Twenty-six years ago, a dawn of a new era. At least, that's what it was supposed to be. In truth, everything went straight to hell that fateful day.

I was in a pub with my friends when the news broke out: A strange structure landed just off the coast of the UN headquarters in New York City. To say that we were all excited was an understatement. Aliens do indeed exists and they're here to invite us to a wider galactic community!

At first, that's what it seemed like at first. I saw images of them, tall lanky humanoid beings clad in fancy uniforms, make a speech at the UN HQ. Gotta admit, the way they told us everything that awaits us in the galaxy certainly sounded promising. If only they knew...

I hear noises near our hideout. According to the lookout, there's a couple of scouts approaching our location. One should never underestimate their tracking skills. As usual, we quickly pack everything we can and quickly make our way to a nearest safehouse. According to my calculations, that was 5th such occurrence this month. I swear, I'm never going back to the factory ever again.

That was way too close! I swear, I would rather die than to live like this! Constantly on the move, no telling when scouts will find us again. Little Helen's passed out again, probably have to raid a pantry again to get her some food. Batteries in the comms are about to run dry too.

This brings up to what I was doing in the factory. As one might imagine, we were making equipment for the Invader's massive army. Well, equipment that can be done with human hands at least. Pulse grenades, auxiliary power cells and so on. If we ever slowed down, they would use whips to keep us in line. I still wince as I feel the scars and bruises on my back... At least I'm alive and that's important. Sooner or later, the alien scum's gotta pay! For my wife, for my city, for my country, I shall pledge my life to free humanity and all other species from their iron grip!

A week has a passed since the last incident. According to other resistance cells, there are routes we can take out of the city and into the forest, beyond which a well-equipped resistance bunker lies. If we are able to make it there, we should be able to plan more effective operations. If only this plan can actually work...

As predicted, we were able to escape the concrete jungle right beneath their sights. A temporary encampment was set up near the ruins of an old church, destroyed during the war. The Invaders no doubt have already noticed the breach and are sending drones after us. We're already dead from their perspective the moment we exited the city. The journey towards the bunker will no doubt be full of dangers. I see Little Helen go to sleep besides me, no doubt exhausted by the whole thing. No matter what happens, we will make it through. For that is the power of mankind!