Our faces are white, purple, and green

And our clothes are the deepest black

Because appearances deceive,

But don't get past you, Jack.


Outrageous dark things roll off our tongues

In a deadpan manner,

Yet our souls are as old as we are young,

That is why we are immune to your teasing banter.


The world that we live in seems a spooky place

But that is how we like it, all shadows we embrace.

Our smiles have fangs, but don't be alarmed.

We are every bit as weird as you pretend that you aren't.


The tangled woods weave chaos and stop skeptics from breaching

And are home to creatures of mischief

And people of magic are alive and breathing.

Here, the impossible is nothing as long as you believe

But you won't find any churches with crosses as local decree.


Cast down from daily moonbeams, it is imbued everywhere you go

And even among the veterans, surprises always await

Behind every nook and corner, so do a double-take

However, your eyes only sense whats in front of you now,

So, to see in the murk, you'll need more intuitive power.


The forbidden forest is only prohibited to those

Who do not take life into their own hands.

We see everything as a threat,

Because why bother when most people we meet

Just might as well turn into sand?


Why do we stay here, in this mystical and mysterious bind?

We are outcasts, misunderstood, rebels,

And our thoughts weigh heavy on our minds.

The world outside is full of standards we cannot reach,

Made of rules we don't agree with and lives we can't rewind.


We run from the past, we run from the future,

We run away from everything, and everyone,

And our minds are our greatest accusers.

All we want is to stay here alone, where the tangled wood is

As wild as our hearts

And as dark as our minds are, it's better than

Going out and facing the reality that everything underneath the sun

Completely, and utterly sucks.