Northern California is known for many things from its mountain ranges, forests, ocean view, and many landmarks. In the city of Mount Shasta lies a volcano that the USGS considers the fourth-largest threat to the country if an eruption was to happen. It had been hundreds of years since the last eruption and today most people don't give it a second thought. They are more interested in the views and the beautiful nature hikes that the mountains offer.

In Bay City, Michigan a group of college students was excited about spring break, this year would be different for them. Unlike their party counterparts that like going to Florida or some islands, they were going on a hiking trip. This group of friends were young geologist majors and they wanted the chance to get back with nature. Michigan had a lot of things to offer but they wanted to hike up a volcano mountain and take samples of the various mineral deposits they were sure to find.

Chris had never flown on an airplane and was nervous about the trip. He keeps asking himself if he really should go? It was his friend Amber's idea and she told him that riding an airplane was safer than driving statistically speaking. He didn't believe her, but this was a chance that he didn't want to pass up. David was going to be coming with them too, his mother taught at the college and it took some convincing from all three of them for his mother to finally agree to let him go. Lastly, they had Keith that was going. Keith was not a geologist major but a football player that Chris was tutoring in algebra because he was struggling in class. His coach told him that he had to pass this class or he would be off the team. He begs Chris to tutor him over break, but once he found out that Chris was going out west, he decides to go along. Chris promises to find time for tutoring during the trip.

David's mom drops them off at the airport. Keith wonders to himself why these three were so excited to walk up a mountain instead of being in Florida playing on the beach. But he kept his mouth shut because he needed Chris's helps.

"Amber are you sure this flight will be ok?"

"Chris I can't believe that you have never flown before. You will enjoy this flight."

"What a minute, I always thought that was a joke, you have not been on an airplane?"

"No Dave, but Amber said it was ok, so I'm really to try."

"Chris, I know I need your help, but you mean you are scared to fly?"

"Ok everybody lets get the jokes out, yes Chris is afraid to fly. Ok is everybody happy now."

"Hey man, calm down just remember during takeoffs your ears are going to hurt."

"Keith is telling the truth, I didn't want to bring this up, but doing take-offs it feels like your ears are going to explode from the pressure."

"They are just joking with you. Guys leave him alone, he is nervous enough."

The boys laugh as Chris just looks on and wishes that they were already in California.

In the shadows of Mount Shasta Dorian was looking around he had been here for three days already. During that time he was hiking and making daily reports of his findings. The government agency he works for had reason to believe that there was terrorist activity in the area on the mountain range, he was sent here to find out if it was true. So far he had just seen tourists and young kids playing on the mountain with their grandparents. No sign of anything out of place. He wonders if their information was wrong?

After he made his report, he left word that he was going to check the west flank today, so far that was the only area he hadn't been over. He notices a tour group over there from earlier today and wanted to wait until they had cleared the area before searching over there. He was sure that he wouldn't find anything and that this was a waste of time. Surely if a terrorist group was going to plan an attack it would not be on a mountain range. He walks over and sees a second tour group on the mountain. He waves at them and asks how they were enjoying the scenes.

They ask if he wanted to look at some pictures, and Dorian said sure. He looks at the photos from their trip, there were lots of pictures of their daughter Samantha who walks up behind him.

"So Agent Dorian do you like what you see?"

Before he can turn around his lungs a puncture with a blade, he looks up at Samantha as his body slides down slowly to the ground, and his eyes close for the last time.