Beauty Marks the Place


Beauty marks the place,

The one that I call home.

It sings to me despite

All other desires I have known.


I live in a cold, desolate place,

But that cannot be perceived

Because the hearts that you have can never

Never be replaced.


I live in joy, abundant and proud

Even if the sun never shines.

Here in the winter, and in the storm of rain

I can always read between the lines.


I love you daughter, I love you son,

I love you, husband, who keeps us whole.

You lead us in the direction above

Even when I try to dig us a hole.


I dig, and I dig, and I dig for more,

Knowing that it does not matter -

For here, I belong, in times of need

No matter what the forecasting.


This world is no good, here for our children,

My mind always seems to say.

I must protect them, be a reflection for them,

To keep the evil, far at bay.


You, my dear, you say shush,

This place is everlasting.

You've made it. Don't you see, my dear?

What are you even attacking?

The dark, I say. The evil one.


The one they tell us always to keep at bay.

I will face him, on my own, I say –

Even while I am sleeping.


Dearest, there's no need to worry, he says.

I'll keep everyone at arts.

I know genius is as genius does,

And I've read all the charts.


Then you must know something I don't know,

I say, so desperately I plea.

The devil one, he will kill, for fun,

Alec, where have you come, and from so long?


He says, far out at sea.

I have come to protect you, my lovely rose,

All spiny as can be.

You do not scare me, my slippery one,

You are my whole fruit tree.