It's been four weeks since that day and I've learning about Erin, the world of law and humans as whole during that time. It turns out that Erin doesn't have a partner. She told me that she was in a four year relationship with someone, but ended it once she discovered that the male cheated on her with another female. I can't explain why, but a part of me was pleased to hear that she doesn't have a partner. However, I couldn't understand the concept of cheating, but I was angry with how disrespectful the male was for going against the partnership he had with Erin.

I continued going to court cases with Erin, sometimes I went with DA Sherman to learn more about how the law works. I greatly respected DA Sherman; he reminded me of my mentor back on Cyarnia who taught me everything about the universe and what's out there.

One night, I was in my bedroom, reading a law book Erin gave me to read. While reading, the door opened and in came Daniel. "Queen Ihall will be in here shortly. Her meeting with the interims on Cyarnia is running long." He said as he walked towards me, "what are you reading?" He asked.

I showed him the book. "It's a law book I received from my time at the house of law. I'm reading it to learn more about them." I told Daniel. He examined the book and gave it back to me, uninterested in the contents of the book. He sat down next to me, "what have you learned so far about them? The humans, I mean." he asked.

I set the book down and turned to him, "They are confusing. They're simple creatures, but at the same time, not so simple. Their customs are very interesting. Supposedly, when you go to these large watering holes, called 'water fountains', you throw a coin, a form of Earth currency, into it and make a wish. Erin demonstrated to me how it's done when we went to lunch the other day." I continued, "I asked her what she wished for and she refused to tell me." Daniel looked to me in confusion, "why didn't she tell you?" he asked.

"She said that if you tell a wish out loud that it won't come true." I replied to Daniel's question. He shook his head and mumbled at the reason. Not at all interested in if I made a wish myself. I did make one through. "What else have you learned?" he asked me. I thought for a moment. There's a lot I learned from the humans. Just not about law, but about a lot of things. The different areas that Earth was divided into, the different forms of learning, the foods, the physical structure of the cities and towns, common human interactions, human courting practices.

"I did learn from Erin about how she had a cheating partner and ended her partnership with him because of that." I told him. Daniel looked confused, "what is the concept of 'cheating'? Why was the male 'cheating' on this female with another female? Is that common practice on Earth" he asked me.

"According to Erin, cheating means being unfaithful to someone and having a sexual partnership with someone who is not your main partner. On Earth, it's only two people. Unlike on Cyarnia, where one female has two male partners. It's a strange Earth practice, but ours is even more strange to them." I explained to Daniel. He looked to me in awe and quickly shook the feeling away. "Humans are strange, indeed", Daniel said.

I laughed at Daniel's comment and soon, he laughed too. While laughing, Queen Ihall entered the bedroom.

"What's so funny?" she asked us. "Derek is explaining Earth's strange ways to me." Daniel told Queen Ihall while he removed her robes and prepared for the night. "Their customs are quite strange. Derek, I don't know how you can deal with them." Daniel said as he turn towards me.

"Come now. Derek is doing his do diligence to understand this planet and its people. Even if their customs are strange to us. Ours are strange to them." Queen Ihall said to Daniel as she moved over towards me. She kissed me on my lips briefly and wrapped her arms around me waist. "You are doing our species pride, Derek. Continue your excellent work." Queen Ihall told me.

I smiled at her, "I will" I replied back. I look towards Daniel. "Tomorrow, I'm off for the day at the house of law. I'll be taking the small band of trainees to practice their skills in the city landscape. And, allow them some expose to the new environment." I told Daniel. He looked uncertain about my decision.

"Are you sure that's good idea to take a group of young boys out exploring?" Daniel asked me. I looked him right in his eyes and smiled, "yes, it will be a good learning experience for them. Plus, I've been hearing how curious they are about the planet. I keep seeing some of them, looking out the window, watching the humans. Why not let them explore for one day? I'll be with them as will you." I told him.

"Me? You want me to interact with the humans?" Daniel replied. "Yes", I responded. "you haven't left the ship since we arrived. It would be a valuable learning experience for you as well, since you are the third-in-command. You, yourself, need to be just as familiar to the planet as I am" I explained to him.

Daniel pondered for a moment and looked towards Queen Ihall, "my Queen, do you approve of this trip for our young trainees?" he asked her.

"I do approve of this trip, Daniel." Queen Ihall replied and continued "Derek makes a valid point. Our young must be familiar with the world as they will be working among the humans in the future and you also need to have direct interactions of the human culture instead of learning about them from Derek." She kissed him on the lips, wrapping one arm around his waist, while her other arm remained on my waist. "I want the two of you to act as positive influences towards our young during the trip and display yourselves as the finest of our species. Is there anything else either of you wish to discuss?" she asked Daniel and I.

I had nothing to add, neither did Daniel. Queen Ihall looked pleased. "Good, now enough of discussing about our work. Let's go to bed and engage in some much needed relief." She said as she brought both my lips and Daniel's towards hers, engaging in a three-way kiss. We went to the bed and began our nightly sexual practices with each other.