In Miyazaki International College, located near the very bottom of Japan, students study in a whole range of subjects, not only in Japanese but in English as well in this 1994 founded college. Miyazaki is a private College, so most students usually get in by payment or scholarships, dependent on their current wealth situation; this school is the best in its area, so parents try their best to get their children into it, to ensure they have the best future possible.

As a class was in session, in the English-speaking language to the full class of Japanese students, one student in particular had found himself drifted away into dreamland. Surprisingly, he had managed to get away with it while the teacher focused on what they were presenting to the rest of the class when he eventually noticed the character.

The brown long-haired boy, cascading just atop his shoulders, was fast asleep in his chair. With his work sprawled out beneath him, along with both his arms and binder making a comfortable enough pillow for him to give into the urge of sleep. His signature blue jacket that he enjoyed to wear so often made him stand out slightly amongst his other colleagues, which unfortunately assisted in the eventual bust by his teacher, once he had faced the class from his board.

"Kisa!" The teacher raised his voice, loud enough to wake the boy from his sleep and startle him slightly, as he came to the realisation of what he had done and where.

Once Kisa was back awake, he looked around where he was sat and could see that every other student in the classroom had their eyes on him, either laughing amongst friends and pointing fingers, or giving him a disappointed glance.

"Y-yes sir?"

"You fell asleep during my lesson, again!" He maintained his elevated voice, as he slammed close the textbook he was teaching from in his left hand. "You really need to start paying attention in my class, I'm starting to think you're not learning a single thing."

"I-I am sir!" He tried to defend himself.

"Okay. Say 'I didn't fall asleep in class' to show me you've been paying attention."

The teacher waited with an impatient stance as Kisa thought really hard of what the translation into English was, but he had no idea. Stood in front of the class idle of an answer, the teacher had only succeeded to show him up more than he already had.

"That's what I thought."

"I'm sorry sir, I'll stay behind today to go through today's lesson."

"Not tonight," his teacher immediately replied. "We have lives too y'know, and we don't want to be wasting our time on students who don't bother to pay attention during lesso-"

Before the teacher could finish what was undoubtably only the beginning of his rant, the school bell rang and it was time to excuse his students. While all students packed their things and began to leave, Fukushima was called back just before he could escape. He let out a huff and gave Kisa a time after school the following day to be taught what he had missed out on that day, and they would also discuss tomorrow's lesson there as well.

"I'm really trying with you, Kisa," the teacher insisted. "I'm not giving up on you yet, but there's a limit to how much help I can give you."

"I understand, sir. Thank you for your help."

As soon as he was dismissed from the classroom and proceeded down the corridor, he was gently bumped into by a friend that had ran to catch up to him. His best friend to be more precise. The boy was in his final year at the college, while Kisa was only in his first. However, the two had known each other for what seemed like forever, and with both of them as lone children, they thought of themselves as the brothers they never had.

"You left late," Kai said, after bumping into him. "You're usually waiting outside for me by now. What's up?"

"Oh nothing… I-I just kinda fell asleep in class…"

"Again?" He gasped at the confession. "How late do you stay up; you've fell asleep so many times in there I'm surprised he's never put it in your progress report!"

"It's not that I don't get enough sleep, I just find it hard to stay awake while being taught things I don't understand."

"Don't you want to learn English?"

The two of them got momentarily separated by several unaware students who would not move out of their way and walked between them. The two couldn't manage to get together again until they made it outside the college entrance.

"Not really," Kisa continued. "Shouldn't we be spending our time on better things rather than learning a new language?"

"That sounds a bit stupid, coming from someone who works in a diner all day," Kai chuckled. "English people are always coming to Japan, and since you're paid to serve and interact with strangers, it'd be in your best interest to be able to speak something they'd understand."

"Or they could just learn Japanese?"

"Now you're just being annoying." He laughed while nudging him lightly, causing them to both giggle amongst themselves. "C'mon, let's get the bus to work today, I can't be bothered walking."

After they had rushed to catch the bus they rarely get onto, they arrived at their workplace with plenty of time to spare before their shifts began, so the two decided to buy a drink and take a seat until their shift started. A nice cup of hot chocolate hit the spot perfectly and after the first few sips was already officially announced to be their regular drink throughout the winter, which was already on the horizon.

"I know we have school tomorrow and you were already falling asleep in college today, but I was wondering whether you'd want to come out with me for a drink tonight?" Kai offered.

"You mean a 'drink' drink?"

"A 'drink' drink."

"Well… I don't know, like you said, we have school tomorrow."

"Oh well," he gestured with his hands. "Just don't get drunk, I only said a drink, calm down!"


Kisa contemplated whether to accept the offer or not when their boss called them over for the beginning of their shifts. While Sato was left without an answer, the two finished their drinks and both went and put their uniforms on, where Kisa finally accepted Kai's offer.

With their long shift finally at an end, the two walked each other home to drop off their things and get changed. Kisa refused to go out without his jacket, despite Kai's pleads, and the two were off into town to find somewhere to drink.

Tonight, Kai wanted them to go to somewhere that they would never usually go to, just to spice things up a little. And so, they went by their usual 'hangout' and scouted the streets to find another establishment that tickled their fancy.

Kisa was not too fond of random outings as they currently were, especially when Kai suggested a new place, which admittedly happened at least once a month. He may have been an outgoing and friendly person at heart – and on the outside – but that did not mean he wanted to constantly meet and greet with new people. This was why he was so fond of his and Kai's friendship that went back centuries.

Well, not quite.

It took them almost half an hour, which nearly pushed them to them to give up, when they found a place that caught their attention. Upon entry, past the bouncer who had required their I.D.s, they were surprised by how busy the place was.

The local pub they usually hung out at always had a calm and quite atmosphere, with minimal people and usually the same faces. The club they had wandered into that night however was the opposite. Plenty of adults, both young and old, were all mingling on the dancefloor and at the bar, where dance moves the two had never seen before were showcased before their very eyes. To the two inexperienced boys, it was as if they had walked into the bar in Dirty Dancing.

They could've gone with a better music choice…

Kai went and ordered them both drinks while Kisa found them somewhere to sit. Despite Kai's statement earlier of only one drink, he turned up at the table with two for them each. Once sat down, the two drank and began to discuss topics and recent events that were on their minds.

It was just like any other night; they would speak about whatever they wanted whilst accompanied by a few drinks and watch the people around them. A game that the two enjoyed to play on their outings was called 'Spot the Drunkest'.

As self-explanatory as it was, the two would spend their time to scan the building and find the most drunk person they could. Once each had acquired a subject, they would explain their decision and defend why their unaware participant was more off their head and why they should win. The loser would have to drink for ten seconds.

After more than enough rounds of their game, the two were tipsy. Regardless, they started up another round, and while Kisa attempted to find his next subject, he came across a man that managed to catch his attention.

The tall slim man was sat on his own over at the bar with a couple of empty whiskey glasses in front of him. While he was in Kisa's line of sight, he finished off another drink and put it back down on the counter and asked for another. The sophisticated character adjusted his thin-framed glasses up the bridge of his nose while he awaited his next drink.

"Kisa!" Kai shouted.


"I was talking to you."

While Kisa had been overly indulged with the stranger across the club, Kai had defended and laughed to himself about who his target was and why they were so drunk. Not a word of it made it into Kisa's head.

"I-I was looking for the drunkest person." He finally snapped out of the one-sided trance.

"You looked in the same direction for like, two minutes. C'mon, who were you looking at?" Kai asked, as he began to lean over the table and resist Kisa's pushes to try and stop him from sighting the man, but his attempts had failed.

"Hm, I don't know, my guy's a lot more drunk than them," he commented. "Alone, several empty glasses to himself… You took a fancy to him or something?"

"Don't be stupid!" Kisa denied with an abnormal high voice. "I was just interested in him a little, how he's sitting there alone."

"Well why don't we go over and say hello?" Kai asked.

"What? Don't be stupid, we don't know him, he could be dangerous."

"True, he does look like the silent killing type, but you never know until you try!"


Before he was able to decline his eager motion, Kisa's hand was yanked across the table as his friend fled towards the bar. Through the crowded dance floor, the two arrived at the bar beside the stranger, where Fukushima was whipped into the stool directly next to him.

Nothing was said. Kisa did not know what Kai expected from his expedition, though as predicted, Kai eventually found a way to initiate a conversation amongst the three.

"Can we get two Asahi beers please and another of what he's having, thank you."

The man glanced over at the overly generous boy but was vacant a response.

"Shochu please," the low-toned man told the staff. "Thanks," he eventually glanced at the boy.

"No problem, buddy!" He excitedly replied. "Name's Sato," he reached out his hand.

"Soichi," he ignored the gesture, quickly finishing his previous drink.

"H-Hi! My name's Kisa!"

When Kisa introduced himself, he did it with finesse. Half nervous, a quarter of confidence and a final quarter of cute/ditsy-ness. His unintended introductory fashion did however strike a smirk on Soichi's face.

Upon closer inspection, Kisa could see that the man had short black hair, not a hair over his ears, with a small fringe, dark blue eyes, and his glasses.

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" The man replied to Kisa.

"Aren't you… a little old to be sitting on your own?" Kisa rudely asked.

The man chuckled.

"Doesn't look like I'm on my own."

The man struck a smile the teens way, but it went directly overhead. Soichi continued to enquire further with Fukushima and the two got off like a hit. Sato eventually excused himself to go the bathroom, where he not so subtly nudged his friend to accompany him, which felt like he had physically pried the two apart.

"You okay?" His friend asked once in the gents' room.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What about you two?"

"Us two? Oh, Soichi," Kisa obliviously replied. "Yeah, he's a cool guy. Bit weird for a twenty-three-year-old to be in a club alone on a weekday though…"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Dude, he's clearly flirting with you!"

"Wha- what are you talking about?" He blushed up like a peach, closing in on his friend's stall, avoiding eye contact with the other people in the restroom. "Don't be ridiculous… He's a… guy!"

"Oh jeez," his friend startled him with the flush and immediate appearance through the door. "What year is it? So, what if it is a guy! It's not like you're exactly drowning in women at the moment."

"I'm not being homophobic or anything!" Kisa argued. "You know I'm not very sure on what I want if you catch my drift. I'm just discovering myself in college before I have to enter the real world…"

"Listen!" Kai turned from the sink; hands soaked wet. "I'm gonna leave and wait outside for about… ten minutes. If you come before then, we will go and leave this whole night behind us. But, if you don't come out, then I'll assume you've pulled and I'll call the registry office in the morning."

"Sh-shut up!" He exclaimed. "Are you serious? He could be a… a rapist or a serial killer for all we know. You're gonna just leave me with him?"

"I'm only trying to help you 'discover yourself'," Kai claimed, taking himself over to the hand dryer near the door. "Do we have a deal or not? FYI, you don't want to hear the penalty to declining this offer."

"Fine!" Kisa agreed, exhaling a loud defeated sigh.

"Okay but remember; I'm not gonna wait a second longer. I have more chances of getting molested out there than you are in here. Now go!"

The two exit the bathroom and head back to the bar together, but as Kisa sat down, Kai announced that he had to depart. He openly told the stranger that he had put complete faith and the life of his friend onto him. He also informed him that he would contact the police first thing in the morning if Kisa wasn't to turn up to college, but in a friendly Kai-like manner.

Once the third wheel had gone to wait outside however, the two fell completely silent as if they hadn't previously been engaged in deep conversation.

"So… What were you doing here on your own anyway?"

"I don't go out often," he huffed, placing his elbows on the bar and resting his face on his palm, looking over at the drinks stacked on the shelf behind the bartender, "I don't really do the whole pub or club scene."

"What's more your style then?"

He looked back over at the boy and smirked a little.

"I prefer eating meals back at my place, or at somewhere fancy. What about you?"

"I like meals too, but I also like places like this. And staying at home of course."

The older man looked at the counter they were leaned against and saw that Kisa had finished his drink. Without haste, he ordered them both another drink. From that moment, the drinks kept on coming from Soichi's wallet and time completely escaped the two.

Before Kisa knew it, he had drunk far too much and he was only getting worse, so with he last spoon full of responsibility he had left, he informed his acquaintance that he needed to get home. Barely able to walk, Soichi offered to escort him home.

With the boy's arm over his shoulders, the two exit the club and he asked him which direction to go. Fukushima, on the verge of losing consciousness, barely lifted his head and pointed him in a direction.

He continued to receive the same kind of instructions from the drunkard for several streets, some that they had already passed through previously. He stopped and held Kisa's chin up to his face and hoped to get a proper answer on where to go, alas he had completely passed out.

With an unconscious college boy, who of which he had only met a couple hours ago, in his possession, with no idea of where he lived, he saw no other option than to bring him back to his own home. Not only was it nearby, but he knew where to go and he lived close to the college for him in the morning, and so off they went.

The night sky had already started to brighten up by the time they made it back to Soichi's place. Aware of the boy's early morning, he put him down on his bed upon entry and prepared him for sleep. However, he was aware that the boy only had one pair of clothes that undoubtedly stank of alcohol.

Unable to receive permission of any sort, he awkwardly began to undress the boy down to his underwear, where he threw his outfit into the washing machine for later that day. Now, he had to think of a way to deal with the naked stranger.

The two were alone, the man had previously showed a peak of interest in the boy that his friend identified, anything could happen. While Kisa was in-and-out of consciousness, there was no telling he would remember in the morning.

As Soichi collected the teen with intentions to put him under the covers, Kisa unexpectedly jumped him. His arms flung around the man and with no assistance from Soichi's end, they were suddenly mixed up in a sloppy drunken kiss. He could not deny that he enjoyed it however, nor could he deny that he extended the encounter.

Before he knew it, he had crawled into the bed with him. They continued to kiss intensely as the older man held him from behind his head. He started to take off his own clothes, throwing them across from the bedroom where they landed on the couch, he had initially set up for him to sleep on.

He switched the lamp off beside them, the sole source of light that remained, and within the darkness the two continued. It may have been the first time the two had ever met, and they may not have been fully acquainted yet, but that night marked a night that would change the two of their lives forever…

A/N: Yes, I know, "Restarting this story AGAIN?!"

I used to write this story as a chore for someone. However, over time it has grown on me, as I've opened up and connected with my romance genre side. I really want this story to work. Originally, it was a short-smut. The second time around, it was supposed to be a full-length novel, but I managed to rush into things too quickly.

This time round, I'm doing it right. Correct pacing, interesting and shocking plot points/twists. Despite never making it past 14 chapters, there is SO MUCH plot backing up this story that has never seen the light of day. It might take me a while to get through, but I will get this done.

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