Our ship resides above the city, specifically over a massive body of water called New York Harbor. Interesting, how humans name certain things? I thought, remembering the strange names that are given to people, animals and buildings. Why is the Empire State Building called that? How is a building an empire? Why isn't Times Square a square or a location filled with time-telling devices? I shrugged at my thoughts and came to the conclusion that humans were simple creatures and made the names of everything around them simple for their convenience.

I reached an area near the harbor and radioed to be brought up. I looked at the ship and saw a flat surface detached itself from the ship and float towards my location. I looked around and saw humans confused and in awe with the platform coming towards me. They must've thought that I was going to get abducted or something. Why are they concern? Surely, they must've seen a spaceship before? I thought, but I then remembered that humans have hardly left their planet, much less explored outside of their solar system. So, seeing that floating platform confuses and scares them. On top of that, I'm still in my human appearance and not my Vigmax appearance. That is the name of my species, Vigmax. My species lives on a planet called Cyarnia, far away from Earth.

The platform reaches me and I walked on. The platform moves towards the ship and locks back into place. I move off of the platform and through the hallways to go to Queen Ihall's quarters. "How was your trip to the house of law, Dokora?" a male voice behind me spoke. I turned my head and saw Daniel, the Queen's third-in-command walking towards me. "It went well, Daniel and once more, please refer to me as Derek. As long as we work with the humans, we should have names that are simple for them" I responded to Daniel aka Draciels, which is his given Vigmax name. He didn't look pleased with my statement. Daniel views humans as inferior and too simple-minded to understand, much less be able to survive what the universe has beyond their atmosphere. However, like myself, Daniel respects and honors Queen Ihall's wishes, thus he follows them, but does make his opinions known to all.

Daniel rolls his eyes at me "I can't believe that we have to have human names to work with them. We shouldn't change our names or what we are to seek their approval" he said to me. "I understand your feelings, but you must realize that we would appear terrifying to them and any form of potential relationship between humans and Vigmax will go out the window. *sign* We must meet them halfway." I responded to Daniel's comment.

I began to walk away from Daniel. He stood there for a minute before walking away in the opposite direction. I took a brief glance at the corner of my eye at Daniel before he left and saw he pondering, perhaps thinking about what I just said. We both were commanding officers; the second and third-commands to the Queen. We share the same honor, love and respect towards Queen Ihall. But we sometimes we don't see eye-to-eye on certain matters. Queen Ihall is aware of this and states that my ability to see beyond what's in front of me, in addition to my intelligence and combat experience, is what made me her second. Daniel has an equal level of intelligence and combat experience as me, but he lacks the ability to read others and look beyond the surface. However, I still respect him and he with me.

I made it to Queen Ihall's door. I knocked on the metal door and waited for the Queen to respond. "You may enter", a light female voice spoke behind the door. I entered through the door and saw Queen Ihall sitting behind a desk, looking at some documents. I walked to the chair in front of the desk and sat down. She looked up and smiled, "Derek, how was your meeting at the house of law?" she asked me.

"Very well, my Queen. The humans that I'll be working with are interesting and will be helpful in learning Earth's ways. I shall start working with them tomorrow." I responded to the Queen with the upmost respect, but also a sense of excitement in exploring Earth. Queen Ihall got up from her seat and walked over towards me. She sat down next me and turned towards me, "That's wonderful to hear, Derek", she said to me with a smile on her face. I returned the smile. She leaned in closely, her hand touching my leg. Her lips close to my ear, she whispered "Do not forget what your true mission is, Dokora." From that, she presses her lips against my cheek and adds on "we have much more to do here. Don't forget that".