An open but dim chamber of steel hummed along with the line of lights that followed it, the floors, walls and wiring of the room lighting just enough to form patterns across the room. The room itself was filled with various pieces of tech: Knobs, buttons, jacks, etc. that were all being used by themselves, forming a kind of white noise to complement the lighting patterns inside this secluded area. All this gathered around a giant center glass tube structure, within an enormous plastic blob brain shaped, the wires and metal receivers in direct communication with the room and beyond. The room was thinking.

"The virus infecting EXE society continues to spread…what's the status of a cure?" The AI communicated to its fellow AI across the stars.

"There's no cure for the Rejected EXE right now." Another explained, "Currently the infection seems biological in nature, though the cause of infection is still unknown."

"Biological…and yet it still invades the artificial bodies of all it touches!"

"At least none of the CEOs have been confirmed infected. Including us." A CEO commented.

"Yes…this is fact." The first CEO agreed, "Continue to research this virus. In the meantime, we've confirmed that there is a Rejected base recently discovered?"


"Fascinating…" a CEO interjected, "Such a lush and wild organic planet to form a cult in…why there?"

"We're still receiving little information from our scouts," Another answered, "The natives of that planet are…very hostile to machines."

"Still, quite a location to terraform the planet into our needs, don't we agree?"


"We're currently sending a small team of EXE into this planet to infiltrate and gather more information on the Rejected EXE. From there we can decide on what to do next."

"Do you think that's wise?" A CEO questioned, along with some others.

"We have a new line of EXE soldier that should prove more than efficient."

"Ah yes, the Millennium brand…and you sure those can function? Our scouts reported high probabilities of infection there."

"We believe so…" the first CEO responded, "Millennium brand soldiers are manufactured to excel at hunting and infiltration…and requiring the least amount of biological parts. They should prove to have a very low chance of infection, especially in the brain."

"We shall see…we will continue to research the cause of infection among EXE at any rate."

"Good. Reports will be in on the success or failure of the infiltration. Out."

A soft but isolated blip echoed through the CEOs room, creating a brief flash that lit the chamber moments before fading.