there's a girl i work with called mimi who kinda intimidated me when i first started working. she seemed so sure of herself and i didn't think she liked me because i just got that vibe from her. but last night, i was working with cara, freddie, james and aggie and then mimi and pete were working in a different area of the pub. and i was having a shit day cos my mother was sending me horrible texts whilst i was at work and some guy swore at me and it annoyed me. anyway, i told aggie i needed the loo so i could have a minute to myself but as i went to go upstairs, mimi was in the smoking area (she was on her break) and i sat next to her and we were chatting about how we both were having shit days.

now, i was kinda starting to realise mimi did like me when we would chat on shift together and also she told me i was funny which i appreciate lol. so, usually i wouldn't have sat next to someone and been so forward with something like that. but i said hi and she looked sad so i asked if she was alright, she said she was having a shitty day and i was like sammeee.

but then we both had to go back to our jobs (which are in different parts of the pub completely. one is upstairs, where i was working and she was working downstairs). and then at around 11:30 (we closed at 11 last night so we were just tidying the bar and stuff), pete came upstairs and said "mimi was wondering if you want to have a pint with her outside". and honestly? my heart soared. cos like, i kinda knew she liked me but the fact that she wanted to hang out with just me after our shift made me so happy.

(what can i say? i love people loving me)

so i asked aggie if i could clock out cos everything was done, went down to mimi and she said "ask aggie if you can pour a peroni and a stella in takeaway cups and we'll pay for them tomorrow" which is something we're allowed to do often, as long as we pay the next day. (like we have lock-ins quite a lot). so i did that, aggie was fine with it because we're both working with her this morning so she knew we would pay asap.

and we sat outside and drank our pints and i thought maybe james and cara would join us or mimi would ask if they wanted to but she didn't and it made me feel really appreciated because it meant she wanted to hang out with just me.

we were sitting out there for like 2.5 hours. she lives above the pub so we weren't loitering lol. but after we finished our first pints, mimi was like "i'm gonna go to the shop and buy another drink for us are you up for that?" and like yes dude of course i'm up for that. it was honestly so nice. we were talking about toxic families cos i mentioned something in passing about my mum and mini wanted to talk to me about it cos her mum is similar.

but yeah. just wanted to document it tbh. cos it was a really sweet move on her part and i really enjoyed it.