It was morning and the sunrise was bleeding in through the covered windows. I slowly raised out of my bed, hoping to not make any noise. However, I wasn't quiet enough. A groaning sound was made next to me. I looked to my side and saw Daniel, beginning to wake up. In between us was Queen Ihall, completely bare as myself and Daniel. She, too, was beginning to come out of her sleep state. "*sigh* couldn't you be any quieter? I don't have to start training the students for another few hours and I was hoping to enjoy a moment of sleeping in" said Daniel, annoyed that he was risen from his sleep.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake anyone" I said to Daniel, knowing that he would be annoyed with me for the remainder of the day for disturbing his sleep. "Now, now Daniel. Derek must wake up early to begin his role at the house of law. He must represent us and him being late shines a poor light on us." Queen Ihall said to Daniel, to calm him down. She crawled over to him and kissed him on his lips. From my position, I can see that Daniel was returning the kiss and seemed more interested in something else other than sleep now. Queen Ihall stopped the kiss and sat up from the bed, her upper body expose to us both. She looks to me and says "Derek, I expect nothing, but greater things your way today. Please do your best and do not forgot our talk yesterday". I froze when I was getting out of the bed after she made that statement. I turned to Queen Ihall, "Thank you, my Queen. And, do not worry, I remember our talk and I will not fail you", I told her.

She smiled, moved over to me and kissed me on my lips. I felt the passion and love in her kiss. I returned the kiss just as passionately to the point that I almost didn't want to leave the bed and resume what we did last night. I'm certain that Daniel wouldn't object to the idea, too. But, I broke away, knowing that the task at hand is more important than my urges. I move from the bed, "Have a good day. I will see you both later", I told both Queen Ihall and Daniel, as I walked away to get dress.

I head into the bathroom and turned on the shower, waiting for the water to become warm. While I was waiting, I could hear Queen Ihall moaning and Daniel grunting, knowing fully well what they are doing. I wanted to join them, but I pushed myself into the shower to get ready. On days when none of us had any daunting tasks, we would wake up and engage in reproductive activities. I, usually, would occupy the Queen's front entrance, while Daniel occupied the back. However, there are times where we would switch and there are times where one of us occupies both of the Queen's entrances while the other is gone.

I know, so far, from studying human behavior that this particularly action is greatly frowned upon among humans. According to them, taking more than one partner is wrong, or a sin, a word often used by those who strongly believed in deities. However, it is normal on Cyarnia for females to have two male partners. Myself, Daniel and Queen Ihall have been in this form of 'relationship', another word humans use to describe their courtship or partnership with another, for years. Even before Queen Ihall became Queen Ihall. Why are humans so sensitive about sharing a bed with two other people? I thought to myself. *sigh* Humans? I think they're simple one minute, the next they are complicated. No wonder they are riddled with constant conflict.

I left the shower and grabbed my towel, to dry my body off. I no longer heard any noise from the bedroom, assuming that both Queen Ihall and Daniel were done with their activity. We, all, still respect and honor each regardless of the doings within our bedroom. However, I worry that the humans won't see it that way. I began to dress myself and collect any materials necessary for my first day. I double-checked myself in the mirror and to make sure that I have everything. Once I knew that I was ready, I went to the platform and left the ship. Heading into the human world of law to begin my learning.