It was a clear and sunny day, although the temperature was quite pleasant due to it being still the beginning of spring: the flowers already had begun sprouting, the snow had already melted away, and the singing of the birds could be heard all over the place. All of this occurred inside a small forest located a little to the northeast of the current capital of the Kingdom of Dragonia: Soleila. This forest had been declared as a public park by King Filt Illyuse Drackma many years ago; and an small farming village called Seliart was built near it to ensure its protection.

Inside this place, there was a group of knights, all covered in the traditional dragon armor everyone used in Dragonia; and aside of them, there also was a boy around eight years old. The boy had hazel short hair, hazel eyes, wore glasses, and wore the traditional Dragonian attire, the shouf, which was of a blue color and was decorated with dragons and water droplets. The dragon decorations were the proof of his lineage, as this meant he was a member of the royal family. In fact, he was the current Prince of Dragonia: Gerardo Iadlase Drackma, first child to the King Yulius Pyraze Drackma and the Queen Giova Iadlasa Drackma. Currently, he had come to these forests to receive combat training from the knights, who were part of the prestigious Dragonian Royal Army. Said training had already finished, and they were about to return to Soleila Castle. However…

- "Please…" – said Gerardo annoyed – "Can't you allow me to remain in this place a little longer?" -

- "We are deeply sorry, Your Highness" – said the knight captain, Selte. He was a man of around thirty years old, with beard, and had a short black hair, black eyes, and wore a yellow and green armor – "But we have strict orders from the King and Queen to escort you back as soon as your training has finished. In fact, we could say that we have already disobeyed their orders, as your training should have taken place in the castle grounds, and we only came here because you insisted in having your practice here" -

- "Hee…" – Gerardo sighed, although a malicious smile appeared behind his glasses – "But what would be the problem? Didn't you all owe your prestige to the fact that you keep Dragonia safe for everyone, including the lands in which we're stepping right now?" –

- "But… Your Highness…" – Selte answered amazed.

- "Hehe, come on" – Gerardo laughed – "You can leave me here for a while. I'm sure that thanks to your hard work and the training you've given me, I'll be okay. Besides, I have Iadla with me, so I can defend myself if anything happens" -

He said this while he pointed to a small dragon he had at his side. This was Iadla, his companion dragon, which was of a soft blue color and wasn't any bigger than a small dog. She emitted a soft and happy sound when she heard her name.

- "We do… know that… but, Prince Gerardo…" – said Selte trying to find an opening in the boy's arguments. He didn't imagine that someone as young as him was already smart enough to come up with phrases so filled with logic and rhetoric – "If the King and Queen find out about this, we will…" –

- "Hehe, don't worry about it" – Gerardo smiled happily – "I'll come up with an excuse later on for my parents, so I ensure you won't be punished for this. That I swear" -

Knowing they couldn't do anything else, Selte and the other knights called their own companion dragons, mounted on them, and withdrew after saying farewell to Gerardo appropriately.

- "I hate having to do this to our respectable knights…" – he said bitterly to himself – "But I couldn't stand being locked up in the castle any longer, no matter how much I like reading. Most likely my parents will punish me for this, but at least it'll be worth it…" -

He then began walking around the place, feeling the soft breeze that was blowing throughout the forest, looking at the sunlight that filtered through the foliage and the flowers of all colors that bloomed all around, and he listened to the sweet singing of the birds.

- "Ahhh… this is life…" – he said releasing a sigh of joy – "I haven't had any chances to come to this forest since a long time ago, although it's my favorite place in the world. I really needed to feel all this again…" -

While he was still experiencing that sensation of joy, he began hearing something else…

(BGM: Memories of a Dream)

- "Huh?" – he got pretty surprised when he heard that – "Music? Someone's singing and playing instruments around here or something?" -

He began running deeper inside the forest with Iadla behind him, following the path from which the music could be heard the loudest, and shortly later, he had found its source. It was a girl of around his age, who had a long black hair, in which she wore a blue ribbon; and wore a long blue shouf with white borders. As much as Gerardo could see, she was fully concentrated in her singing: she had her eyes closed, her hands entwined over her chest, and her mouth moved softly at the rhythm of the music. She seemed to be practicing, as she was just vocalizing and didn't pronounce any actual words.

However, Gerardo fell in love with her as soon as he first saw her. The girl had a very cute face, and that added with her beautiful and melodious voice could only end up giving such a result. Furthermore, the song she was singing resounded perfectly with him, so surely her personality would match up with him without any problems. During a small part in which she made a short pause to breath in, Gerardo took advantage of the situation to insert a phrase he made on the song:

- "Alt tok, Heyt tast? Tast oulla risph?" –

(Who are you? What is your name?)

The girl seemed to not have noticed this, and continued her practice. However, a few seconds, when he had approached to talk to her face-to-face, the girl opened her eyes, which were of an intense purple color, and with an expression halfway between fear and embarrassment, she began running away.

- "Ah, wait!" – Gerardo said while he began following her.

The song the girl was singing began taking a more frantic rhythm while they both continued running: her to get away from him, and him to get closer to her and talk to her. However, they both were also laughing: more than a chase, it seemed that they were actually playing tag, and both seemed to think of the situation being more a game than anything.

Shortly later, Gerardo had lost the girl from view, but the song had returned to its former calm rhythm.

- "She must have stopped somewhere" – he said happily – "This time, I'll talk to her for sure" –

He followed the song's sound once again, and when he found the girl again, he waited until she finished singing again. When the song slowed down enough for him to guess she was finishing, he quickly went up to her, took both of her hands, and repeated this verse to her:

- "Alt tok, Heyt tast? Tast oulla risph?" –

(Who are you? What is your name?)

The girl moved her face to the side, as if she was too embarrassed to look him in the eyes, and replied by singing this:

- "Yujio mhaku, risph lay'uk farit. Oulla risph Mihoka" –

(I'm a Priestess apprentice. My name is Mihoka)

Immediately, the song reached its end.

- "Err…" – Gerardo had gotten quite a blush and was left at a loss for words when he heard her saying that – "Would… would you like us to sit down?" -

Mihoka just nodded and sat down right in front of him.

- "Errhm… can I ask you your name?" – she told him shyly – "It's pretty… rude to ask for someone's name without saying yours'…" –

- "Ah… right" – he said embarrassed while he put his hand behind his head – "My name is Gerardo" –

- "Gerardo…" – Mihoka was surprised, and when she looked more closely to the shouf he wore, she covered her mouth with both hands – "Are you His Highness, Gerardo Iadlase Drackma!?" –

She instantly prostrated herself before him, kneeling down to the point in which her face touched the grassy soil of the forest, while she repeatedly told him to forgive her and that she had been a rude fool

- "Now, now, calm down!" – Gerardo alarmed told her after watching this exaggerated show of respect – " I don't really care about that, come on. I'd rather be called by my name; I really despise formal treat and the fact that everyone treats me differently just because I belong to the Royal Family" –

- "But I…" – Mihoka began from the ground.

- "I said that it's okay, so please, rise from the ground, and treat me like anyone else" – he said irritated.

- "All right…" – Mihoka said as she got up from the ground and sat down again – "Ge… Gerardo" –

- "Much better" – he said, but upon noticing the bitter and sad face Mihoka put when she pronounced his name, he felt horrible – "I'm sorry… I didn't want to say it like that…" –

- "Don't worry…" – she said showing him a small smile – "There are times in which I need to be shaken up a little… don't mind it" –

- "Err… well…" – he began looking around in search of a topic about which they could talk, and instantly, it came to him – "Where are you from? I find it hard to believe that you live by yourself in this forest" -

- "You're right" – she replied – "I live in Seliart Village" -

- "Ah, the village in charge of protecting this forest" – he said remembering how warm and inviting the place was from the few times he had visited it – "It's a very beautiful place, although I guess it must be hard to live there" -

- "Hehe… not so much" – Mihoka laughed. Gerardo was cheered when he saw he had managed to get her in a good mood – "Aside of school, I only have my particular lessons as an apprentice Priestess, so it isn't very hard" -

- "Ah, I see" – he said thoughtfully – "But there was any reason for which you wanted to be a Priestess?" -

- "It's just because I like a lot the role they have in assisting the Priestess of the Dragon, and the work they put in preparing the ceremonies and festivals that we celebrate during the year" – she said joyfully – "Actually, I was practicing my singing here as part of these lessons. A good Priestess must be a good singer too" –

- "Ah, you have a very beautiful goal in your life" – Gerardo smiled at her – "My mother is still the current Priestess of the Dragon, but she also said she's going to retire soon, as I'll be having a sister in a few months" –

- "Really?" – Mihoka was surprised – "Congratulations, Your Highness!" –

- "What!?" – Gerardo was shocked to hear that.

- "Ehehe, I´m sorry… Gerardo" – Mihoka said as she laughed. Gerardo couldn't get angry at this – "But I'm really glad for you. This'll surely bring you a lot of happiness" -

- "Hehe, yeah" – he smiled at her –"I've wished to have a sister with who I could play all my life, and that's going to be made real at last" -

- "By the way, I've told you my dreams" – Mihoka commented as she gave him a wink – "Could you tell me yours?" -

- "Eh, well…" – Gerardo blushed up a little, but given that Mihoka had already revealed his dreams to him, it was just fair for him to do the same – "I want to be a Researcher: the kind of person that's always reading books and making theories about how the world works to improve the life of the people" -

- "Hehe, it's another beautiful goal" – Mihoka told him as she smiled – "And I'm sure you'll be able of doing that. In the short time we've known each other, you've seemed to be very smart to me just from the way you talk" –

- "You really think so?" – he asked embarrassed.

- "I'm sure about it" – she said very convinced. In that moment, Iadla jumped out from Gerardo, and she let go an small friendly growl – "Oh, what a cutie! Is this your companion dragon?" -

- "Yeah" – Gerardo answered joyfully – "She's Iadla, and she's a water elemental dragon. She's quite an sleepyhead, but also very gentle and friendly" –

Iadla gave him an angry growl when Gerardo commented that she was a sleepyhead, but she also made pleasure sounds when Mihoka took her between her arms and began caressing her.

- "Oh, you're so cute!" -

- "And your companion dragon?" – Gerardo asked in surprise. She seemed to never have been near a dragon.

- "Err… I still don't have one" – she answered with a sad voice – "Mom says I can't have one until I've completed at least the basic level of my Priestess lessons. So I've never been able to be with a dragon in this way" –

- "How about the dragons of your parents or friends?" – Gerardo asked again in surprise.

- "My parents' dragons aren't as cute as Iadla, and my friends and classmates don't like anyone else touching their dragons" – Mihoka answered in a saddened voice.

- "And you still have much longer to finish that level?" – he asked trying to cheer her up.

- "No, at the least" – she said cheering up again – "The Priestess that gives me the lessons said that I'll be finishing up the basic level in a month if I continue at my current pace" -

- "Hehe, glad to know that" – Gerardo said cheerfully – "At the least you'll have your own dragon soon" –

- "We both have a great happiness waiting for us" – she then looked up the hour in the wristwatch-like device she was wearing in her left wrist: a Dragtemn. She was shocked to notice it was already 5:00 PM, and put Iadla back in the ground. – "By Illyusea! It's so late already?" -

- "You have to go now?" – Gerardo asked saddened.

- "Yes. Otherwise, mom and dad will get angry at me" – she answered in the same sad tone as him.

- "I have an idea: and if we meet again in this place next week, Pyrazsol, around 2:00 PM?" – Gerardo asked her cheerfully.

- "But won't that cause you trouble?" – Mihoka asked.

- "Hehe, I don't think so" – he laughed the question off – "And besides, I've got to find a way to introduce you to my parents, and allow you to visit me in the castle one of these days" -

- "In… the castle?" – she asked as if she couldn't believe what she heard.

- "I don't understand why you're so surprised: anyone can go into the castle for any reason" – he laughed when he looked at her face.

- "Hehe, you're right. Okay, let's meet here next Pyrazsol at 2:00 PM" – she nodded with a smile.

- "Okay, it's a promise!" – he said while they held both hands to seal it. They let go a few seconds later, although their faces had gotten quite red from it.

- "Okay, I'll be going back to Seliart now. See you next week!" – Mihoka said as she began running back to her village.

- "See you later!" – he said as he waved his hand to her to say goodbye. Iadla then transformed into a much larger dragon, and allowed Gerardo to ride on her – "Iadla, let's go back to the castle!" -

Iadla answered with a roar, and after Gerardo had grabbed firmly her back, she began flying. A few seconds later, they were high enough in the air for the forest and the village to be just small points in the ground, and they then began their short journey back to Soleila.

- "Hehe, I didn't expect to get a new friend like this" – he laughed – "But it was a very nice surprise. And who knows, maybe you'll get a new friend soon too, Iadla" –

Iadla roared softly.

- "Hehe, I know you're anxious for it, but you'll have to be patient" – he said between laughs – "If things were as I wanted, I'd still be playing and talking with Mihoka" -

Iadla emitted other small roar.

- "I-if I like her!?" – he violently blushed – "W-what you're talking about!? Well… maybe I do… like her… a little…" -

Iadla released other small roar, which sounded similar to a laugh.

- "Stop laughing already!" – a irritated Gerardo told her – "And if I did, what's so wrong with it?" -

Iadla stopped laughing, and limited herself to releasing other roar, much softer than the previous ones.

- "Yeah, it's possible that she has quite a potential as a Priestess" – he said thoughtfully – "And I'd like to invite her to come over when my sister is born… Well, we'll see what will happen then" -

A few minutes later, they had arrived at the castle…

However, after all these events, a malignant shadow that had been imprisoned for countless years began emerging… soon enough, the moment in which the Seirei and the Priestess of the Dragon would have to fight to save Dragonia would come…