The following ramblings are based on what I saw from the movie adaptation of the musical, The Last Five Years, starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. This is, by no means, an amazing piece of literary work. I am simply writing out my thoughts, but I would love to hear yours as well.

The only reason I even considered watching the movie (on Youtube, for free) is because of the two celebrities in the lead roles, who both have amazing voices that I could never match. Afterwards, though, I began to appreciate the story for what it was.

I was certainly skeptical of the movie at first because its plot surrounds a relationship, and I was prepared for the two protagonists to fall in love, go through some relationship problems, and then get back together again for the happily ever after. However, this is not the typical love story.

To be frank, the movie's ending is very bittersweet (or devastating, if you were one of those people rooting for them to get back together). Because of my assumptions surrounding Hollywood romance movies, I have to say I was not expecting that at all.

The trailer may also be to blame.

It emits hope, specifically because of its use of the song, "Goodbye Until Tomorrow." It suggests that there will be a tomorrow for the couple, that they will get back together by the end (but that's not what happens).

Furthermore, Youtube listed the movie under the section of comedy. That gave me horribly inaccurate expectations regarding the plot, because, while there are some parts that will make you laugh ("A Summer in Ohio"), most of the movie is shadowed by the fact that the viewers know what will happen to them due to the interesting way the story is told (which will be rambled about in another chapter, since I hate making individual chapters that are too long).

I am not sure who made the decision to have the movie listed under comedy, which is probably a good thing. So, either the person only watched the trailer, or he/she is a sadist and just wants to make us poor viewers suffer. They succeeded.