A man walked into a restaurant. He walked over to the hostess.

"Hi, can I help you?"

"Hi, I have a 6:00PM reservation here. It's under the name Timothy Hans."

"Oh, yes. Reservations for 2?"

"Yes. My date will be coming, soon. Her name is Jennifer Mason."

"Of course. This way, please."

"Oh, do you have a booth you can seat us at? One far away from the other customers, if possible."

"Yes, we do." She led him to one. "Will this do?"

"Very nice, thank you."

He sat. She gave him a couple menus. He ordered a cocktail, and she left.

A woman came into the restaurant, a few minutes later. "Hello, I'm Jennifer Mason. I have a reservation here," she said to the hostess.

"Oh, yes. Your guest is here, already. This way, please."

She led him to Timothy. They hugged and kisses.

"Sorry I'm late, darling—business!"

"That's quite all right."

She sat opposite to him and ordered a glass of white wine. The hostess left.

They talked small talk and perused the menus. The waiter came with the drinks. By now they were ready to order. He ordered lamb chops, and she ordered shrimp. They also ordered a Cardiff of white wine.

While waiting for their food, they continued their small talk.

The wine came, and so did the food, soon afterwards.

While eating, Jenny slipped her left shoe off and discreetly placed her bare foot into Timothy's lap. There was a small slip of paper wound around her middle toe. Timothy discreetly brought his hand under the table and took the paper off her toe and put it into his pocket, without looking at it. She then put her shoe back on.

The rest of the meal was spent more or less "normally," with them eating, drinking, and talking. When they finished their main course, they ordered dessert-he a chocolate mousse, and she a slice of cherry pie.

Afterwards, he paid for the meal, and they left. Outside of the restaurant, they kissed.

"Thanks, Barefoot Jenny," he whispered.

"Hope the information helps you, Tim. And thanks for a lovely meal," she whispered back.

"My pleasure. You have incredibly soft feet!"

She smiled. "I pride myself on them!"

They kissed once more. Then they left in seperate directions.