.
"Yes, I recognize you," she whispers back. "Hi!"

Still rubbing her forehead, Janet goes to get back in her chair. Her typical luck decides to kick in when her seat moves back and she falls to the floor once again. Sighing, she looks at Ron, forcing a smile on her face, "Would you believe that this us one of my better days?"

"No, I wouldn't!" He says this in a not-unkindly manner. Again, he helps her to her chair. "I see you also like to go barefooted!"
"As much as possible!"
At that moment, a man came in. "What's going on, here?!"
"Nothing, Mr. Wellington! This is Ron. . . "
"Goodman. I represent a wholesale food distributer. We're thinking of having a brochure made."

"Right, right," Mr. Wellington says. "You'll have to forgive me, I get so many clients it can be hard to keep track of everyone. Especially if it is someone new."

"It's quite alright," Ron says with a smile."With so many clients it means you are doing a goid job which is precisely what drew me here."

"Well then, why don't we step into my office and we can discuss the type of advertising you need."

"Actually, I was hoping to speak to Janet about that."

"Oh really?"

"If you don't mind, that is."
"Sure, that's fine. But you'll have to speak with me, when the time comes to sign the contracts."
He left.
"I get the feeling he doesn't like you," he whispered.
"He doesn't!" she whispered back. "But, like I told Jenny, I'm accident-prone, and I walk around barefooted, but I do a good job-and he knows that!"

Ron has a professional-looking briefcase. He opens it and takes out some computer printout.
"Here's some information about my company."
She looks it over.
"How'd you get this made?" she whispers.
"Jenny and I put it together. We both have some computer skills," he whispers back.
She nods. "Yes, I think we can have a brochure made up for your company."
At this moment, a woman comes out. "Hi, honey! And who's this handsome man."
"Oh, hi, Tam. This is Ron Goodman. Ron, this is Tammy Smartwell."

With a smile on her face, Tammy enters the room with her floor-length, auburn hair trailing behind her. Ron can't help but notice that this woman isn't wearing any shoes. "Ron, it is a pleasure to meet you." As Tammy gets close, she lifts her right foot up and presents it to him.

Ron looks at the woman's foot for a moment, staring at her toes. Long and slender, she has to have the longest toes he has ever seen.

"Well, aren't you going to shake my foot?"

"I guess I should have warned you, Tammy has a tendency to use her feet as if they are her hands," Janet explains.

"Oh, right." Ron wraps his fingers around the woman's bare foot, her sole feeling very soft to the touch. "It is nice to meet you too."

"Most people are heistant to shake my foot. You must really like my feet."

"You can say that," Ron replies with a smile. "Of course, my girlfriend, Bridgette, often asks me to wash her feet off for her or to give them a nice massage. So I am no stranger to dealing with feet." His mind wanders back to Brigette, more specifically her feet. He can imagine that she must be at home right now, her pretty, bare feet covered in paint from her artwork. A part of him thinking that he will give her feet some much needed attention when he goes back to her.

Tammy pulls her foot away, only to stroke Ron's cheek with her toes."Aren't you just the sweetest man any woman could ever ask for. Just like my husband. Now he absolutely loves my feet, saying my long toes are my best feature. Want to see me pick something up using my toes?"

"Uh, Sure!"
"You dropped one of your pens, honey," she says to Janet.
"I did? Oh, I see it!"
It's to her left. Tammy picks it up and gives it back to Janet-with her foot!
"Thanks!" she says.
Ron smiles. "I'm impressed!"
"I'm the art director, here."
"Oh. I'm interested in perhaps having a brochure made through you." He shows her the computer printout he showed Janet.

Taking the computer printout between her toes, Tammy grabs it and takes a look at it.

Ron leans closer to Janet, "You aren't kidding," he says in a low voice, "she really does use her feet for everything."

"There is a level of skill there that you have to appreciate."

"Well my husband certainly appreciates in the bedroom." Tammy looks over to the two, smiling. "Don't be embarrassed to talk about my feet, I do love the attention they get. As far as this printout goes, I feel as though it is missing something."

This concerns him. "What exactly?"
She looks it over. "First of all, how about including a photo of your warehouse? And the address of it? Here, let me look at it, online."
She goes to her computer and types in the website address-with her toes.
"You really have talented feet!" he comments.
"Thank you!"
Fortunately, Ron and Jenny were able to put in the fake site, the day before, so it does come up.

"Looks like a big warehouse," Tammy comments, "So you have plenty of product to move. Which is good."

"Well, we do anticipate a high demand," Ron explains, "If we have plenty on hand, then that means we can keep our cost low."

"Well somebody knows basic supply and demand. Let me send this photo and address over to Mary," Tammy says as she moves the mouse with her foot, "She can help with the photo placement, so long as she isn't being too self absorbed with her own feet."

"Huh?" Ron has a confused look on his face as he looks over at Janet.

"You will have to meet her to see. Vain doesn't even begin to cover her foot care regime."

"Well, I'm not quite sure if I want to do this, yet. I'm just checking things out, right now.""
"No problem. Don't mean to sound like I'm rushing you. Oh, she just wrote back; she wants to see you."
At that moment, a third girl comes out. She has shoulder-length curly red hair-and is barefooted.

"Hi there," Mary says with a friendly wave and a smile. She begins to walk towards Ron, each step she takes seems as though it is intentionally being done to draw attention to her bare feet. Her nails are painted a bright red to really draw attention to the perfect pedicure that she has. Once she is close enough, she props her one foot up on Ron's lap, curling her long toes. "Aren't they the most beautiful feet you have ever seen?"

He thinks of his wife Brigette and his employer Jenny. But wisely, he says, "Uh, yes, they are!"
I understand you want to have a brochure made."
"Possibly. Just checking on rates, right now."

"Well, the rate greatly depends on what is being done." Mary removes her foot from Mark, sitting in the floor as she begins to massage her own foot. Shw has a smile on her face as she begins to knead her sole. "The amount of words, image DPI, the number of images; those all affect the price." She begins to slide her fingers between her toes, leaning her head back with a big smile on her face.

"Does your boss mind you ladies walking around the office barefooted?" asks Ron, with a smile.
"Yes, he does, actually!" says Tammy.
"But he knows we do goood work, so he puts up with it," adds Mary.
"Oh, do you have any samples of your brochures that I can look at? "
"Sure," says Mary. "Oh, where are they?"
"In the storage room," says Tammy. "Here, let's go get a few for you to look at."
Both girls disappear.
Janet walks over to Ron. "I didn't drop my pen!" she whispers, a bit scared.
"Are you sure," he whispers back.

At the moment, the two women come back in with some brochures. "Here's some of our work."
He looks through them. "Very impressive."
At that moment, a man comes out. "Hello," he says.
"Hi," says Ron.
"Oh, this is Chris Thompson," says Janet. "He's our accountant."

"Hi." As Chris enters the room, he seems to be distracted. Instead of looking at Ron aa he greets him, his gaze is focused on Janet. He seems to be looking around as f he is trying to see something about the klutzy woman but he can't quite see it. "Janet, could you help me with something?"

"Sure," she says as she starts to get up. Her chair rolls away from her, causing the poor woman to fall out with her feet going up in tge the air.

Ron can't help but notice where Chris os staring as he frantically tries to help Janet up.

Ron smiles, as he sees all this! Chris helps Janet to her bare feet, and helps her sit down again. And then he walks over to Ron.
"I'm Ron Goodman. I'm considering getting a brochure made through your firm.
"Nice to meet you." They shake hands.

As Ron is shaking Chris's hand, he notices that the man's eyes are focused on Janet and not on him. With how he is looking at her, he can tell just how he feels about her. "Could you step outside the office with me, there is something that I want to ask you."

The two men walk outside.
"Who are you?" Chris asks.
"I told you; a potential client. I came to see about possibly getting a brochure made with your company."
"Oh. Maybe I can trust you."

"Look," Chris says as he leans in closer to Ron as if he is getting ready to tell him a secret, "I love Janet and..."
"You seem to have a thing for her feet," Ron interupts."
"Is it that obvious?"
"No, but I know what to look for."
"Anyway, I want to tell her about my attraction to her feet, but I am nervous about how she will react. Let's face it, it isn't exactly common for a guy to like feet in such a way."

"Well, I'd say if she really likes you, she'll accept that."
"Thanks!" Then he almost whispers, "There's something else."
"A few weeks ago, we were at an outdoor party. It was held around a swimming pool, and she ended up in the water, with her clothes on! I jumped in and saved her."
"So, you two had an unexpected bath!"
"Yes. Well, the thing is, I think she was. . . pushed!"

"Did you happen to see who pushed her?" Ron asks.

"I only caught a brief glimpse of him. I was too worried about jumping in after Janet to make sure that she was okay."

"You did the right thing. Was there anything distinguishing about him?"

"Older guy. . . Come to think of it, he came into the office, a few days earliar. A little too flirty with the girls, especialy Janet! I think he represented a restaurant."
"The Prime Beef," Ron says to himself.

At that very moment, Mr Wellington comes outside.
"Get back to work, Chris!"
"Yes, sir," he says.
"Well, I'd better back going, now. I'll decide later if I want to have a brochure done through your company," says Ron.
"Well, I hope you do decide to go to us," says Mr. Wellington. He and Chris walk back inside.
Ron also leaves.

Ron gives his report to his boss. Later, that day, she walks into the Prime Beef.

It being the afternoor, the restaurant isn't so busy. A waitress greeted her. "Hello, is this for lunch?"
"Not right now, thank you. Actually, I wanted to speak with Allen McDonald. I believe he works here?"
"Oh, yes, he's the manager. I'll see if he's available. Who shall I say is calling."
"My name's Jennifer Mason."
"Just a moment."
She leaves. A few seconds later, he comes out. "Miss Mason?"
"Hi." They shake hands. "You can call me Barefoot Jenny; everybody does."
He smiles. "You like to go barefooted?"
"As much as possible! Would you mind. . . "
"Sure, go right ahead!"
"Thanks!" She slips her sandals off. "That's better! Anyway, I represent the company Wellington and Associates. You're interested in having a brochure made through us?"

"Highly interested, yes." Allen extends one of his hands towards the table, "Would you like to take a seat?"

"Sure," Jenny says. The two sit down at the table across from each other. "So what influenced you to choose Wellington and Associates over any other company?"

""There are a multitude of reasons," Allan answers. His eyes keep wandering to beneath the table, hoping to sneak a peek at the woman's bare feet. "For starters, your company has a reputation for representing their clients very well, having a history of increasing buisness tenfold."

Jenny can't help but notice how Allen's eyes are trailing off, as if he is desperate to see something. She has a strong inkling of what he is trying to glance at. Lifting her feet up and propping them up on the table, she spreads her toes. "I hope you don't mind, I have been on my feet all day." Allen can't help but stare at the lovely pair of feet that are before him, lovely in his opinion anyway. Watching hoe wrinkles are forming in her soles every time she curls her toes. The private detective does notice this, "In my line of work I am always on my feet I can't tell you how good a nice, long foot massage feels after a long, hard day of work."

"Yes! Er. . . There's a particular girl who works there that I'm especially interested in-Janet Randolph?"
"Ah, Janet. Darling girl, but very klutzy! She fell into a swimming pool with her clothes on, recently!"
"Yes, that's right! Funny, don't remember seeing you at that party."
"I couldn't make it, sadly."
"It was I who jumped in and saved her."
This is a controdiction; Janet said it was Chris who saved her, and according to Ron, Chris confirmed this! Jenny makes a mental note to get to the truth about this. For now, she says, "I'll bet you don't often go swimming with your clothes on!"
He laughs. "No, I don't!"

Jenny may have her primary suspect sitting right in front of her, but she can't help but feel that there may be one other person involved in this. With how Allen is looking at her feet, she has an idea on how to get some much needed information out of him. Placing her left heel on top of her toes, she puts a slight smile on her face. "I can't help but notice that you keep looking at my bare feet. Is there something wrong?"

"No. . . er, yes. . . I mean. . ."
She begins caressing his leg with her right foot. He is clearly aroused by this.
"You like Janet, don't you?"
"Well, er. . .yeah!"
"Wanna know a secret? I don't like the girl. She took a job I should've had."
This intrigues him. "Really?"
"Maybe, if you and I get together, she'll be gone from the company, then you can have her. And maybe, I'll get that job!"
She raises her foot to his waist.

"Well, actually, there's somebody else from your company who's helping me do this."
At that very moment, a waitress walks in. She's shocked to see a girl rubbing Mr. Mcdonald with her bare foot!
"Yes, what is it?" he barks.
"Sir, a customer is very irate! He demands to speak with you."

Jenny can't help but smile as she watches Allen walking away, knowing that he has taken the bait.

"Um, excuse me." the Waitress says nervously, "What were you doing to Mr. McDonald with your foot? I'm only asking because... it looks interestinge."

Jenny smiles. "I've got some advice, honey: If you want to be good with the boss, keep him underfoot!"
And then, as Jenny looks toward the restaurant, she get's a shock. The "irate" customer is none other than. . . Mr Wellington!
So, now, she has two choices: Leave, or confront the two of them. She desides for the former.
"Is there an extra exit, honey?" she whispers to the waitress. "I kinda don't want to be seen, at the moment."
"No, there isn't," the girl says. "But I think I've got an idea that'll help you."
She quickly takes off her shoes and socks. Then she walks over towards the two men.
Her boss looks at her in shock. "Karen, why are you barefooted?"
"I felt like letter my feet air out! You don't mind, do you?" She coyly walks over to him.
", I guess not!"
Meanwhile, Jenny walks out, cat-like in her bare feet (she picks up her shoes). She is able to leave the restaurant without either man noticing.

And she makes it! The two men are so busy looking at the waitress, they don't bother looking at Jenny.
Jenny now knows pretty much what's going on. What to do next she has to think about, for a bit.

Janet is sitting at her desk, nervously playing with her flip-flops beneath her desk, her toes fidgeting with the straps. She can't help but think about the plan which Barefoot Jenny has in mind. The plan itself is pretty sound but she can't help but worry that something could go wrong.

Her mouth feeling dry, she decides to get up and head over to the cooler, as she stands up her feet trip over her own foot wear and she falls to the floor face first.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wellington comes out, at that very moment! He looks at Janet very sternly. "Janet, what's wrong with you?"
"I fell," she simply says.
"You're a walking accident! I should get rid of you this very instant!"
"Leave her alone!"
Chris has just come out! He helps poor Janet to her bare feet.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Janet responds as she gets back on her feet, only to lose her balance and fall face first into Chris's chest. She would have back away and apologized to him, but he is actually embracing her.

"What is your problem with her?" Without giving Mr. Wellington a chance to answer Chris continues, "So she is accident prone. Has she caused any significant damage? Has she severly injured herself or anyone else as a result? No, she hasn't. I advise you ease up on her or you will lose a hard working woman here!"

"Is this a private party, or can I join in?"
Barefoot Jenny and Ron have just entered the room!
"Jenny!" Janet says, happily.
"Hi, honey! Mr. Wellington, I presume. I'm glad you're here. It's time to get a few things straight!"

I quite agree," says Mr. Wellington. "For starters, you claimed that you work for me!"
"I'm sorry about my little white lie. Let me more properly introduce myself: I told you that my name is Jennifer Mason, AKA Barefoot Jenny. That part is true enough. But I didn't tell you that I am a private detective, and I was hired by Janet!"
"HUH?!" Chris and Mr. Wellington say together.
"And I've found out quite a bit about you, Mr. Wellington!"

At that moment, Mr. Mcdonald comes into the office.
"Hi, Mr. McDonald," says Jenny. "On time, too!"
"You asked to see me, William?" he says. William is Mr. Wellington.
"No, I didn't!"
"I did!" says Jenny, triumphantly.
The two men are shocked at this!
"You see, I know the score," says Jenny. "You're in love with Janet, aren't you, Mr. McDonald?"
"No!" He says this rather weakly.
"Yes, you are!" Janet herself says.
"That's right! Meanwhile, you don't care much for her, Mr. Wellington; she's accident-prone, and she goes barefooted a lot. So, you've arranged for her to have a few 'accidents' around here. Oh, and it was you, Allen, who pushed her into the pool, at the party! I suspect you were going to jump in and 'save' her, but Chris here beat you to the punch."
"That's right!" says Janet. "I remember, now, it was you who pushed me in!"
"If what you say is true-and I aint admitting it!-why did we do those things?" asks Mr. Wellington.
"It's very simple; she does a good job, despite her faults, and you didn't have any real reason to fire her. So by causing these little 'accidents,' you hoped to get her to quit. And then you, Mr McDonald could be her Knight in Shining Armor! Is that about right?"
The two men decline immidiate comment.
Suddenly, Janet walked over to your boss. "I quit, Mr. Wellington!"
"And I quit as well!" says Chris.
"I know of a couple other places we can work for. Besides, there's something I've been meaning to ask you, and I might as well do it now: Janet Randolph, will you marry me?"
This shocks everyone-especially Janet!
"I'm sorry about the timing, but I feel it seems to be right."
She rushes into his arms, tripping in the process! But he grabs her, and they kiss.
Suddenly, Mr. Mcdonald makes an aggressive move towards them, but Ron pulls out a gun! "Calm down, buddy!" he says. Mr. McDonald backs down.
"You two have 5 minutes to clear your things and get out!" says Mr. Wellington.
"Fine with me," says Janet.
"And me!" adds Chris.
Jenny walks over to Mr. McDonald. "And stay away from this girl! Otherwise, you'll have me to answer to!"
"And me!" adds Ron.
He sighes. "I'm a rich man; you would have be comfortable with me!"
"Not as comfortable as I am with Chris!"
"Oh, Janet!" They kiss again.
Mr. Mcdonald leave. Chris and Janet clean out their desks and leave, along with Jenny and Ron.

Janet and Chris got other jobs and nearby typesetting firms. And they were married three months later. Barefoot Jenny and Ron got $500 for this job, and they went to their wedding, too!

All four of them stopped going to the Prime Beef Restaurant!