Solitary Dreams

Isolated from society,

I sit on a craggy cliff

with the soothing lull of the sea under me,

silently gazing at the night sky in awe.

In this eerie solitude,

I seek the glittering stars

congregating in the dark azure sky.

I stare astounded as I see them, brightly scintillating.

As I look at them, scattered across the sky

like little daisies dotting the grassland,

I long to pluck them.

A sudden howl resonates in the air

as the wind gusts across the landscape

and grey clouds scud across the darkened sky.

Looking down at the sudden tempestuous sea under my dangling legs,

I listen to the cadence of the waves singing songs

as they collide with the rocky cliffside.

Then, amidst this anarchy,

a sudden and restless desire stirs inside me.

If only I could seize a dory with its oars

and let it go into the roaring sea

to see it capsize and silently sink.

I close my eyes.

In this chaos I dream that,

in the darkest and coldest nights,

when the sea is totally still,

you can see

the seemingly unending sea coalesce with the eternal sky.

And you can stare in delight as you see

the countless stars that are cradled in the night sky

reflect onto the silent sea like dazzling diamonds.