Life was good, life was great, until

I had to make my first big choice

A president or a war hero

The hero made me the zero


I wanted to just be approved

Just one person saw me at all

T had just planned to be removed

I planned how I would take the fall


They all just ask if I'm okay

All that I can say is, "No, 'kay?"

I would be better without them

So I finally just leave them


"Without you, things always just lack

the joy you'll bring if you'll come back"

Yeah, the joy of tearing me down

Making my smile into a frown


I find the one who'll accept me

It just makes them all fight harder

Fighting just to get to see

If they can push me down farther


He'd always been there to help me

But suddenly, he was just gone

For some reason, all I could see

In front of me was the new dawn


A new year has started for me

But he just isn't in it now

I see the faces that I missed

Because I was just too dang pissed


I always just glazed over them

I felt like something was hitting

Me as I simply ignored them

The punishment felt so fitting


I had really abandoned them

I didn't have any reason

I realized I act'lly missed them

Having left them felt like treason


"Another year" I tell myself

They will be there to accept me

To accept me and my bi self

But what if they just reject me?


I guess they might instead do that

Back in the closet I'll go, then

Cover my face with an old hat

And close my eyes and count to ten


I could never tell anyone

I always think they are the one

But then it's just a simple 'no'

'I don't want you now, so just go!'


I keep hearing I should come out

What will everyone think about

It if I tell them who I am?

Will they all think I'm just a sham?


I don't know what to ever say

I want to really be okay

But all I can do is to pray

That if I come out, then they


Will not just send me far away

Please, do not push me far away