"Directive 656, Priority 1: Infiltrate hostile alien world and gather intelligence on Rejected EXE infestation on planet for the Starforme company. Awaken."

The stasis chambers hissed and blew smoke as they opened, revealing the units that would soon be dispatched to this unknown world. Their metallic, plastic robotic sheen glistened as the lights turned on one by one in the halls of the ship, revealing their naked, humanoid shape. Each EXE opened their eyes, their pupils lit in a myriad of colors against their steel skin.

EV-Millennium, slender, petite monochrome stepped forward along with other EXE in preparation for calibration by the Director, a large ball sized bluish gray brain shaped AI, floating to each unit to check for optimal settings through the journey of space.

"All clear. Ready for deployment. Converse."

Every EXE unit sat against a very large round table in an otherwise empty hall, save for the sealed doors posted throughout.

"So, you're the new model I've heard so much about," the EXE turned, looking EV over. "Not bad design, if I do say so myself. Hopefully you're better than the 988 ones Starforme were putting out a few years ago."

EV turned to give her neighbor a strange look. His frame was an sleek bluish gray, with a face that was manufactured to give the mature but chiseled masculine look. That look grinned at EV that suggested stupidity.

"I'm LIM by the way."

"LIM," EV said, expressionless. "And who is your Company, LIM?"

"Wow, icy shoulder," LIM pulled back slightly, "But I guess you're new around here, so…I'm LIM-603 of the Kapp Corporation. Me and my other EXE units have been in all kinds of situations, of greatness both great and terrible. I'm what you call a connoisseur of the universe in all shapes and sizes. Anyway, with me around this mission should be as good as golden."

"Ugh, just what we need, another Kapp unit!" A blackish red female unit complained from the opposite end of LIM. Unlike EV, this EXE's build was clearly made for war, and showed it outright.

"Ey," LIM snarked, "I can't help my greatness."

EV turned to the EXE sneering at LIM, who was about to confront his so called greatness.

"Approaching alien planet. Be prepared to engage unknown alien hostiles. Deploy."

"We'll settle this in combat," the EXE virtually leaping out of her seat at the opportunity of deployment.

"If you say so, KONI," LIM replied, still grinning.

The infiltration fleet fast approached the alien planet, their slender but solidly armored grayish black metal frames in stark contrast to the alien fleet that was protecting their home within. The unknown fleet was well prepared for assault, with both their large flagships and smaller defense ships in the area resembling trees in their design: Highly defined, refined breathing wood that was a very dark brown. The alien flagships began charging what appeared to be an organic pink laser blast aimed at the EXE infiltration ships, with a good portion of the fighter ships moving in to engage.

The EXE infiltration ships promptly moved out of the way of the aim of the laser blasts, only for some of the fleet moving in the sights of the alien fighter units, initiating battle. A couple EXE ships took this opportunity to destroy some of the enemy fighters, rewarded with an organic, natural explosion of flora, and a handful of enemy ships moving in to flank them. The rest of the infiltration fleet aimed to move out of the way of the alien fleet, which resulted in the enemy fighters responding in pursuit, locking on to this part of the EXE fleet to launch organic podlike missiles.

Most of the infiltration fleet moved out of the way at the last second and successfully avoided the missiles. A couple ships weren't so lucky however, and suffered significant damage. The flanking alien fleet, meanwhile, resulted in destroying one of EXE ships, moving in to aim at the others while the flagships started to again charge their laser fire, and some other fighters started to move in.

A few of the EXE ships saw a weak spot beginning to form near the alien flagships, but would require shooting a hole through to form and enter the planet. A few infiltration ships promptly joined the ones that first initiated the battle in support, and managed to shoot down some of the flanking enemies that were in pursuit before. The remaining EXE fleet that were separated quickly darted away in an attempt to distract the alien ships as much as possible, which included the damaged EXE ships from earlier.

Seeing an opportunity, the large alien flagships fired their laser at the EXE ships attempting this, completely destroying a good portion of this part of the fleet, leaving the remaining ships to fend for themselves against the smaller enemy ships. The flagships quickly responded to the other EXE ships by firing their organic turrets at them in defense.

The EXE fleet provided as much firepower as possible, with some firing their own missiles at the fighters while others simply providing general turret and laser blasts, destroying just enough of them to create a small hole between them whilst avoiding enemy flagship fire and fire from everything else. The rest of the separated EXE ships were finished off by the alien fleet, who then flew off towards the fleet attempting to enter their world. The EXE fleet took this opportunity to try and enter through the hole they created while continuing to avoid the alien fire, with some ships already taking some heavy damage from the enemy ships that were pursing them.

"Warning. Critical damage to engines, proceed to escape pods. Warning."

EV and other EXE units began running to the chamber where the escape pods were located, the hatches immediately opened while the Director continued to pilot the ship. As EV entered an escape pod, she noticed a black and yellow EXE clad in an assault frame, lightly armored and complete with an autorifle arm and a grenade launcher arm, with a logo on his chest that labeled Grand. He looked over EV.

"Nice frame. Looks like we're riding together, I'm CEV."


EV-Millennium's frame was also lightly armored like CEV, but had a bowgun arm instead, and a spearhead arm on the other, with her chest showcasing the Starforme logo. KONI then climbed in with her heavily armored frame and two minigun arms, plus the Stormbreaker logo on her chest. She glanced at the two.

"Well, looks like this is going to be a rough ride."

"Indeed," CEV replied.

All three EXE aboard, the pod hissed and screeched as it closed against the explosions that followed, causing a quake in the ship and pod. Nevertheless, the metal attachments appeared from inside the pod, sticking and clicking inside the three EXE, securing them in place. As the explosion continued, EV stared at the destruction that was happening outside. A hole was blasted in the floor, enough to cause debris in the surrounding area to escape through, along with EXE that couldn't make it in time. Before EV or anyone else could further process the situation, the escape pod seamlessly launched without a fight.