Serena awoke to the dimmed covering of concrete and steel rubble blocking her movement and vision. After a very brief moment of getting her bearings and struggle, she pushed aside the obstacles with her armored hamzat hands, heaving heavy breaths through her clouded visor as she came to. Serena wiped her visor to reveal an absolute devastation of war: Dust and debris everywhere among ruined city scrapers, soldiers clad in padded armor blackened against the smoke, accompanied by the sounds of nearby tanks and aircraft.

Some soldiers immediately rushed to Serena's aid where she stood.

"Are you okay? Can you walk?"

"I think I'm o-"

A series of nearly ear piercing mechanical screeches and roars went off nearby in the smoky distance, and almost immediately alerted the band to raise their guns and prepare for ambush, including Serena, who clicked and pointed her atomic pistol just in case. A swarm of dog sized metal spiders skittered in, made from the same material as the debris.

The band immediately responded with bullet fire, which caught the attention of the swarm while the remaining unit and a tank provided support. The tank fire returned a crater of the spiders to debris, with the rest of the swarm barely slowing down from anything else, except for Serena's atomic pistol, which managed to destroy a few of them as they leapt to attack.

A few of the soldiers barely escaped the lunge of the spiders. The ones remaining were pinned down, being stabbed all over repeatedly by extended blades. A bombing run by fighter aircraft blown into the swarms outside, clearing a path save for the immediate threat to Serena and the surrounding unit.


Serena and nearby soldiers promptly moved, killing whatever debris spiders were in their way while the rest of the unit and the tank stayed behind, providing an escape for Serena and her band, who ran off deeper into the warzone.

"We need to get back into the lab!" Serena explained to the soldiers while taking cover, "I have to help contain Project O!"

"Those things came from that lab!" A soldier responded, "Who knows what's crawling there now?! We need to get you to safety."

Explosions and the same metallic screaming were heard off in the distance.

"Listen! If we don't contain this now, what's left of the earth is as good as dead! We need to-"

An explosion from the facility containing the lab nearby interrupted Serena, immediately frightening her empty. Atomic blasts of energy immediately followed, completely vaporizing aircraft, surrounding buildings and everything else in its path. An absolute inhuman anger and hate filled robotic scream filled the air, mentally numbing Serena's senses completely as she was too horrified to hear anything else.

Serena then seen everything after that in a series of silent blurs, as destructive atomic energy filled the skies, aiming at everyone and everything it could, completely disintegrating in a flash. As the rays of destruction came closer and closer still, Serena's only thought was that all was lost. Nothing more could be done to contain Project O, at any rate. All that she and her team worked for, all that they hoped to achieve, destroyed in pure violence and indiscriminate destruction. If only things turned out different for humanity.

A colossal visage in the dust and smoke revealed some of itself to Serena then: A trinity of orange-red eyes flaming with digital atomic hate, with the top eye sporting a spirit crushing slit staring her down while the band of soldiers fired in vain. A holographic image of carnivorous teeth played the same hate filled tune while Project O charged atomic energy and took aim. Serena closed her eyes and embraced death.