Withered claws of grasping branches

Clutching blades of feathered jade

Rattle in the wind's advances

Hand in hand with tender Shade

Darkness spirals

Sings its songs in waltzing shadows

Pulses - slowly settles into rhythm

Speaking hums into the willows

Darkness rises

Bears translucent silken wings

Lifts on tides of exhalations

Sighs adrift with pining dreams

Shadowed figure

Gliding on our desperation

Breathe your steady whispers

To only those that care to hear

Those who seek

Who close their eyes but still can see

Reach hands into the stretching umbra

Embraced by pall that sets us free

My cheeks touched briefly by chill kisses

Now alight

Through ashen fall

Take my hand

Gentle dusk bringer

Where others flee,

I hear the call

Darkness maker

Hold me firmly

In hands that guide stars in their height


Your breaths so shallow

Don't let go

I fear the light…