The Persona 11 Hideout wasn't far from where they were from, but it was difficult to not be seen. As a result, Mock had used his brown scales well when he soared through the mountains with Chromosome still on his back. His plan to break him free from Hyper prison worked, but what if those dreaded Hyper Boys found out that he escaped?

That wouldn't matter at the moment, since the Personas were already prepared for battle with the Hypers. They stopped and landed when they saw a fortress that took the appearance of an iceberg, and there was a gigantic target on the floor. Mock landed gently, but his wings still knocked everything over due to their weight.

Chromosome jumped off his back, and began to examine the Persona 11 Hideout. His eyes were skeptical, seeming as if he was about to criticize. The walls were clean and had white aesthetics, while the other side of the walls had badges and awards placed nearly beside each other. The emerald BatVern turned to see Mock again, only to see him brandish his talons.

"This is your place?" He asked, a tinge of amusement in his voice. "I was thinking a little more like the Hyper Boys', but god. Shouldn't you guys be like a peaceful cult or something?"

The Dragon leader angrily grabbed Chromosome with the use of his fangs, and carried him to the main hall. He threw him forcefully down onto the floor, creating a small thud. Mock hissed a little, revealing his forked tongue. "Hear me out, boy," he growled, his eyes turning into a darker shade of red, "this is no time to fool around. These Hyper Boys' held you captive, and you should be grateful I have released you! If you plan to horse off, we will surely fail!"

Taken aback by Mock's sudden aggression, Chromosome sank back and listened. "We have recruited you for this reason and this reason alone." Mock motioned for a light blue Great White/Rabbit hybrid who was carrying a box. "Lynn, take our new recruit down to the training hall. Get Leon too, since he can teach Chromosome here a thing or two about the art of battle."

"Sir, yes, sir!" Lynn exclaimed and grabbed the BatVern by his wrist, and ran off. The Dragon leader began to lay down a bit, and sighed. Of course, he was doing it out in the open, where everyone could see. What kind of Dragon is he, moping like a 14-year-old while he himself is no older than a turtle's lifespan?