Navabara 18, 2031

12:30 PM

Angel City had been the home to millions for 12 years, since the seismic process known as the Christening had formed, creating new life and new homes. What was also frequent in Angel City were a group of heroes known as the Hyper Boys, destined to protect everyone in this place. Consisting of only 8 members, there lived Dutra, their leader.

Viewed solely as an intimidating figure for his huge antlers and deathly glare, he even makes the Hyper Boys shudder in fear from the thought of him.

There was, however, a setback to their image - Five-Two. He was a pacifist, so he wasn't excellent at training either. It was during a mission when it nearly ruined his life and destroyed his career. While they were boarded inside of a gigantic Mecha-Beast that took the appearance of a Phoenix, he was panicking deep down, worried of what kind of chaos he had to stir up.

Everyone else was waiting patiently and looked serious to get this mission over with. Each member was equipped with either a sword, a gun, or any kind of weapon to fight with. They had received word not long ago about there being a rogue beast on the loose, invading the center of Angel City. "Arriving at the center of Angel City, sector 41G," a female monotone voice was heard over the speakers.

A latch opened from behind them and each Hyper Boy fell out, even Five-Two. He howled aggressively as he pointed his gun down, ready to fight this thing. Dutra and the rest of the other heroes already arrived at the scene, facing determinedly at this giant monster that had befallen their home. This beast was absolutely nothing like what they've seen before – it was a horrid mess of a living organism even. It had the head of what appeared to be a Reptile, but the entirety of its body had a slender carapace with each slimy appendage protruding from its sides, while its legs were crooked and broken.

Its horrifying dark red eyes were visible on both sides of its head and could Pierce into your soul with only one glance.

Dutra was with his commander, Pretzel. He was a small, but very tall tailless cat with orange/white fur, but white surrounding his muzzle, paws and underbelly.

He wore the same outfit as Dultra's, but it was purple instead of red. "Pretzel," he began to speak. "Do the honors."

"Alright! You heard the Deer! Move out and ATTACK!" Pretzel howled, his high-pitched voice quivering in the wind. Every soldiers charged at this beast, their swords held high. Melvin, a Hyper Boy, was able to dismantle one of the beast's legs with the Phoenix blade that he inherited and, as a result, the socket oozed yellow slime. Melvin looked as if he wanted to vomit, but moved on to attack it from behind. Oblivious to the fighting, Dutra noticed something odd about the creature – there was a pink blob-like bulb implanted in its stomach.

That must be the weak point he thought. Just then, he heard terrified screaming from far away. He saw one of his soldiers getting grabbed by the thing and was being squeezed by it's appendage. Writhing helplessly, she squirmed in its grasp while everyone watched in horror. "Sir, it's no use!" Tom said, running to the soldier's aid. "Even with enough manpower, we can't beat this thing!"

"Unless we try!" John snarled, running to slash at the Beast's weak spot. Unfortunately, it caught sight of John running at it and was able to slam its tentacle down hard, but he dodged. "You're right, Tom. We can't it's too strong, but if Five-Two can shoot at the spot, we're in luck!"

Five-Two was aiming his firearm at the bulb on the monster's stomach, but each time he hesitated to pull the trigger, the soldier was blocking his view. He was worried that me might hurt her in the blast, but Pretzel wanted him to take this risk. "Hit the bulb, Five-Two!" He shrieked. The Hyper Boy was still scared as he tried to take aim, but he knew he didn't want to inflict damage on her.

She was a soldier – she was his compatriot. He never wanted this, but he had to. Oblivious to Pretzel prattling on for him to shoot, Dutra stepped in, his elegant deer tail waving against his uniform and, with a mighty swish of his blade, chopped the bulb in half, completely ending the monster's life.

It dropped dead on the floor, and so did the soldier, who was missing her arm. The socket, oozing with blood, had dried up and is now visible, revealing cartilage and bone. Five-Two quivered in shame and dropped his gun.

The entire center of the city had been damaged and the concrete road was stained with blood, sweat and mucus.

And the battle was over.