Summer Punks

Candy-chan sat in the park playing with her stuffed money. She had it flying above her head.

"Pew! Pew! Pew!" the little girl said. The sun played peek-a-boo through the clouds. Candy-chan was too lost in her little world. She didn't hear the sounds of skates whizzing towards her. Closer and closer. Whizz. Whizz. Whizz. Candy-chan paused and turned her head.


"Hey!" she shouted. Three boys on skates whizzed by her, laughing. One of them held up the stuffed monkey above his head.

"See you, sucker!" he yelled. Her little eyes began to wail up with tears.

"Hey! Give him back! Give him back!" Candy-chan screamed. The little girl broke down crying.

Nearby, Lana, Annie, and Erin held the child's wails. They saw what happened. The sisters turned to each other.

"I've got the left," Annie said.

"Right for me," Erin said.

"And I will go down the center," Lana said. The girls put their hands in the center.

"Three… Two… One… Go!" the sisters said. They went off into their stated directions.

They didn't have skates. That meant nothing. Lana was on the track type. All three of them knew the park like the back of their hands. The skater boys found themselves in for a shock. The youngest of the trio looked behind them.

"What's with these bitches, man?" he asked.

"I don't know!" his friend with bright blonde hair said.

"Keeping moving!" the friend with the stuffed monkey in his hand shouted. His friends tried to split off from them. The sisters never let up. Lana ran after the youngest. The blonde guy couldn't shake off Annie.

"Come back here!" Erin shouted as she ran after the boy with the monkey. She jumped and crashed onto him. Both of them tumbled to the pavement. The boy tried to kick her off but Erin wasn't letting go.

"Get off me!" he shouted.

"Give me the monkey," she said. They tussled on the ground for about five minutes. By now, a group of people started to gather around. The older boy groaned.

"Fine! I give! Here!" he shouted. He threw the stuffed monkey in Erin's face. She caught it in her hands.

"Thanks!" she said. Erin stood up and walked away.

"Fuck you, bitch!" the boy shouted at her. She flipped him off as well.

The sisters reunited and gave Candy-chan back her stuffed monkey.

"Thank you!" she shouted. The little girl cuddled up with the stuffed monkey. The sisters grinned at her.

"It was all in a day's work," Lana said. Candy-chan was too busy cuddling up to the stuffed monkey to listen.