A/N: Written for my Work Wife after she sent me a bunch of prompts while I was drunk.

Prompt: You're possessed by a demon. You quickly realize he's never done this before.

Oh my Lucifer! I think it worked! Wait, did it work?

There was a voice. In my head. I was woken up by an actual voice in my head. I tried to open my eyes, but they didn't respond. Oh, shit. I'm not awake. I'm dead!

Wait, you're dead? For how long? Cause I shouldn't be able to possess you if you're dead…

"Possess me?!" Well, I definitely wasn't dead since I had just managed to speak. Apparently a sudden burst of pure terror was enough to break through his hold. His. His who? "Who are you?" Great. Back to not being able to move anything.

Oh, right, how rude of me. Hi, I'm Mozriroz. I'll be possessing you today. I beg your pardon, but what is that sensation in your lower abdomen?

I have to pee. I mean, you did wake me up and all. This was ridiculous. I was talking to, what, a demon? Who had possessed me. But he didn't know what… Have you never possessed someone that had to pee before?

Not exactly. So how do we…do this?

I managed to talk him through opening my eyes and sitting up on the edge of the bed without any trouble, but walking didn't go so well. The first attempt left us in a heap on the floor. Umm, maybe can you just let me do it? So you can learn how it feels or something?

Oooooooh, good call, good call. Give me just a second to figure out how to let you move…..there. Try now.

I was able to get up and make my way to the bathroom, despite not having any real control of my toes. For his part, Mozriroz seemed to just be observing the whole process and kept quiet until I was back to sitting on the edge of my bed. "So, you haven't done this before?" Oh, good, he had given me back control of my mouth too.

Not with a human. I mean, we start with lower lifeforms and work our way up. Human possession is pretty tricky. Not as complicated as dolphins, but it's supposed to take quite a bit of practice. By all means, I should not have gotten you on the first try. Maybe because you were asleep?

Great. I was being possessed by a demon in training. I couldn't even get a proper demon. "So now what?"

I'm not actually sure really. The books don't really go over what to do once you succeed. They talk about some of the mechanics and limitations, but not what to actually do. Normally there would be an assignment but since I'm not supposed to be here in the strictest sense…"

"What do you mean you aren't supposed to be here?" Extra great. I got a rogue demon in training.

Well, I got turned down for possession classes so many times. And I was so tired of being a file clerk. But I'm not from a pure line of demons. Upperclass snobs save the exciting jobs for their friends and family. So I thought that maybe if I taught myself and showed them I could do it, they would give me a mission?

I tried to run my hand over my face but couldn't. He had cut off my control of my hands and I realized he was practicing moving them. "So, you aren't supposed to be here. You don't know how to control a person you've possessed, and you don't know what to do next?"

That's about the long and short of it.

My stomach rumbled audibly and I jumped a bit. Well, my body did. So really Mozriroz did. "Well, while you figure it out can we have breakfast? I could make some eggs and toast?"

Breakfast? Yes. That sounds like fun! We'll do that.

And so we fell into a pattern. I largely went about my daily life, all the while slowly teaching Mozzy how to not just control a human, but how to be one. He taught me more than I probably wanted to know about demons. It took us about a month to make a fantastic discovery.

The one thing I don't understand is why you aren't degrading. Every animal I possessed for more than a day degraded. Every book I read talk about hosts degrading. Unless we use other magics, we usually can't keep the same host for more than a couple of days before it dies. Why are you fine?

"In your books, did they talk about eating and drinking? Did you ever do any of that with your animal possessions?" When we were alone Mozzy would let me talk and I would do it because it was still much more natural for me.

How has this never occurred to anyone? None of the books mention it. And I never tried it with the other hosts. We've been burning through humans for all of time when we could just take a little time and maintain them!

As it turned out, Mozzy was quite good at math. He quickly became better at our job than me, letting me handle the social interactions of the office while he plowed through spreadsheet after spreadsheet. He made some suggestions for improvements that netted us a promotion. He continued to study humans.

Initially he talked a lot about returning to the Underworld with all of his new knowledge, but the mentions became fewer and fewer as time went on.

He started practicing more with human interaction, and he let me take some of his magic for a spin in an abandoned warehouse every other Tuesday afternoon.

By the time I had been possessed for a year, we both thought of ourselves as a single entity.

"You don't talk about home anymore." The statement took him by surprise and he snapped our head up from the newspaper he was reading.

I don't suppose I do. He had this way of shifting around in my head when he was uncomfortable and he was doing it now.

"Are you going to go back?"

He was quiet for a long time. I guess that's up to you. You've been very gracious, and I've learned so much from you. But it's not really fair for me to stay if you don't want me to.

The idea of him leaving made my heart clench in our chest. Our chest. This wasn't my life anymore. It was ours and we had forged it together. "I think I'd like for you to stay very much. But there is one more lesson you're going to have to learn if this is going to be a forever kinda deal."

I do enjoy a good lesson. What's next? When can we start?

"Dating. Humans generally desire intimate physical and emotional connections with another human. And I think we should start dating."

Dating. Right. I'm familiar with the concept. Based on what I've seen, this is a lot different for humans than demons though. How does one choose someone to start dating?

Our laugh was twofold. Mine was robust and full of amusement. His was nervous. This was going to be a lot of fun.