Delta Stallion - he was a warlord feared by many for centuries. His well-known appetite for destruction and mayhem had been documented well by a mysterious, powerful group known as the Persona 11.

Any object bearing the Deep grey Horse's image became symbols of fear and hatred, even to the point of making him a target for the Hyper boys - a clan of heroes destined to protect all of Moonstone from his awakening.

The similarities never stopped there - the Dream Virus had made its way to Moonstone, infecting nearly half the population ever since Delta came along.

It even infected one of Persona 11's members.

To add insult to injury, Delta Stallion was also responsible for the war between the Hypers and the Personas.

It all started on a day like no other when the sky became flooded with overcast and it looked as if it was about to rain. Leon had just finished his afternoon patrol and was set to retreat back to the Persona 11 Headquarters.

His Dragon tail hung loosely behind as he took a few steps forward, remembering everything he had to report to his comrades, especially his leader, Mock.

Even a few lengths away, he heard a small rustling noise from behind.

That's strange Leon thought, his suspicion rising.

I never thought there was anyone here.

He turned his white dragon head forward, sharpening his eyes to get a better look. What he didn't expect was that Delta would be here.

Looking nervous, he knew he was in the presence of a warlord, known for his pride and destruction. Leon tried to look presentable, but he was approaching fast, his cold, snow white eyes coming closer to face him.

He stood straight, ready for conversation, as Delta Stallion came closer.

The cloudy grey coat and light gray hair of this intimidating figure caught Leon frozen in time, but that didn't stop Delta from coming any closer.

"Leon," he said, his voice gravel and hoarse from years of never speaking. "I request to speak to your leader. This is an urgent matter."

The white Dragon was sweating profusely, trying not to embarrass himself right in front of Delta Stallion, the most feared horse of the century. Gulping down a knot in his throat, he guided Delta to where Mock was, entering the HQ.

As Leon entered, they were surrounded with black and lavender colored walls. Anyone who saw Delta Stallion stood their ground and we're ready to fight or some of them were scared and stepped back.

They must really hate this guy Leon thought as he looked around to see every Persona's scrunched up faces in utter disgust. With the Stallion following close behind him, it also made Leon go on edge since it has been awhile since he visited their leader.

After a few miles from the entrance to the Leader's throne room, something heavy had hit Leon. Curiosity swarmed his mind for only a few minutes - why did he want to see Mock, the leader of the Persona 11?

He looked at Delta Stallion, whose face was blank with enigmatic energy. Without even a single noise out of these two, they made it to the room, where a young, adolescent Dragon-like creature stood, perched on top of a throne made completely out of blue rhinestones.

His entire body was a deepish brown color with black hair, a bang covering his left eye, and chest fluff, along with round, dark red glasses. His face, if anything, was just a dirty scowl, his black eyes piercing through both Leon and Delta Stallion.

The giant door behind them slid shut and the room fell silent, the walls being pure nighttime blue without the light. "L-leader Mock," Leon finally spoke. "Delta requests a word with you." He motioned his claw over to the Stallion's direction and turned to leave, but the loud bang of Mock's talons against the cold floor had stopped him.

"Stay," he ordered, his voice putting fear into the Dragon Persona. Delta came forward, his face still blank as he began to speak. "Mock, it is with great regret and despair that I must confess to you a crime within your midst."

"Then, say it," Mock ordered, his black wings rising. "I haven't all day." He sank back, knowing that this is hard to explain. He knew he had to, but the thought of returning to the surface from the underworld would bring panic over to Moonstone, but even if it did, it will subside within 2 weeks.

"This horrible crime you will hear about," he continued, "is that the Wolf Stones have been stolen from your citadel."

Everything stopped - Leon, Mock, and time itself. Delta knew what he was doing. Deep down, he wanted to instigate, simply by receiving false reports to the leader of a not-so criminal organization.

Inside his mind, he could smirk evilly, his plan going the way it should. Under his breath, he chuckled slightly, being happy with the results of this news.

Mock rapidly raised himself up from his throne, anger rising and his claws getting sharper with each step he took. He slithered his forked tongue as he inched closer to Delta Stallion. He hissed, his wings fully open.

"By whom?" He growled, his teeth shown. The fangs of this reptilian creature were covered in dried out blood, each mark representing the lives of those that have been taken by Mock.

They represented the very thing that Mock hated more - Intruders. The heavy stench of rotting flesh hit Delta hard, but he stood his ground. "A group of misfits. They seem to have looked like each other, except in different clothing."

"The Hyper boys…?" Leon stepped in, his tone of voice In a confused matter. Anger and hate had started to grow more boldly and efficiently inside of Mock, his eyes starting to bulge out more so the red sclerae were more visible.

"I knew it," he snarled, his voice now deep and angry. Leon took a step back, terrified of what his own leader had become. If anything were to upset the Alpha, he had to take matters into his own hands.

"K-knew what…?" The white Dragon asked.

"They would do this. Steal from us, despite our efforts into making peace with each other. I knew this day would come forward, tearing us apart."

"Mock, no!" Leon protested, his mind becoming intoxicated with this hurtful lie. "It couldn't have been them! Ultra-"

"Quiet, Leon!" He roared. "Do you happen to see any other psychotic human anywhere in Moonstone? It was the Hypers…"

He hustled himself off of his throne and came bursting out, into the main hall of the HQ. "I swear, it was them," he growled. "They've been mulling us into a false sense of security, waiting to strike!"

They couldn't have Leon thought sadly.

Mock's wings nearly knocked everything out of sight as he walked, but he was too upset to even notice. He hopped onto the podium that was located at the center of the main hall, took the microphone that was resting on its handle and activated it, beginning with a loud shriek.

"Attention, all of Persona 11!" He roared, his voice reaching it's limit of the sound barrier. Every member caught sight of Mock speaking and stopped what they were doing to listen. Leon worried heavily, trying to level with the crowd.

"A deep tragedy has struck us today as we all know. The tragedy - the Hyper boys have decided to betray us, this entire time! They've played us for fools, thinking that if we made peace with THEM, they could get away with anything. They even STOLE the Wolf Stones from our very citadel, located right next to my throne room."

Mock pressed a button on a clicker that connected to a large screen behind him, revealing a picture of a large balcony with a stone, containing Wolf Stones, where they used to be.

Everyone gasped, except for Mock's Dragon deputy. "From this day forward, we will cut ties with the Hypers! We will rise up and fight back! We will fight to the death, until we have left nothing BUT BONE AND BLOOD!"

Every person cheered and roared, craving for battle.

Leon looked worried, whereas he wanted to run. He turned reluctantly backward and ran out of the hall, confused on what to do.

He knew it was a lie, but how will he tell that to his leader? If he didn't squeal, the Persona 11 will destroy everything, including what they stood for.

He wanted peace, not war. Now he won't get it.

Thanks to Delta Stallion...