"We've been had!" Five-Two exclaimed, catching attention to the prison cell that was empty, while its door was cut in halves. Every Hyper soldier stood before it, and Dultra investigated the issue. He began to give concerned glances to everyone in the halls, even his top subordinates, Five-Two and Melvin. Dultra turned around and huffed a bit, hoping to not get angry.

Despite everything that occured today, he started to shout orders. "I already have Tom mobilizing Deep Claw, so the rest of you, keep on the lookout for Chromosome!"

"Yes, Sir!" Everyone replied, and scattered off like roaches. He escape!? Who was watching him!? Five-Two thought bitterly, staring intently at the cell. What made zero since to him was the fact that there were no signs of a break out, but just taking a closer look, it all made sense. Melvin kneeled down to look even further, simply by picking up pieces of the broken door. The cuts were a blackish orange, and it still burned.

"Strange," he told himself. Five-Two caught Melvin's attention and said, "Chromosome didn't look as if he had enough claw power to slice this door in half. In fact, he was a Toxic BatVern."

"Where'd you learn that?"

"From his appearance," Five-Two replied, "a Toxic BatVern has green scales, as light as Limes. He looked like a full grown one, so that could explain why he was also black in some areas."

Melvin, already motivated by his friend's superior knowledge, forcefully picked himself up and struck out his gun. He put new bullets in and cocked it back. "Good. Now we have another enemy to fight!" He hissed. Five-Two held him back and, with the use of the electro chain, tugged on his wrist. "Calm down," he said, "we can't strike yet! We have to warn the others!"

"What's the use of warning anyone else!?" Melvin snapped, pointing his firearm at the ceiling, "Dultra said not to tell the other soldiers, besides him! Why wait when we could be killing these fools!?" As the two Hyper Soldiers ran off, Five-Two began to dwell in his own self-doubt.

I'm worried about him most of all he thought, still running with Melvin.

As they both encountered Dultra, who was talking to a soldier, they both caught his attention at the right time when they ended their conversation. "Commander Dultra!" Melvin demanded, his eyes looking determined. "Five-Two and I will track down the prisoner!"

The Deer commander grinned for a short while and began to whisper something to them. "While I admire your determination and perseverance," he started, "it would be best to upgrade this a bit."

He took Melvin's gun and opened up the cockpit to it. Digging through his pocket, he reached for a small vial with blood red liquid inside of it and placed it inside the bullets. Putting it back in the gun, Dultra closed it and gave it back to Melvin.

"What I put in there is a classified compound known as Deridium," he explained. "Shoot Chromosome with it, and it will sedate him. That way, it'll make it easier to detain him once and for all."

The two soldiers stepped away from their Commander and started their search for the prisoner.