Maloccio: Patient Zero

Chapter 1:

The Past

It was a warm sunny day. Seven year old Giovanni Dalessandro kicked his soccer ball at the elm tree in his front yard. He let out a gleeful cheer as he kicked the ball and it hit the tree, his intended target. From inside the house, his parents looked from the kitchen window at their beautiful little boy, with dark black hair and innocent black eyes.

Look at how sweet he is." Rita spoke softly to her husband as she dried a dish, "I know we really push him with all of those accelerated educational programs because of his exceptional IQ and intelligence, but in moments like this, I just love watching him be a boy."

"He'll be solving math problems, and maybe even finding cures to the worst diseases in no time." Paul, Geo's father replied with a proud smile as he looked at his boy play out in the nice summer day. "But for now, in this's so wonderful to watch him be a boy, playing soccer, without a worry in the world."

And this may have been the last moment in Giovanni's life where his world was without worry and full of innocence...

The Present

In an undisclosed military location off every known book the government had, funded by a shadow company that most the world didn't know existed, there was a freak electromagnet explosion that shorted out all the power in the high tech research facility. And with that power surge, came the disabling of all electricity, and essential safety protocols which included the power dampening cells holding all the test subjects housed in said facility.

The seventeen year old prodigy known known as Patient One at first knew better to try to escape, even if he felt his natural power returning to his body. Being able to break out of the prison, and it being a good idea to break out, were two very different concepts. As the youth waited, wondering what caused this commotion, he quickly realized that not all the prisoners would have his same motivation to keep quiet, as a massive explosion in the distance was heard. Shortly after, screams from around the building could be heard. Patient One knew he needed to leave his cell, discern what was happening, and decide if he would contribute to the carnage or restore order.

The seventeen year old boy with a average, but fit, build stood up, looked intently at his door, and then pushed forward with his left arm. In one motion, Patient One, also named Giovanni or Geo for short, willed the heavy steel door to break from its hinges and fly off the handles, crashing into a nearby wall.

Giovanni then rushed outside to survey the situation. The walls were covered with blood, and many research aides were lying on the ground dead, from slash marks. Giovanni felt a twinge of panic, as the idea that the main scientist and leader of the research facility may be top on the culprit's kill list. As much as Giovanni hated this wicked doctor, it was absolutely vital that he be alive because there was information that only he knew. This information was the one thing in life that Giovanni wanted, and desperately needed.

Patient One rushed down the halls following the carnage to the main laboratory. It was complete chaos. Many researchers laid dead, and several others were rushing past Giovanni as they ran for their lives out of the doomed facility. Occasionally Giovanni would pass fellow prisoners who would look at him with eyes that asked, "Why are you still here? We need to get out while we can!" Some even begged their fellow inmate to join them on their way out, but when Giovanni refused they would shrug and continue to flee. Nobody stayed with Giovanni, and he didn't expect any of them to. They were neither friends nor family, they were simply a mixture of random people with enhancements that had all been captured to be researched and taken advantage of.

Whoever was responsible for this destruction had set small bombs off within the building, as the place was falling apart all around Giovanni. On his way to his destination, Giovanni made a quick stop to the armory and found the custom made wrist band that the institution made for him. This band was what contained his protective armor that would be used when he was sent out on top secret operations throughout the years. Giovanni grabbed the wristband from a desk, slapped it on, pressed the button, and his solid black nano plated armor began to form over his entire body, including his face mask that quickly gave the illusion of a terrifying dark knight that was the subject of many Italian myths and legends of terror that had formed over the past ten years. While wearing his armor, Giovanni could maneuver through the falling rubble towards the main laboratory much easier.

Giovanni finally made it to his destination, and cursed loudly as he realized that the assailant had already been to this room before him. Giovanni pushed around the destroyed rubble and stepped over the bloodied corpses looking for one particular man, and before long much to his dismay, Giovanni spotted the only man he cared to make sure would make it through this travesty.

In the corner of a room near a large computer, laid a slowly dying Dr. Uric Malchovin, the scientist responsible for kidnapping Giovanni so many years ago. The old man reached towards his most favorite research subject, begging for help. Giovanni motioned towards Dr. Malchovin, and forced his body to slam hard against the wall he was leaning against, and using his mind, Giovanni held him hard against the wall./

""You are about to die, tell me where my parents are!" Giovanni demanded.

"My demon knight, Maloccio." Dr. Malchovin spoke with pride looking at the teenager he had over the years learned to see as his pride and joy. "You have to help me...I have a family...I have a life outside of all this...You understand!"

"I have a family!" Giovanni yelled back, his mask distorting and deepening his voice, a tactic often used to inspire fear among those he chased. "You have held my parents captive for ten years now! If you want to possibly live and see your family again, tell me now where I can find mine!"

"You don't understand..." Uric coughed blood as he struggled to speak. "My employer knew that keeping your parents captive was the only way to ensure your obedience. When we took them he made sure they were held in a location that only he knew of. Of course I never told you that I didn't actually know where they were being held...otherwise you would have killed me the first chance you had!"

"So what you're telling me now is you have absolutely no idea where my parents are..." Giovanni spoke, his voice colder then ice.

"I didn't say that..." the doctor responded, "The city they are being held...Midnight City..."

"And that's all you know?" Giovanni asked, his heart sinking from desperation.

"We can go together...and I can use my connections to get you closer and..."

Dr. Malchovin was not able to finish his sentence, because Giovanni used his telekinetic powers to snap the mad scientist's neck. Giovanni hated killing. Over the years he had to murder several individuals, often without knowing why other then the Doctor would repeat this statement, em"It's quite's either this person's life, or the lives of your parents. You choose." Whenever Giovanni dawned his black plated armor, he allowed himself to live a little into the stereotype and characterization of Maloccio and when he needed to, that is how he found the power to kill if he ever had to. Before even giving it two thoughts, in this moment, Giovanni knew he wanted to be the Maloccio and kill this scientist who had tormented him for ten years.

And with that, Giovanni left the research facility before it crumbled completely to the ground. His next destination with his new found freedom: Midnight City.

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